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8 Of The Best Summer Makeup Looks Everyone Being CRAZY About

8 Of The Best Summer Makeup Looks Everyone Being CRAZY About

Summer Makeup looks

While summer makeup may only depend on apply tons of sunblocks and lip moisturizer as you get that tangy tan from the sun and lovely red cheeks from the heat, you still need some summer makeup looks for those times when you going for a date, important business meeting or even a wild party that you have been invited at. This year makeup looks are all inspired from old trends (like the ’90s and ’50s) they are a bit classical but you still can change into 2019 mantra so they can fit that vital moment we’re living in.

Whether you a makeup lover or not, you gonna love these looks and won’t miss giving it a try. From winged eyeliner to the cheesy lip gloss you gonna love taking tons of pictures to memorize that perfect wing!


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Keep reading to nail this summer makeup looks

Winged Eyeliner

It is classical and a little dramatic, it makes not only your face pop up but all you allure. You can make it more vital or more suitable for this 2019 summer time by incorporating some color to your eyes whether it is neon or glittery apply on the corner of your eyes and you will see how perfectly it looks. If you don’t how to apply winged eyeliner, maybe it is time to try some options!

Popsicle Lips

Turn your popsicle love to your makeup look this summer, if you love looking more on the natural side. You can move this fun mantra to your cheeks to give them that young fresh look. A lighter shade of these delicious lipsticks is what you really want to approach this summer especially if you having a beach party that doesn’t need that extravagant makeup.

Summer Makeup looks

Glossy Lips

Well, although it’s a famous ’90s feature, you can still make it totally trendy for the year. Just focus on your lips, make them the champion of your look and let everything else looking natural and well put together. No matter the color you tend to apply to make sure to line your lips with a darker shade first then enjoy how shiny those lips look.

Summer Makeup looks

Metallic Bronzer

Who said anything about bronzing your cheeks! You already get that lovely natural shade from the sun, this time you gonna bronze your legs for more summery tangling eyes that you can’t stop looking at. Just focus on the eyes and let everything else natural from lips to browse and the sun will take care of your cheeks.

White Wings

This time you won’t look like you have been hit hard in your eyes when you fail drawing the perfect wing or after like you have been dragged out of the club waking up the next morning. Although white eyeliner doesn’t have that ‘I WAS HERE’ after effect, it stills has that ‘I CAN’ life effect. It looks so fresh, trendy, summer, vibrant, fun, and it makes your face just standout between any crowd. Again hero it and let the rest of your face looking net and natural.

Glossy Corner

This time you won’t gloss your lips, cheeks or even your whole like glass skin do. You only gonna drizzle your eye corner to make your small eyes stand out especially with right VAVA VOM lashes and natural browse. It is always about shimmery, isn’t it?

Shadow Cheeks

Sun can make your cheeks glow, but only on the beach or during the day. At night you need something to make cheekbones stand out more while still looking natural and under control, you can only do that by keeping that hard bronzer or highlighter away and use a touch of your shimmery pink shadows while doing your eyelids.

Summer Makeup looks

Colored Lower Lash

Did you ever think of using your lower lash to upgrade your summer makeup looks? Well, this summer you can do that, just apply a bright color on your lower lashes and follow with heavy liner on the upper side and of course, perfect lashes to make your eye say her word. If you going for a serious party, this is the perfect look you can go for to make your heavy makeup stand out this summer.

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