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How to Pick Your Acne Face Wash | +10 Ingredients That You Need

How to Pick Your Acne Face Wash | +10 Ingredients That You Need

Acne Face Wash

Acne causes a serious problem for women through a long period of their life which affect in return on their confidence and skin, the early you fix it with ways like acne face wash the easy you can get rid of it. When you neglect acne it starts causing many problems like dark spots, scar and cystic pimples.

The key of getting rid of acne is taking care of hygiene in all aspects of your life and the most important is cleaning your face at least one time through the day, a good cleansing is all you need.

You have to figure your skin type in order to pick the right one, but still, many women get confused through that huge number of products making it hard to find the right one for them. It doesn’t matter how expensive it is or which brand you should go for, feeling good with it what really matter that is why you might end up experiencing more than one to figure your best product.

Figuring out your skin type

Normal Skin | Lucky you if you got that type of skin is known as the most balanced one, it is producing the right amount of sebum; waxy or oily matter produced from certain glands making your skin more healthy and glowy. it also well hydrated and doesn’t cause acne mostly.

Dry Skin | It doesn’t produce enough amount of sebum which keeps your skin moisturized and hydrated, so you see it normally peeling, cracking, flaking, irritated and inflamed easily so you should use deep moisturizers to keep your skin glowing and healthy.

Acne through that kind caused by dead skin, so you need to exfoliate it gently with a suitable face wash and moisturize it continuously.

Oily Skin | It considered as one of the most annoying and exhausting skin types, but it has a good privilege as it doesn’t get aged early that is because of the excessive amount of sebum produced by Sebaceous glands.

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The excessive amount of this oily matter clogs your pores filling them with dirt which causes bacteria leading to acne formation. You need to pick cleansing free from oil, contain salicylic acid and also works as a gentle exfoliator. That kind of skin needs to be washed at least two times through summer days to keep it fresh and prevent the formation of bacteria.

Combination Skin | Another hard dealing type that combines both oily and dry skin, you mostly see acne formation and excessive oil secretion through your face T-Zone.

You get to pick some kind of cleansing that clean your skin deeply to get rid of all bacteria and dirt with some kind of exfoliation and also keep your skin PH at the right average so you don’t have to deal with dryness.

Sensitive skin | People with that kind of skin can’t deal with chemical ingredients, so they have to go naturally with their cleansings. Some women might have any of these previous skin types besides being sensitive to any sort of chemicals that might cause interaction with their face.

You can figure out your skin type by asking your dermatologist or you can do it now using this simple test and the video will show you how.

Ingredients that should be in your acne face wash

Many products on the market contain ingredients that cause serious harm to your skin and might increase your acne problem instead of curing it. So it is always advisable to check the ingredients labels of the cleansing you buy and here are some that must be included in your acne wash:

Tea Tree Oil | It is one of the most effective ingredients against acne, an anti-bacterial natural product that dealing with acne bacteria and vanishing it and can also work as a treatment for dark spots.



Licochalcone | A type of natural phenol extracted from the roots of Glycyrrhiza glabra and shows an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect that controls the oil secretion making it very effective for both oily and combination skin. It has calming and soothing properties, so it is a kind of ingredient that ideal for people with sensitive skin.

Feverfew | It is a plant has been used by our ancestors for different purposes, getting glowing and beautiful skin one of them. It works as an anti-inflammatory ingredient, preventing and reducing swelling and redness. You can add it to your herbal tea healing your skin from the inside.

Sulfur | A kind of ingredient that might harm you if used in a large amount causing dryness and irritation. But also work like acne treatment, as it reduces the secretion of oil and removes all dead skin. You find it combined with other ingredients like resorcinol and salicylic acid in the product you buy.



Resorcinol | You most likely find it combined with sulfur and works ideally for dry skin, as it treats scaly and hardened skin. It also treats itching steaming, sunburn, bug bites burns eczema and other disorders. It added at a concentration up to 2%.

Salicylic Acid | One of the basic ingredients that should be found in your face wash, it reduces the acne formation, swelling, and redness. Also works as great exfoliation cleaning your pores from bacteria and dirt. It might cause irritation for people with dry or sensitive skin, so use your cleansing according to the description.

Retinoids | Retinoids are vitamers of vitamin A which extracted from carrots, it works well for people with severe or mild acne because it cleans your skin deeply letting other ingredients enter your pores and prevent clogs. It can be found in other acne treatment products like creams and pills.

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Alpha-Hydroxy Acids | Great ingredients for healthy and acne-free skin as it reduces inflammation and removes dead skin. Also reduces the appearance of wide scares and wide pores making your skin looks better and healthy.


Acne Face Wash


Benzoyl Peroxide | You find it at a high concentration ranging from 2.5% to 10% and known as strong effective ingredient against acne as it kills acne-causing bacteria, reduces the secretion of oil and removes dead skin. It is advisable to use cleansing with a low dose of benzoyl peroxide maximum 3% to avoid redness, dry skin, scaling and burning.

Do and Don’t

There are many things people dealing with acne skin doing it wrong and also things they need to include in their lifestyle at the moment.

1. Don’t ever touch your face,  when you touch your acne you transfer more bacteria to your face which causes irritation and might give you cystic or inflamed acne through the time. You also need to use antibacterial soap to wash your hands before even cleaning your face, applying a mask or moisturizing it.

2. Don’t even think of using dermaroller on acne, it will destroy your face causing more acne as it will spread bacteria and dirt throughout your whole face. It is a good choice for glowing skin and boosting collagen, but your face must be free of acne and it is better to be done by a dermatologist or any other expert.

3. Exfoliate your face regularly either physically or by enzymes; the latter works better for those who have sensitive skin as it naturally-made and works gently on their faces, you can use physical exfoliation by mixing ingredients you like, for example, honey and sugar or honey and cinnamon.

When you exfoliate your face; you get rid of dry skin which clogs your pores and fills it with dirt which led to acne formation. You need to open your pores before this Procedure and you also have to close it after you finish to keep your skin healthy, this video will show you how to do this the right way.

Acne Face Wash

4. You are what you eat; that is why you get to keep watching stuff you filling your body with. We are not saying to follow a hard diet or eat vegetables all day, just stick to a healthy diet plan contains all food elements.


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