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12 Ways to Get Fit and Master Home Workouts

12 Ways to Get Fit and Master Home Workouts

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Well, we all have been searching for days to spend out these times at our houses whether mastering a new craft, learning a new language or even finishing delayed cleaning or so. But the one that has been catching our interest the most is how to get fit and keep our physical health which might be difficult for many of us. Especially, with all gyms and studios closed out there. Even more, you can’t go out for hiking or walking. Basically, all the normal life moving around has been paused and we have nothing but exercising at our own place. These might not be effective for many, you feel not very excited about that idea and even if you started you can keep doing that for some reason we don’t even know.

Fortunately, there are many ways to take that gym heist out of you to your living room floor. No matter what type of workouts you like whether hits, cardio, yoga, and intense ones you can have it all and you will LOVE doing that. The other nice thing is that you make the choice of doing that and this with some great apps that we really like and admire. We guarantee that you will like it as well because it’s run by professionals that help you stick to exercise and make it as essential part of your life. Another top-notch thing, it won’t take more than 30 minutes a day and you can really get the exact results you looking for. All you need is a mat and a nice place that give you nice vibes.

Get fit and get ready for a rocking body with these women workout apps


A great workouts app that offers you many options. From the time of sessions that can vary from 15, 25, to 40 minutes so you can start with a low plan and you upgrade when you feel you can do more. Also, you can have workout sessions live with professional trainers any time you want which will be great at this time whether during the day or at night if you not a morning person. One more thing you get an on-demand session if you like to get a certain type of exercise if you have a medical condition or just want to focus on one part of your body.

Obé Fitness

One of the get fit apps loved by our team. That’s mainly because we can participate in a session while we all at home, but we still can break the sweat together without wasting time going to the gym in a busy day to day work life. All the sessions are around 28 minutes, so you can’t be bored or complain about taking much time if you not a gym or exercising lover. You can gather your own girls’ squad and start having fun with these 3 types of main workouts. These three categories are: sweat (cardio-based classes), define (strength-based classes), and finally and flow (yoga). You can’t lose your excitement and adrenaline with this combination.

Pure Barre On Demand

One of the best fitness app if you like using equipment, but the special thing is that you can use your home decor and things from your space as a real intense and resistance tools to give you the best results without going to a gym. For instance, you can use a chair or a wall to give you great support while exercising. You can also use water bottles instead of dumples and pillows instead of balls.

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The best get fit apps will help you to get what you want according o your needs and what you have in hand, it won’t make things difficult or frustrating. So, if you are a complete beginner in the whole workout process which means you have never exercised before. The Fitbod app will collect some information about your body and the equipment you might have to give you a guide on how many reps you should do, how much weight you should use, and of course the right type of exercises you can do. The session time is mainly around one hour, but have all the freedom to adjust for the exact period you’re able to do.


If you hate exercising and think this article might not be for you, well don’t worry because you won’t finish it to the end we get the perfect solution for you. SEVEN is really meaning it, all you need is even minuted in your whole day to workout and you can get some pretty good results from it. If you saying what seven minutes can do and it’s just crab, will these are very quality seven minutes based on high intense and fast exercise so you can break a sweat and get progress without feeling like you really spending time on it. Think about lunges and chair squats, you won’t have to use any types of equipment at all.


If you own a treadmill that just laying in the corner and you don’t feel like you really want to get on it, well this get fit app for sure will make you addict for your one-hour treadmill session. Studio offers all types of treadmill exercises from the beginner level to the professional marathon level. It’s a boutique-style session if you like to get some adrenaline rush and master your treadmill speed this app is a great one.

Studio Tone It Up

If you miss your gym and missing getting toned and strength because of the low quality of home exercising. Studio Tone It Up will give all you need to add strength, muscle, and tone to your body all with a combination of workouts varying between boxing, barre, cardio, yoga, kettlebell, and strength training. The sessions vary from 20 to 40 minutes. The great thing about this app is offering new classes every week so you don’t get into a rut or bored.

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Couch to 5K

This for people who like to challenge themselves and body strength. It doesn’t like the other get fit apps with sessions and live performances. On the contrary, it more like a course that lasts for nine weeks. By the end of these weeks, you will be able to transit form not running to a superb runner who can finish 5k.

Yoga Wake Up

We all want to seek mental health especially if we facing hard times, yoga is a great way to seek mind caring. What great about this app is you can adjust for the time you wake up in and it will start your session of yoga so you can start your day with good vibes. You can choose between meditation and yoga, what your mood like!

Yoga with Adriene

Another challenge but for yoga lovers this time. Adriene provides great videos that vary from 20 to 25 minutes each which focus on certain body parts at some times like your gut to upgrade your gut health. She also provides great videos for all body types and levels to give you joy and help you relax through stressful times.

Ring Fit Adventure

This is one of the coolest get fit apps out there. If you like to add some challenge, adventure, and adrenaline without feeling you’re working out then this is a great way to do that. It’s mainly like a game which you will get an addict to, but not in a bad way of course. But these app depends on giving you rewards the more you exercise and the more you do progress, and we as humans love to get rewards and feel like we succeeded something. A nice thing about Ring Fit Adventure is not killing you while working out, it tells you when to stop if you get tired or you really can’t keep going so it’s a great thing about it.


We all struggling to create a healthy lifestyle that we can depend on for our life not just for a certain time or for a certain occasion. 8Fit will help you to do that with its nutrition and exercise plans to help you upgrade your lifestyle without feeling like you’re obligated to it.

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