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6 Essential Elements to Rock The “Natural” Fall No Makeup Look

6 Essential Elements to Rock The “Natural” Fall No Makeup Look

No Makeup Look

Au De Natural or No Makeup look is makeup mantra, not only it is easy to do but is appropriate from red carpets events to an everyday look. You can see makeup artists channeling the best of the natural and flushed look on models and celebrities on magazines cover every day which gives them the natural look makes these celebs appear more young and healthy. And this fall it gives you that cozy and warm look to complete your allure form all ways.

It is due to this you can see a variety of suffused makeup items in the market that will help you achieve the perfect natural look but the question is what are the elements you need to master and achieve this flawless look? By going through tons of magazines, makeup tutorials, articles and talking to makeup artists I have managed to gather tips and tricks that will help you achieve “on point” Au De natural look in no time;

Here Are The Elements You Need for Your No Makeup Look

Bushy Eyebrows

The untamed bushy eyebrows are the signature feature of a No Makeup look. The plucked and thin brows make you appear more mature and calculated whereas thick brows make you appear more young-looking and fresh which is our aim here. You can master these brows with the use of eyebrow tints, shaping powder, gels, and pencils whichever is the easiest option for you to use. It’s better to use brown shades on your eyebrows as it gives you a more natural and younger guise. Even if you have dark black eyebrows go for dark brown powder or gel.

Glossy Eyelids

The glossy eyelids perfectly capture the lights from surrounding and reflect making your eyes appear more bright and alert to give you that warm glam, a light wash of golden or champagne will do the job. There are multiple eyeshadows in a variety of shades and textures which make your eyelids look glossy and shimmery without flashing you blind. You can either use cream, gel or powder eyeshadows to sticks for this purpose.

No Makeup Look

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Flushed Pink Cheeks

The flushed pink cheeks are the sign of youthfulness and make you appear more revitalized and energetic. Therefore a light sweep of blush is absolutely necessary to the No Makeup look, you can go for peach, pink or mauve shades or whatever suits your skin best. Starting from the apple of cheeks then take it back to your temples to create the most dramatic flare with a tint of color, you can use a cream blush for more natural and flushed from within look.

Loads of Bronzer

The tan you get after lying for days in the sun at exotic beaches can now be achieved by formulated bronzers. The bronze not only gives you the glow of a vacation at the Bahamas but also gives you face dimension and chisel out your face structure without any harsh lines. There are many shades of cream and powder bronzers for every type of skin tone, select one which is blends perfectly with your skin tone.

Highlighted Skin

The highlighter since their launch has been a must-have necessity in all makeup bags as many girls can’t imagine their life without a highlighter, you can go as much as light-handed or heavy-handed with the highlighter you love. Although you can see highlighter in every color imagined but for Au De Natural golden look, champagne and rose gold is the best choices. Dab them on high points of your face, collar bones or any other visible part of your body and dazzle everyone in sight.

No Makeup Look

Plump Rosy Lips

Not everyone is blessed with plump juicy lips like Angelina Jolie’s and not everyone can go for lip injection and Botox but there are other techniques which will allow you to shapes and redefine your lips as easily. Here are lip plumpers that will make your lips more fleshy and suave. To achieve this look you can either go for clear, shimmery or tinted lip gloss also for your favorite lip balm with nude lip liner beneath.

No Makeup Look

These are the 6 essential factors necessary to get the famous No Makeup look right, there are loads of makeup items that you can choose from to recreate this look. These items are easily available at nearby and available stores, do not forget to make use of your saving coupons while purchasing these items to get a discount. You can also enter promotional codes of your favorite makeup influencers to get discounts on makeup and skincare items as well.

Tell us in the comments below do you prefer natural look? What items do you use to create No Makeup “Makeup” look?

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