7 Steps to Nail The Cute Makeup Ideas for Your Everyday Allure

Cute Makeup ideas

We’re all aiming for that magical thing when you just wake up, take your shower or even wash your face, put your clothes on and straight to your destination. But things don’t work like that, you still have to spend between 30 minutes to an hour in order to take care of these acne marks, dark circles if you just stayed up night finishing some work or go hard on partying and of course giving your face some life to fight through rest of the day. This when you need cute makeup ideas that makes your allure seems natural, fresh, and it doesn’t take that much time you used to spend

Heavy makeup isn’t a thing anymore, you may go with heavy elements for some parts, but if you not a big fan of one or couple of heavy touches and you like to keep everything as it is while making your own beauty stand out this when you need a cute look which won’t cost you that much time or money on a regular basis. We’re breaking down some elements and steps to nail that look in less than 10 minutes of your day.

Rock those cute makeup ideas with the lest possibilities you get

The Right Foundation

The first law on any perfect makeup routine is applying the right foundation, you may invest in a high end one if you really want to give your face a perfect coverage to hide any flaws. You can pick the right color of the foundation by testing it on your neck or rest. It’s better to apply it with your fingers so the heat can make it seals into your skin without any clogs, it also prevents any type of infection you may catch from your beauty blender.

Light Contouring

Going for that harsh contouring isn’t a thing anymore, this year’s theme is all about these light lines that will help you to twist any bothering angle but without exposing it to the public. It doesn’t matter if your contouring is high end or low end, you don’t need to spend much on just two lines you gonna work light shades with, end by blending with your perfect foundation layer.


Eyeliner isn’t a mandatory element for cute makeup ideas it just something extra to make it perfect if you heading to a party or night out with your partner and you want to add a magical touch to your face to give your eyes that dramatic gaze. It doesn’t matter if you a winged liner master or just go for an arched line over the lead, what matters is to pick that perfect black coal color. You can complete that with perfect lashes using this type of mascara.

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Smoky Eyes

Smoky eyes upgrade your everyday makeup looks to the extent, it turns it from just typical morning makeup for a busy girl into that type of look of the party lover gurl. Smoky eyes are one of the best 2019 makeup trends, with a punch of colors you can go for away from these brownish themes you used to. You can mix your love for colors with your cute guise and still look simple. Pink, orange, shimmery, and even Lilah are one of the best colors you can use to nail this year smokey eyes and don’t look old or out of the place.

Cute Makeup ideas

Natural Eyebrows

Those perfect eyebrows where you see every single hair is lined up after Its predecessor doesn’t go that well with a cute makeup, you can use an eyebrow mascara to define them while they still look natural for that everyday every time thing you want to make it a theme. While it looks so good and trendy, it takes no time to draw that perfect line and fill the empty areas which can take a whole 10 minutes only.

Cute Makeup ideas

Simple Lips

Lips are the soul of your face, it can really tell if you going for a certain destination and what persona you want to develop out there. French women, for instance, are always in favor for a red pigment which makes them ready all time no matter where they heading it also can tell how fashionable, strong, and self-caring women they are. So, there isn’t a certain color you had to apply if you want to lean on cute makeup ideas. What you can really care for is staying away from dark, extravagant, vibrant colors. If you like to add some life and color to your face, you can wear these popsicle fruity lipsticks. You can always play in the area between nude and flushed lips, they’re suitable for all times.

Cute Makeup ideas

Touch of highlighter

Cute makeup doesn’t have to be boring or lame, you still can make it fun and glamorous with a touch of highlighter. Shimmery colors look great for big nights like a wedding or office party, you can also use a pink highlighter for blushed cheeks along with smoky pink eyes and flushed lips for a lovely pink mantra and you won’t look going too far as you think.

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