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15 Of The Best Nails Oils to Cure your Damaged Nails

15 Of The Best Nails Oils to Cure your Damaged Nails

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With an approach for going all nature which has been taking place on a wider scale and letting go of anything that covers our natural beauty, we’re trying to apply that without spending huge amount o money on high-end skincare and beauty products that literally rub you. Luckily nature filled with many elements helping us boosting our beauty without going hard on our bank accounts. And today natural beauty will be dedicated to nails and how to put them in the best way possible without going for the easier solutions of fack nails and polish. The three significant problems connected to nails will be brittle, dry, and don’t grow. The best ways to get a healthy look for them are oils. Nails oils will be our way to reach the most beautiful nails you always dreaming of.

These natural oils can be used alone or combined with other oils we will be mentioning. It’d be better to get yours from a trusted brand so you can get the best results out of them. These oils need to be applied at night in order to get the most benefit out of. Make sure to see a nutritionist which can confirm that you don’t suffer from any vitamin or minerals deficiency. Bacterial infection as well might cause your nails to look unhealthy.

Get bright healthy nails with the most effective nails oils

For yellow nails

Lemon Essential Oil

Yellow nails is a common condition many girls suffer from, that’s because many reasons some are considered a medical condition and others because you don’t take good care of your nails. Lemon essential oil will be your way to get the shiny white nail look without using any artificial nail products. Make sure to rub on your nails with a cotton pad and leave through your sleep. If you get irritated due to leaving such a long period, leave only for 10 minutes then wash with lukewarm water.

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For dry nails

Jojoba oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil or Beeswax

Because our nails are always exposed to pollution and other harmful conditions whether from nature or things we apply on them with our lack of care they become dry and lack life. That’s why beauty professionals always advise putting whatever you add on hands or face on your nails as well. But we want to give special care only restricted to, that’s why nails oils are your weapon to do that. Jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and beeswax all have the same effect as they moisturize your nails and the cuticles around deeply because they’re rich in proteins, fatty acids, and minerals our skin and nails need to get the natural hydration needed.

Rice Bran Oil

This oil might not be as famous as other oils but it has a significant moisturizing effect for both nails and cuticles leaving super soft like baby skin.

nails oils

Sesame Oil

Not very appealing as smell but it’s a highly effective moisturizer, use at night when you go to sleep as it has a strong, not appealing smell that might last. Wash in the next morning with lukewarm water and it’s better to not use soap. If the smell won’t go away never use perfume, it’s like a killer to your nails so try tapping coconut oil or tea tree oil to avoid the smell.

Geranium Essential Oil

Another essential oil that moisturizes your nails and gives them the healthy shine you need to give up on nail polish that makes yours even worse.

For brittle nails

Horsetail Oil

When you wash your hands a lot or you apply some kinds of creams containing alcohol or even get your perfume near your nails, they become weak and brittle that’s why you need a strong cure and nothing better than horsetail oil to give your nails the strength you need. This oil is known for its huge effect and great results due to its components of silica and minerals, it also has strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It gives you the results within days, but if you not seeing that, try to see a nutritionist as we mentioned.

Macerated Lavender Oil or Lavender Essential Oil

Forget about it’s major benefits to your nails, the smell itself will help you relax and just soak in your bed. Lavender is like all in one, it doesn’t only strengthen your nails and cuticles it moisturizes them as well as preventing any kind of inflammation or bacterial condition.

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Almond Oil

One of the best nails oils for brittle weak nails as it rich in vitamins E, A, B1, B2, B6. It will prevent your nails from peeling, cracking, and breaking while giving them a nice moisturizing effect. Massage on your nails before going to sleep and leave till the next morning.

For nails growth

Myrrh Essential Oil

Who doesn’t want super long strong nails, myrrh essential oil is one of those nails oils that guarantee long nails for you without spending your money on expensive serums with no results. It has wide moisturizing properties and prevents from being brittle and thin.

Frankincense Essential Oil

One of the oldest nails oils used for centuries to boost skin beauty overall, it has moisturizing properties while preventing peeling and any kind of infection which helps your nails to grow easily and faster.

For fungal and bacterial infection

Tea Tree Oil

This oil is always the right choice when you want to fight any kind of infection, that’s because tee tree oil is strong anti-oxidant besides it’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

nails oils

Wheat Germ Oil

The delicate skin around your nails needs intensive care that’s why you need a strong oil to protect. Apply this incredible wheat germ oil because it’s high in vitamin E which will protect your nails from any free radical.

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