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5 Things to Consider Before Buying Your Bridal Dresses

5 Things to Consider Before Buying Your Bridal Dresses

bridal dresses

The wedding dress is one of the most life-altering and amazing choices of one’s life, which is why there is so much effort and hard work put into it. While growing up I always, dreamed of a perfect wedding like all other girls around the globe, but what I fantasize most about was the DRESS. After all, brides are the star of the show that is why every minute details of the dress have to be taken care of. The perfect dress requires tons of planning and smart decisions to pull it together.  I know there is already too much wedding pressure on the bride, to further add the bridal dresses is overwhelming but there are some tips to reduce this stress and get a dress which will be loved and remembered by all wedding attendees for decades.

Before I went hunting for my dream bridal dress I talked to my recently married friends about their shopping experience and talked to other stylists so that I could make the learned decision.  I gather many tips which helped me immensely to shop the DRESS.

Here are 5 things which every bride must consider while purchasing the wedding dress

Dress according to body shape

It is very important to know what your body shape is; there are different dresses for every body shape which flatters it the most. You can ask the stylist what your body shape is and what type of bridal dresses will suit you the most. Try multiple dresses in different styles in the suggested shapes to see which will enhance your figure and at the same time is comfortable for you to wear.

The shape that does not go with your figure will make appear shapeless and bulky, which can ruin your wedding pictures and will be too uncomfortable the entire time.

The budget with hidden costs. Always, always plan the budget before you go shopping for the wedding dress. A wedding is an extravagant affair and the costs can go much higher than you have expected, so it is wise to specify a budget for your dress. The wedding dress has hidden costs as well which comes as dress alteration, multiple add-ons, and veil.

Before putting your entire amount in the dress do try to it on to see if it need alterations and any other additions, ask your dressers how much the alteration and add-ons will cost before bargaining for the dress payment. Include all these expenses and then make a decision.

The wedding destination

The wedding venues play a big role in choosing a wedding dress, you have to select a dress which is most suitable for your venue and the season. You cannot wear the heavy ball gown with multiple layering and full sleeves in blistering summer in an outdoor wedding you need a summery fun one, not you can wear a strapless net gown in winter in a chapel.

While you are trying bridal dresses consider the venue of the wedding so you don’t regret it later. The dress material and design should complement the location and season of the wedding; you can select the design and change the fabric to make it suitable for your venue.

bridal dresses

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Minimize the entourage

Often the brides take tons of their friends and relatives for wedding gown shopping. Although the suggestions might help you to make the decision, however, sometimes too many counsels can confuse you and make you indecisive. When I went for my dress appointment, I took two of my closest friends and my mother. I knew these people had my best interest in their hearts.

As they have good taste in dress selection, they indeed helped me to pick the most flattering one. So minimize your entourage only take the people who are close to you, have good taste in clothes and will give you sound advice. Try to take with you recently married friends to appointment as their shopping experience will make the decision making easier for you.

bridal dresses

Trunk sales and promotional codes for your wedding dress

I knew about the trunk sales in which hundreds of dresses are put on sales, so I knew I had to shop my own from one of the trunk sales. The trunk sales put on a designer wedding gown at the fraction of the original retail price, although you might not find the dress in your perfect size you can always go for alteration. After selecting the wedding gown at bridal dresses shop I asked if they are going to put a trunk show and if I will be able to find this dress in that sale, then I picked out the very same dress from the trunk sale at a much steeper price.

Trunk sales are not that frequent so I had my bridal dress in my hands 5 months before my actual wedding date, this gives me plenty of time to make alterations and try it on, again and again, to make sure it fits right. You can also ask if the stores have their promotional codes to get discounts on wedding dresses and alterations.

These 5 tips took a lot of pressure off my mind about the dress furthermore helped me to make the best decision which resulted in a perfect wedding gown which everyone adored and looked fantastic in pictures and in person. These tips not only did assist me in choosing the ideal dress, but these tricks also helped me to save a considerable sum of money making it more affordable.

If you have a wedding in near future do consider these tips before you go shopping for a dress, this will make your shopping easier and will assist you to find the bridal gown of your dreams in your specified budget.

If you have any additional tips for purchasing wedding dresses do share them in the comments below! Which of these tricks did you like the best? Would you suggest these tips to future brides with your friends and family?

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  • Since you mentioned that one way to choose the right wedding dress comes down to taking the right measurements for the bust, waist, and hips in order to enhance one’s figure, it reminded me of this scenario. What if I got my dream dress from a shop, but when I tried it on, it was two to three sizes larger compared to my current body shape. What tips can you give to have it altered before the wedding in order to wear it comfortably while looking perfect at the same time?

    • The only solution, in that case, is to ask a tailor to adjust it for you but before that, you need to figure if it is gonna be the same or it will lose some feature. If you tried some accessories like a belt on the waist or so the extra fabric will be obvious and it will ruin the look, also you will still have an issue with your breast and butt.

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