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21 Good Girls Night Movies to Stream Right Now

21 Good Girls Night Movies to Stream Right Now

good girls night movies

When I decide to watch a movie, I like to watch thrillers and drama movies, things really keep me excited and thinking of a mattering topic while watching. For instance, I have just watched vivarium, which is a really good movie I recommend for you if you like something intense and exciting. I also have been watching a Netflix series lately, I expect the whole world to see but me and I nearly became addicted to it because that much adrenaline and endorphins it gives to me! But lately, because of all the stress, we have been going through we all search for something to slow down our stress and anxiety. So we tend to see light movies that help us not think about anything at all but laying on the couch or bed with a bowl of chips or popcorn in our hands. And what’s better than good girls night movies to have these vibes.

If you a loyal follower to our blog, you will know that I am not a big fan of rom-com and girls’ movie mantras when I just turned 20, I used to love as a teenager but not so much nowadays. But I started re-streaming them during that time. As a millennial I love all the early 2000 movies, I can’t get bored while watching them. But let’s also confess that Netflix has done really good effort in giving us these nostalgias with fresh handling. But rom-com movies can’t be completed without a company. I know it sounds crazy, but I did that myself. I face-time with my BFF while watching one of these movies so I can get the whole experience, we need to adjust to what we have! I also invited my neighbor to watch with me on the balcony!

Grab your snacks and stream these good girls night movies

27 Dresses

A girl in his 20s love to attend weddings and own a huge closet of bridesmaid dresses, she falls in love with a boy but things turn out to be not how she was thinking. I love that movie and I watched the first time at 16 and I just felt in love with.

Eighth Grade

Light movie to watch with your younger sister and I portrays young girl just finishing her eighth grade, while she deals with all the hustle and Bullying facing at school she comes out with a great idea to turn things into her favor and start making changes to her school life.

How to Be Single

You always can laugh with Rebel Wilson, so if you have hard times or feeling not in the right mood put on this hilarious movie and you will find you mouth wide open of laughing as Reble teaching Dakota Jhonson how to act the single life girl and forget about her ex-boyfriend who dumped her.

Crazy Rich Asians

If you love the kind of rich boy-poor girl combination you will like this movie but with a hin of comedy. It’s a light movie to watch when you just don’t want to think about anything but a delish food and nice movie to relax with.

good girls night movies

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

One of the best hits Netflix made through the last couple of years, I’ve watched this move=ie twice and I may go for a third. I love the teenagers’ highschool sweetheart movies, they just give me nostalgic vibes that make me happy and just forget about anything bad might happen out there.

Made of Honor

Another classic 2000s movie I love and I’m planning to watch this week. It’s one of the good girls night movies as it combines all romance, comedy, adventure so you won’t get bored and you will love to complete till the end.

Step Up

If you want a night with girls filled with laughter and lots of movements instead of just laying on the couch, you should start with this movie to shake it a bit and get out all the negativity and bad vibes you might be feeling right now.

Letters to Juliet

Very romantic calm movie to end up girls night with after all the laughing and eatings of course. It’s like the perfect love story for any girl and a romantic magical place that lays in Verona, Italy.

Before sunrise

This movie has a special memory because it was the first movie to watch with my boyfriend. I just love it and I am planning to visit Paris just because of it.

The Devil Wears Prada

If you like to step out of romantic movies for girls night you will love this one with Meryl Streep and Anne Hathway making a great match o the screen while you enjoy your eyes with great pieces of 2000s fashion.

good girls night movies

Mamma Mia!

Another movie on our list to turn on the energy of the room and fill with dance and joy. Mamma Mia has some great songs that you will love to dance on.

The Kissing Booth

Netflix can’t go wrong with their teenagers’ movies, fun and amusing to watch with the girls especially if you have younger girls in the crowd. Imagine yourself stuck with your long-time crush how would you act!

Mean Girls

One of the best highschool movies in history, I love everything about this movie I used to watch regularly as a young girl and I still love it. It’s about the Bullying girls face during their highschool years portrayed in a comedy sarcastic way.

The Fault in Our Stars

Good girls night movies can’t be completed without a movie to bring tears into our eyes and that’s what The Fault In Our Stars exactly do. While both the leading actors facing some hard times dealing with their illness they end up falling in love and start making some of their bucket list comes true together.

The Notebook

Another classic romantic movie you need to add to your girls night movies list, it’s a heartwarming love story that you want it to end.

10 Things I Hate About You

One of the best 90’s movies I have ever had, it’s classical that you must have watched at least once. When the girl falls in love with a boy, but one lie seemed to ruin everything.

13 Going on 30

Light movie that all girls might agree on watching it especially younger ones, as she wishes to just grow up to start her life she suddenly woke u and find herself turned 30 with lots of changes especially about the boy she used to love.

Dirty Dancing

Like it’s said, all about dancing. Get some old classic vibes to the room and turn the crowd energy on with all great music and dancing movies that you wish you have been part of the cast.

Legally Blonde

From girl all about fashion and beauty salon, she turns to be one of the best student lawyers at Harvard, that’s all because the power of break up.


Comedy and smart that’s all I can say about this movie. It portrays two school girls just finished their senior years and they realized they hadn’t have any fun during their highschool years and they only have one night to change that!


Every time I watch Bridesmaids I break up into tears out of laughing, the cast is just giving it all at this a hilarious approach of all wedding and bridesmaids thing with Melissa Macrthy, Maya Rudolph, and Kristen Wiig.

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