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10 Winter Hairstyles You Can Rock for The Season

10 Winter Hairstyles You Can Rock for The Season

Winter Hairstyles

I’m that type of a girl who hates styling my hair, it’s like a nightmare for me. So I always check easier ways for my everyday look whether for work, shopping, meeting up with friends and I keep the hard ones only for important occasions like a date or important work meeting. I’m also not a big fan of exposing my hair on to much heat so I like more easy styles that can look fabulous but still easy to pull off without like wavy hairstyles or even a cute bun. Winter is my favorite time of the year with all the parting and holidays, the beautiful snow and of course the warm hearty food. But when it comes to styling my hair I search options that are fast (I’m the always late person) and those which doesn’t expose my hair much for the harsh weather that’s why winter hairstyles for me mean two things; practicality and good looking allure.

The following hairstyles can be done differently for any of us so don’t stick to one style try to change in them for what’s best for you and what can make you stand out and build your own style (be creative ladies).


Let the winter glam start with these winter hairstyles

Equal Split Hairstyle

From the 1970s, hairstylists were inspired by this hairstyle that divides hair into two equal halves. This hairstyle gives you a classic yet youthful touch, especially if the midline comes straight and clean. You can add some statement accessories to one half so you can add some life to your look. You can also split your hair and turn into a lovely ponytail or cute low bun.



Side Difference Hair

One of the most polished winter hairstyles. It is suitable for women with light hair, unlike the half-difference that makes it look lighter. It also shows your younger looks as it brings you back memories of childhood and school desks when mothers lay off their daughters’ hair in this elegant and sober style.


Winter Hairstyles


Sleek Ponytail

The low-ponytail is perhaps the most classic hairstyle for the winter season of 2019-2020 and has been on the hairstyle list the last summer as well. It is a successful choice for anyone looking for a soft and stylish hairstyle at the same time. You won’t spend much time on your hair or heat as well just invest in a hairpiece to give that ponytail an extensive allure everyone will envy you for.



High Ponytail

If the low sleek ponytail hairstyle reflects a classic touch, the high ponytail gives you something of innocent childhood. Although it looks easy and simple, the ponytail hairstyle in general, and the high in particular is very precise and needs to be mastered to look elegant. All you need to do is avoid any frizzy hair look and you can get back to our editor’s story on how she succeeded to hold back these disturbing flowing hairs. Headpieces like 50’s inspired scrunches will take your hair to that expensive high society guise.



Wavy Hairstyle

Waves are one of the best ways to adapt for winter hairstyles it gives your look some warm inspired vibes from the summer so you look more fresh and vital. Make sure that your waves will not come stiff but soft and romantic as if your hair flies with the fresh air breeze. Remember those adorable beach waves we all fall in love with, will you have the chance to style enjoy them through the cold season.


cute winter hairstyles


Intense Curles

Whether your hair is soft or coarse, curls will come in a dense size to decorate your winter hairstyle. A hairstyle brings us back to the disco atmosphere of the 1970s but without resorting to artificial hair and applying the hairstyle directly to natural hair. It’s a chance to look up the trend of heatless hair routine, I personally adopt that from all my heart. I have been styling my hair naturally for nearly five years so stay tuned for my next post on how I’m doing that.



Wet and Sculpted Hair

The wet hairstyle may be a trend we have seen in previous seasons, but for 2019-2020 winter hairstyles it was created in a very bold style, accompanied by a dense hairstyle with innovative scalp touches resembling artistic sculptures inspired by the 1920s. Of course, it’s not your typical daily hairstyle, but you can give it a shout for an important night like the new year’s eve or an important office party. No doubt that it will attract all the attention.



Low Bun Hairstyle

A knotted bun is a simple hairstyle that looks like it took a lot of time and effort but is easy to implement. It is a very practical hairstyle, giving you a stylish yet inexpensive look. The thing is it needs to look net nearly without any flaw. You can upgrade the look even more with statement earrings and you won’t regret the time you spend on fixing that bun.



Half Raised Hair

If you want to lift your hair without looking older, this hairstyle makes you look stylish with a youthful touch. Part of the hair is lifted and the rest is left spontaneously, in a contrasting blend of maturity and innocence.


Braided Hair

The return of braids has been remarkable during this season and has gained more size and length. This hairstyle brings us back to the classroom and increases the femininity and meaning of women. It’s one of the best winter hairstyles especially through the rainy super cold days as it protects your hair from any damage. You still can add some accessories like floral pins to give your braids cute romantic look or some sharp metallic ones for a more serious look.


trendy Winter Hairstyles

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