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French Styling
The Best French Styling Secrets to Get That Classic Look

As I said I love everything French especially the mouse-water food recipes. But this piece…

10 French Food Recipes to Try on This week

Paris, je t’aime! I love everything French whether wear style, those incredible dreamy places that…

Bangs Hairstyles
Bangs Hairstyles To Inspire You In Summer

We’re approaching summer very fast which means making some of our resolutions and summer bucket-list…

Sweatpants Outfits
20 Ways to Style Sweatpants Outfits for a More Sleek Look

Comfort always comes first, I love wearing comfy and cozy clothes that make me feel…

find peace
Find Peace in Life!! Enjoy Little Things

Continuing our #CARE. INSIDE. OUT challenge this week to enjoy a better life and better…