April Stroer

Graphic designer and self-proclaimed fashionista. I enjoy writing about life and empowering women to live to their fullest potential. I strongly believe that WE have the power to design a life we love. My happiest days are spent creating, writing, and sharing my life experiences to serve others.

Chimaa Jwsk

Hi Raiders hope you will be having a good day whenever you passed by that, my name is Chimaa and I am passionate about anything give women more power and inspiration to go through their lives’ journeys. I like reading and blogging about inspirational and aspiring thoughts that float in girls’ minds about wellness, society, culture, and style.

Elizabith Kay

Intern at Girlsinsights, love summer, love water, and Bali is my one and only destination

Heather LeGuilloux

I am a therapist and mental health blogger love sharing knowledge, experience, and passion about all things mental health and wellness through my blog. I have an interest in helping people to understand the self in order to strengthen their relationship with themselves and others.

Abby LM

Love everything natural and colorful, enjoy making jewelry, and believe in everything made with passion.

Julia Markle

I am a freelance writer and blogger. I write for ClothingRIC, Sitewide Coupon, Namobot and SavingBro and more. I love to write about lifestyle, health, travel, and technology.

Jameelyn Dupay

Hello, I’m Jamie, the woman behind Petite on the Move blog. I am passionate about personal growth and making DIY home remedy. Petite on the Move was created to inspire young women that they can live fearlessly and can overcome any obstacles they encounter.

Samantha Seah

Samantha writes fiction at thebloomingblossom. You can also follow her on Instagram.

Shahenda The bookgeek

Hi, I am Shahenda, I am an Indie book blogger and creative writer. I like to write book reviews with a little poetic touch. Professionally I am a dentist and by heart a bookaholic. Read Write Eat Repeat