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7 Glowy Summer Makeup Looks to Recreate This Season

7 Glowy Summer Makeup Looks to Recreate This Season

glowy summer makeup

Summer is officially here, the sun is flaming and retrieving us with glowy tan we can’t get enough with. Although tanning is upgrading our look, we still need some cute little touches. Plumped lips, lovely sunburns, and even bronzed skin to welcome the summer as we should. Glowy Summer makeup is all you need to enjoy your tan and define it even more. You don’t have to head to a salon or be a professional makeup artist to enjoy a summer glam, you just need some inspirations and tricks which we will guide you through. Get your makeup bag, and try out these easy looks.

Trust me these glowy summer makeup will be your new addiction

A hint of neon

If you search for something to upgrade your summer makeup, then you must try neon vibes. It adds more life around your eyes making them awake and sexier than they ever have been before. Choose your favorite shade and apply to the corner of your eyes to wakeup those puffy twins. If you like to dress according to your mood, then you will love to transfer between different shades and colors.

glowy summer makeup

Rosey Hue

This makeup mantra will take your tanned face features to another level you can’t even switch to another after it. Bring different shades of rose form light to dark to your cheeks, lids, and, lips will create an effortless authentic look you can live for the whole day. With this hue, you don’t have to care about the color theory anymore to create glowy summer makeup looks.

Natural Glow

What is better than glowing in your own skin, if you don’t like colors and you prefer more natural tones and colors then you must go with this makeup look. You don’t need more than a highlighter for both your cheeks and lids plus a lip gloss to pump those babies up. Don’t forget your blusher tho, we don’t wanna lose the tan warmth.

glowy  summer makeup

Frosty Lips

Well, we got to admit that rocking a glowy summer makeup is a hard mission and it will take time to master. If you are in a hurry for a date or gathering with friends/family and you don’t have time to learn a couple of techniques, then you only need your frosty lipstick. Go with your face like you normally do; foundation, mascara, eyes, and browse just keep everything lowkey and neat. Finally, line your lips and pop them up with a lovely cheer lipstick then blend. It’s the easiest way to master a trendy summer glam.

Just Sparkles

Makeup is power, while sparkle is our favorite BFF. When you are in a bad mood nothing can take you out of it except wearing your favorite outfit and applying makeup on. If you aren’t a makeup applier, don’t worry sparkles got your back. Apply your normal day to day makeup looks then upgrade with glittery touches on lids, cheeks, or under eyes.

Shock Shadows

The name speaks about itself, this happens to one of the favorite glowy summer makeup looks this year. Bold, easy, and extensive vibes are what you enjoy with these colorful eyes. You can choose between coral colors for a beach signature or you can switch for hot warm sunny shades, metallic and holographic shadows is also a way to nail that look. All you need is to apply the color heavily all over the lids while leaving the rest of your face natural.

glowy summer makeup

Shimmered Inner Corners

One touch can change a lame face of makeup. Like neon did with your guise, shimmer can create a similar effect if you don’t want to bather shopping for neon pallet. A dazzling spot of shimmery shadows in the corner of your eyes will give you that glowy summer makeup effect.

glowy summer makeup

Which summer makeup look Do You love and can’t wait to try it on?

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