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22 Vaginal Facts to Understand What’s Going in There!

22 Vaginal Facts to Understand What’s Going in There!

vaginal facts

How much information do you know about your genitals, specifically the vagina? You will be surprised already, that you don’t know much information and interesting facts about your body or genitals. But let’s start together by learning about vaginal facts that will really make you proud of your female body.

Those vaginal facts will make you go WOW…


1. The vagina is very flexible

This means that it bears a lot of enlargement and change, especially during childbirth. The vaginal tears that most women fear during childbirth are often very small and can heal very quickly.

2. Orgasms and anxiety

One of the vaginal facts we all as women grateful for. Orgasms release hormones that help you get rid of anxiety. Yes, sexual relations and the tremors they generate are useful for mental health. Because some happiness-generating hormones such as serotonin and dopamine are released.

3. Hymen

Not all women are born with a hymen. Sexual relationship isn’t the only way a hymen can be torn. This can happen by doing some sports or activities.

4. Vaginal gas

You know what I’m talking about … they’re actually not gases, don’t panic. It’s just trapped air that wants to get out.

5. Clitoris

The clitoris becomes larger when it’s triggered due to blood flow to it.

6. Why do women get more orgasms than men?

The penis has 4,000 nerve endings and the clitoris has twice that nearly 8,000 nerve endings! So yes, the clitoris is more sensitive than the penis, which is why women get more orgasms.

7. What is the difference between the vagina and the vulva?

This one of the vginal facts that might cause some misunderstanding for young girls. Vagina is the channel that rises to the cervix. While vulva is actually what we see from the outside, a vaginal ‘lips’ called the labia, clitoris, vaginal opening and urethra.

8. The vagina is not the same in all women

The labia don’t look the same for everyone. Each woman has unique inner lips different in size, shape, and color.

9. Change in color?

The vulva and labia colors don’t match your natural skin tone. It can be darker or lighter. Also, there may be some inconsistent things. So don’t panic if some areas are darker than others. During sex or excitement, the color can already change and get darker due to blood flow to it.


vaginal facts


10. Blue balls? No, we have pink balls

This is one of the vaginal facts that even I have recently been known of! You may have heard of the blue balls “prostate congestion,” the pain and discomfort that occurs to men when they are provoked for a long time without orgasm. Some say that women can actually have such feelings, it’s not dangerous but it can be uncomfortable.

11. Vaginal bacteria

Things like antibiotics can lead to the growth of bacteria already present in our vagina, causing vaginal yeast infections.

12. Multiple orgasms

Yes, women are more fortunate than men when it comes to orgasm. Because women can get more than one orgasm after another. Men also need some time before they can reach their peak again.

13. Vaginal enlargement for sex

Vagina expands and enlarges for sex. Its width can increase up to 2 inches (about 5 cm). The average is usually between 1 and 2.5 inches. When vagina is triggered it’s width and length increase in preparation for penetration.

14. Birth

Our vaginal walls can become larger when the baby is born and pushed outward.

15. We need a clitoris to get orgasm

There is a misconception that all women can reach orgasms simply through penetration. While some women actually do not reach orgasm, only after the clitoris is stimulated to have an orgasm.

16. Lubrication … for more fun

The wetter the vagina, the more pleasant it is for a woman. This is why foreplay is necessary for arousal to occur and produces a vaginal natural lubricant, which makes the sexual process more comfortable and enjoyable. In the absence of vaginal secretion of natural lubricants, you can resort to some preparations available in pharmacies.

17. You can practice vaginal exercises!

Yes, do vaginal exercises to strengthen it. Have you heard about Kegel exercises? They help strengthen the muscles around the opening of the vagina, which can give you better control for your orgasms and make them stronger.

18. What is the final judgment on G-Spot?

Well, there isn’t a single decision about one of the most wanted vaginal facts. People don’t seem to find clear evidence of a G-spot and there’s a lot of discussion about it. Although the clitoris can’t fail to arouse many women, it varies from one to the other. So just follow and notice what you feel each time in a sexual relationship to learning more about the areas that increase your excitement.

19. Smell your vagina

The smell of the vagina is often quite normal because we have healthy bacteria there that we need to balance the pH levels. The smell of the vagina also depends on hormones and secretions during sex and even diet. However, you should see a doctor because the odor that sounds very unusual or unpleasant is sometimes disturbing.

20. Food is rumored to affect the smell of the vagina

Some people say that pineapple will make the vagina smell great. No one really knows if this is really true. However, if you smell something strange, see your doctor.

21. Self-cleaning of the vagina

One of the vaginal facts every girl should know about to protect her genitals from any kind of infection. Our vagina largely cleans itself, so there is no need to use any kind of scented products like soaps or shower gels. As mentioned above, bacteria clean the vagina naturally and balance the pH. Therefore it isn’t recommended to use any preparation to clean the vagina without consulting a doctor.

22. Age of the vagina

The vagina changes with age in appearance, color, lubrication, and possibly even size. This is due to the decrease in estrogen levels. However, it doesn’t necessarily affect sexual pleasure.



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