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5 Easy Steps to Get The Emotional Intelligence You Always Needed

5 Easy Steps to Get The Emotional Intelligence You Always Needed

Emotional Intelligence

Women are supposed to be beautiful. They are supposed to be cute, funny, elegant, chic and of course with specific and defined body image but what about your emotional intelligence!

But, what about being powerful? And exactly what kind of power should we claim? Is it physical power? Mental power? Neither. It is emotional power or either called emotional intelligence.

If women have one ultimate flaw, then that would be our emotions. We can’t control them or even name them, we just feel them and they take us wherever they want. It’s like a helium balloon in the little hands of a toddler.

But women have proved through eras that if they want something, they get it. And who knows maybe that one little flaw might be our boost towards real power.

The fastest 5 ways to get the emotional intelligence you always needed

1. Reading

Yep, that’s right. Although what I mean by reading isn’t that so cool self-help books or great ” how to be a powerful blah blah blah ” books. Nah, I need you to read fiction and non-fiction books all the same. What we need here are experience and failure. So, if you didn’t find any in real life then books will supply you with them.

Emotional Intelligence

2. Novels are fine too

Mostly, we think that novels are only for fun, that we get no real benefits from them, then, we dedicate our reading time to books. That’s great, but books are like our mothers. They love us, they wanna help us, they are right and we know it. Yet we never did them right, but novels they are your ugly bad friends that you love and adore, those that your time with will get you experience that is more beneficial than written orders and fake hope of future happiness. So, I recommend 3 novels, which is in my opinion, are most beneficial to women.

A. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

This is not just a story about a madwoman decided to turn on her husband. This a story about patience, dark intelligence and an unlimited amount of dedication. If this story didn’t teach you how to get rid of your husband, at least it will make you take tough decisions like a piece of cake!!

B. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver.

That novel will make you take nothing for granted. Life might look easy and stable. Perfect and polished but little that you know about real life.

C. I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh.

Through the book you will feel sorry for the main character, with every page you gonna feel angrier and angrier. You will repeat the same question How can she forgive him? Why didn’t she dump him already? Until you see the power of love, the weakness in it.

That book gonna show you the ugly face of love and How can you overcome it.

3. Get some of life

With all the information you get from reading on emotional intelligence it will only be semi-beneficial until you get out in the real world and see that these emotions are more than love and hate. Blow up the bubble-wrapped around you. Have friends, colleagues, and lovers. Love, dump, cry, get over and repeat.

Live it.

Love it.

Learn it.

4. Express yourself

They say we cry a lot. They say we are weak. Women are too weak to pull it together, they said. We grow up thinking we are indeed weak and powerless and our tears are the best example. But damn, we couldn’t be any more foolish. Cause our tears define us, male or female tears reflect inner feelings and pain. The more the tears, the more the pain, the more the power you acquire.

Cry. Whenever you feel like it. This is you. You got nothing to be ashamed of.

5. Have friends but never let them have you

It’s ok to have friends. Someone to talk to, have a nice time, enjoy yourselves. It’s called living and it’s completely normal. Until your emotions get in the way. Their problems became yours, their failure and loss become your failure too.

We, Women, in particular, are easily affected. If we got involved too much, If our friends slow us down rather than help us. Then what??

If our need to help and support our friends overcomes common sense, Then would that be a good healthy relationship?

Women have proven that they can do everything and with adequate power and emotional intelligence, we will in no time.

Emotional Intelligence

What is your emotional intelligence power? Tell us in the comments.

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