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17 Advice for Brides You Should Know Before Saying I DO

17 Advice for Brides You Should Know Before Saying I DO

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Life after marriage is not the same as before for both the girl and the man. There are many things that both of them must know before marriage and which can in no way be ignored. Since we’re in girlsinsights love to shed the light in important parts of our lives as young career-driven girls to make life easier and more complied in all possible ways. We today will love to talk about advice for brides we all need to know, it’s such an important side in each girl’s life whether she is single or have a partner. You need to know what you’re going through in the future so, from the moment you feel that this relationship is a Thing, you and your significant other must have those vulnerable moments when you can discuss the following.


Most valuable advice for brides no one tells you about…


1. Good communication is the key

One of the most valuable advice for brides on this topic is communication, before deciding to marry your partner make sure you have a good space for understanding each other. This means you can talk about anything without worrying about each other’s reactions. This is because life after marriage falls under a lot of stressors of life that may affect the communication between you if not strong and good from the beginning.

2. Openness and clarity

In all relationships, frankness and clarity are key to success. So there is no need to have secrets between you or fear to share them together.

3. Difference is not a bad thing

Some girls believe that it is not possible to marry a man who is different from them in character. But let me tell you that sometimes difference is a good thing, as long as you both accept the other’s character.

4. Don’t expect your partner to change after marriage

The most important advice for brides I can tell you today is not to expect your partner to change after marriage. People are changing, but not always as we want. So don’t lose sight of some things that bother you in the belief that they will change for the better after marriage, they may become worse. If you feeling that something worrying you or you can’t accept it’s better to discuss with your sgnficant other or just walk your way if it’s a big thing you can’t deal with.

5. You don’t know your partner 100%

Always be receptive to the idea that you don’t know your partner 100% well, and that you will discover new and different things after marriage. Be willing to accept that, if you truly understand each other then you will be able to figure things out.

6. Pay attention to the red signals

In each relationship, there is a red flash indicating the warning. In emotional relationships, one question is repeated: “Should I continue in this relationship ?!” If you find this question always comes to mind whenever there is a problem between you, refer yourself in the decision to marry.

7. Marriage never saves the relationship!

What you should know before making a marriage decision is that it isn’t a lifeline that will ensure your relationship with your partner. Many marriages, as you know, end quickly after months of marriage. What really saves and maintains your relationship with your lover is the extent of understanding, honesty, and clarity between you.

8. Marital life is different

This is one of the biggest advice for brides you should put in mind, marital life differs in detail from your life during the engagement or even before. So be prepared to take on a new kind of responsibility, and talk to your man to share it with you. It is a shared married life that you will live together.


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9. Talk about future plans for both of you

One of the things you should discuss together is the future plans of both of you. For example, does one of you want to change work? Or to establish a project itself? Does one object to and reject the work nature of the other?

10. Where will you stay ?!

It may sound like an obvious question, but let me tell you that often it’s behind most problems. Some men have plans to travel abroad or to a different country and don’t tell his wife until after marriage, and here begin the problems.

11. Talk pregnancy

An important thing you should talk about with your partner before marriage is the decision of having children. Both of you may have a different view of having children and you don’t know about it until it’s already happening which make things much worse, So the pregnancy topic should be a top notice on your future plan where both of you should be clear about what they want and expect.

12. Family understanding

One of the most common problems girls face after marriage is the difficulty of understanding with the partner’s family and the same for the significant other. Therefore it’s always preferable in the period of engagement to have a lot of family meetings and try to understand the families to avoid many problems after marriage.

13. Debate the financial matters

Financial matters become common to both of you after marriage, so you should discuss this from the beginning to avoid any clashes or disagreements later.

14. Make sure to visit a doctor before marriage

One of the most important steps you should take before getting married is to go to a doctor to examine both of you. So that both of you make sure that no one has any sexual or health problems that can adversely affect life later.

15. Visit specialist of marital relations

This step may seem unfamiliar to many, but it will ensure a successful marital relationship. Most men and women face problems in having sexual relations at the beginning of marriage, as there is insufficient knowledge of many things. But with the visit of a specialist in marital relations things will get better.


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16. Clash is normal when arranging a marriage

One of the advice for brides you should be familiar with is that the period before marriage is full of stress, both for you and your partner. It is, therefore, possible that some minor differences will occur at this stage.

17. Some girls face great difficulty when preparing for their wedding

Wedding is like the day of our life so there is no wonder that we need everything to be just perfect, though all the wedding preparations won’t go according to our imagination or even what saw in the movies, the reality is way too different. So don’t worry.


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