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8 Elements to Nail This Spring and Summer Makeup Trends

8 Elements to Nail This Spring and Summer Makeup Trends

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Saying goodbye to winter and start with spring and summer where party times never stop and vacation is being seated for. All you need is to pop out and nail every moment with your beautiful smile and of course a trendy, glowy, fresh, and young makeup trend to memorize these moments. Forget about heavy makeup looks because this spring allure is all about fresh glass skin glam, pink lips, vibrant shadows, and metallic reflection for hot summer days. We break down the top elements you will need to nail the 2019 makeup trends.

Here are the essential products to rock these makeup trends

Natural Eyebrows

Forget about spending an hour for only fixing your eyebrows for a certain shape because this year makeup trends are all about going for what you own and highlight it for a standing out a unique look. All you need is the perfect eye browser shed light on them with a magical touch of your transparent eyebrow mascara for a more glamorous finishing. This will make your makeup look more fresh, young, and natural which is perfect for both spring and summer glam.

Vibrant Eyes

Another eye trend the most makeup artists are calling for, it gives bold and powerful vibes to your style with vibrant shadows colors like hunter green, neon orange, and popsicle-pink. It is a great trend whether for day time or night time looks depending on the color you’re going for and the statement you would like to send tons of brands have launched affordable palettes all packed with neon colors to pick your own statement whether combining two colors like blue on the corner of your led and finishing with green all going only for.

MakeUp Trends

Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes another makeup trend coming back this year t enjoy a sleek summer look all you need is vibrant shadows, dark liners, and double volume mascara. You can go for smokey eyes for nearly any time and anywhere, just make sure to set the right tone for your eye shape and skin color. Colors like green, purple, nude, pink, and orange used to transform the way smokey eyes used to look, to give your allure more fun, fresh, and powerful vibes. Mascara as well was used in different colors, so if you have a thing to strange looks and style this is your time to shine with your own style and different glam.

Statement Eyeliner

2019 makeup trends are all about colors and eyeliner is another way to shine and put a statement with your guise, pink eyeliner is very in and you can match easily with other elements and it works very well whether it is a day or night look. Black eyeliner is taking a backseat this time and you are free to play with the colors especially metallic ones, blue is another winning color to enjoy unique vibes especially for your spring break or summer vacation.

MakeUp Trends

Stained Lips

Besides nude and shimmery lip colors that we can’t get tired off, vibrant colors also used widely by makeup artists to give the lips another dimension with velvety red and shiny purple. If you like soft and simple looks stick with your nude and shimmery sets and you won’t fall off the trend, but if you welling more bold and extraordinary vibes for your everyday look or maybe the next party all red gradients will work very well, purple and pink as well.

Pink Mantra

A full makeup based on pink isn’t a thing that we expected to be, this look was seen widely on 2019 summer/spring runways. It is a great look for vacation and beach allure with a pink stain that covers your face from lips to lashes, lids, and of course a vibrant pink eyeliner to end up that perfect mantra.

Make Up Trends

Light Contour

Who can step contour away, no one actually, contouring completing to give us a more sleek and net look but with a little less sharp way this year. Soft contour is the new contouring with a less dramatic look and more young and fresh way to let the magic happen without showing your secret. It is a great way to shine with a natural look during the summer away from heavy dark lines of contour that might not appear in the right way for some.

Glass Gloss

Glass skin look or we may say “No Makeup Look” keep on thriving the best make up trends ever appeared, but this year with a more fun hint with light soft colors as light green and light pink. A glossy lip, glowing skin, sleepy eyes, and undeniable eyes is what you can get this year with that trend. You only the right products and the right technique to apply this perfect allure to shine up through the partying glamorous season, check out our article to nail that look.

MakeUp Trends

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