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5 Great Ideas for Spending Christmas Alone

5 Great Ideas for Spending Christmas Alone

Spending Christmas Alone

Let me tell you that we all have almost the same sense of loneliness. And whenever we have an occasion, we think about how time will pass on us without a partner next to us. And since the Christmas celebrations are always associated with the presence of a partner, as a family, friends, lover, husband, we feel that we will not be happy without someone next to us. From another girl’s experience, spending Christmas alone is a thing that I have been doing for two years and this year will be the third. Although I have friends and family i still spending this amazing time on my own. For sure it was pretty hard and sad for the first time, but once you set yourself a plan that makes you happy things will go smoothly and you will enjoy a great night. I live in another country so spending Christmas time with my family will be hard. As well most of my friends either spending it with their families or lover and I am that kind of personality who can’t socialize that much. SO, I rather put a plan that gonna make me spend a great time each year instead of having that spiritual night in a place that I’m not feeling I really belong to.

Perhaps you will be the ones who will celebrate this year alone, whatever your circumstances, whether you are outside the country alone, or recently separated or other reasons that keep you alone, this doesn’t mean that you will not spend a wonderful evening. I don’t hide to you that you may take more happiness and enjoyment. Just first give up on your negative feelings about loneliness and I will tell you on the following points how to enjoy a Christmas night alone


Give this spending Christmas alone ideas a try and let us know how it worked for you…

1- Being alone means that you have many options

Spending Christmas alone doesn’t restrict you with one thing unlike spending it with family or friends. As most of the time, it’s about having dinner and spend the night talking or playing games. But when you’re alone you’re free to do whatever pops up in your head that suits you and makes you feel comfortable. No one forces you on a choice just because the others are okay with it. So bring a pen and paper and write a list of everything you wish or wish not for that night.


Spending Christmas Alone


2- If one of your options is to stay home at Christmas, write a list of the following:

– Choose a new or favorite movie that you can watch on Christmas night.
– Prepare a delicious meal for you that you have been wanting to prepare a long time ago and have no time in front of you.
– Make yourself a warm and special drink.
– In my opinion, a plate of popcorn you take with your favorite movie seems a good thing.

If you prefer not to watch movies, you can replace them with music or read a book or novel that you prefer. Or you can make it a night for spoiling yourself, take a long relaxing bath with a glass of rose and listen to your favorite music. Take care of your body and skin properly using all you have from masks to scrubs. Make your hair and makeup and take some photos to memorize the moment.


3- If you feel like spending Christmas alone at home will make you feel more alone, you can do the following …

Book a table with a special restaurant, that you always wanted to have dinner in but it’s a bit expensive. Wear the most beautiful clothes in your wardrobe, and put on a lovely makeup so that you look in your most beautiful allure. After you head to the restaurant and eat a very delicious yummy meal, you can walk a little through the city streets which will surely make you happy. The whole streets at the time are filled with the wonderful Christmas atmosphere. Take some photos, breathe these cheerful vibes in, and appreciate those little things that make you happy and be grateful for them.



4- You can also take a trip

If you feel like you don’t want to spend that night in your town take a trip outside. It doesn’t have to be a trip for a place outside the country you can’t afford. You can book a ticket for a town in your place you wanted to visit, but you don’t have time between all the workdays. Enjoy a couple of nights there and spend the Christmas night exploring and enjoy the holiday spirit of that town. You can even bock a ticket for a concert or any event happening that night, so you can celebrate with another happy unforgettable way.


Spending Christmas Alone


5- Don’t forget to buy a gift for yourself

Spending Christmas alone doesn’t mean you can have a gift that gonna complete the whole holiday season we all wait for each year. Spoil yourself again with something you have always wanted to buy through the year but you didn’t want to spend much money. Even if you aren’t feeling like you need anything, buy yourself even a jar of Neuitla and crave on for the night (No-guilt!). Yourself deserves to be valued and rewarded in all possible ways, don’t wait for someone to make you happy because it’s all about giving yourself a worth and be proud of all your status and life aspects no matter you have nobody to celebrate Christmas with or nobody to give you a gift. YOU CAN MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY ON YOUR OWN.



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