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7 Oily Face Tips That Will Save You in Warmer Weather

7 Oily Face Tips That Will Save You in Warmer Weather

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If you suffering from oily face and greasy look in warmer weather you pretty much hate summer like me. That’s why I always search for solutions, tips, and tricks to tamp down my oil secretion especially when the weather gets warmer. When it comes to my skin and face, in particular, I’m very caring and cautious. I don’t use what so ever on it and it treats it like a baby you have to look for 24/7. I also don’t ever go cheap, so instead of buying a new piece of clothes, I will spend the money on my skincare routine instead. But sometimes, we spend our money on tones of products and we still not getting the exact results we want. That’s maybe for using the wrong products, we don’t know what to buy for what. Or, we using them in a wrong way. You also may be missing one or two things that might cause you the problems in your day to day lifestyle.

Although oily face is a bit expensive in taking care of, you don’t have to get anxious or cringy if you dealing with some money-issues (Well we all have!). You can just buy the basics, but he secrets lay in how and when to apply them and that’s what I’m leading you through today. Also, there are some simple and easy tips you might no, but somehow forgot to follow.

Grap a nice fresh juice and save these oily face tips on your note.

Always Hydrate

It’s simple, easy, and cheap but we still can’t keep a habit of drinking the proper amount of water our skin and body are in a persistent need for. At least you need to drink 3 liters of water a day and the more you are active the more you will need a water supply. You may think moisturizing your face can solve the problem, well you’re right but won’t give you that glow and younger allure we all search for. Our outer appearance depending on the state of our inner body issues and if we fill it with the proper nutrients and the right amount of water.

If you can’t stick to drinking your water needs or you forget for some reasons, get yourself a good quality water bottle and take it anywhere you go. Make sure to sip on it every 10 minutes. If you don’t like drinking water which is the case for many of us, you can add slices of fruits or veggies to give it some taste. Also make sure to eat properly, try stat way from salty and spicy foods as possible. As well, get away from fried and fast foods and go for real meals consisting of all nutrients. It’s better to eat more veggies and fruits, so make sure to fill your fridge with. The last thing you should watch to keep your face hydrated is to stay away from drinking. Limit yourself with a glass a night and better if it’s a week. That’s because alcohol strips your skin from all the moist and hydration needed which makes your face look dull and old.

Wash Your Face (but not too much)

I used to wash my oily face several times a day when it gets warmer and hotter, but my dermatologist forbade me from such action and I quit doing this. You only need to wash your face twice a day. Once in the morning to remove all the impurities and skin secretions to prepare your face for a new day and once at night to remove all the dirt stuck to your skin during the day. In between, you don’t need a face wash at anyway, when you wash your face more you strip it from the natural secretions it needs to keep it healthy and glowy. Moreover, you leaving it dryer which won’t lessen the oil secretion instead it will be increased. So what to do when you feeling greasy, you can use a facial mist which will tamp the oil and refresh you but won’t leave you dry as well.

Use gentle face washes that have formulas like salicylic acid, tee tree oil, alpha hydroxy acid or panthenol. Such elements will clean your face properly with leaving it dry or stripped out. I love Aven thermal face wash and I have been using it for 3 years. It keeps my skin nice and firm, it also helped to brighten my skin tone because of Glycolic acid that based on it.

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Moisturize The Right Way

During the day you need to moisturize your face with cream, a thicker formula to keep it as long hydrated as possible. Also, make sure that the product you use is water-based and oil-free. Because as you got oily skin, you need to cut off and lessen the oil intake to your skin. Water-based products will keep your skin hydrated and will look in the good secretions to control the sebum and make your face healthy and fresh.

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Don’t Ever Skip on SPF

SPF is an essential part of any skincare routine and for those with oily face, it considers lifesaver because it will control your sebum secretion and protect your skin from harmful UV. It’s advisable to use zinc Oxide based sunscreen because it’s anti-inflammatory properties that help your skin to fight all the outer pollution during the day. No matter you’re staying at home or going out don’t skip on your sunblock, but you can switch between the SPF percentage. You can use one with 15 SPF if you’re at home and go higher when going out. If you like feeling matt, you can switch to alcohol-based ones.

Exfoliate wisely

If you an exfoliate lover you should start controlling that, because you only need to do the process once a week. That’s why instead of using low-quality products. go for strong effective ones that will do the job and will save your pocket money as well. With an oily skin go for exfoliators with alpha-hydroxy acid, it removes all dull layers of skin leaving it glowy and fresh. I am not a big fan of natural exfoliator, it makes my skin breakout very badly. So, if you have sensitive oily skin it’s better to stack on products that are made for your skin type.

Anti-oxidant Masks Is All You Need

If you suffer from breakouts, blackheads, whiteheads, blemish, an anti-oxidant mask will help you to get rid of all the unwanted appearance on your face surface. What an anti-oxidants do is removing all the free radical and deep skin impurities and dirt to give you clean baby skin. But it won’t do that alone, it needed to be after a gentle face wash, exfoliating and followed with a toner, serums or moisturizer. Do the process in the right order and don’t skip a step. Clay mask is a cheap and great solution for anti-oxidant masks. Charcoal masks are one of my favorites too.

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Use Less Makeup

Makeup is a great way to express ourselves and upgrade our outer beauty a notch, but when it comes to summer and oily face it might turn into a curse. Not only loads of makeup will block your pores and cause serious skin problems, but it will also look so bad and put you in many embracing situations. But well all hove some skin issues that we don’t like to expose and a foundation can solve this in less than a minute. I would say there is no need to use foundation daily in warmer weather. You can go for a tinted moisturizer and tinted sunblock as well with a hint of concealer you will be all sitting.

This way your skin will be protected and look nice at the same time without locking it down with layers of foundation that make it more oily and cause issues you will need to spend more time and money on. Don’t forget to use primer, it’s a great way to control oil secretion and keep your skin firm.

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A trick that I use at home when I finish my skin routine from washing to moisturizing, l look everything in with a clinical primer from Bioderma. It keeps my skin glowing and control the oil secretion all day long, and believe me for someone with a very very very oily face like me it does it work in the way you will be addictive to.

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