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5 Ways to Change Mood and Be Good by Yourself

5 Ways to Change Mood and Be Good by Yourself

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If you are a working woman, mom, student or all of that you definitely have gotten through a bad mood or a time when you fell down and don’t have the ability to do anything. There are many factors that make you feel bad or depressed if you are a busy woman, the most important thing is your chaotic lifestyle. Lake of self-confidence and anxiety also make you feel bad and have mood swings also, having an unhealthy body and minding less importance to your nutrition make you feel weak and exhausted most of the time which also affects your mood. We’re providing some of the best change mood ways to have a better week and be good through your busy day to day life.

First, You Need to Follow a Healthy Lifestyle to Avoid Bad Mood or Mood Swings

Having a healthy or organized lifestyle helps you to get through a lot and be a more productive and optimistic person, besides achieving your dreams. Here are some easy tips you can follow to have more productive lifestyle:

  • Make a Schedule for the things you need to do, have a nice note to write down what in your mind or you can use your phone note if you a lazy type of person. You can organize your schedule for days, weeks or months and don’t forget to start with the most important to the less.

That removes much pressure off you as you can check what you have done and what you up to and the most important benefit is that you don’t anything.


  •  Watch out for what you eat, stick to a fun and healthy diet that you can follow not a strict one that depends on things you hate, for example, if you like eating sweet food you can have a dessert that free from sugar, saturated fats, and white flour. Make your own which will be less expensive, healthy and of course delicious.

Healthy food isn’t bad tasting, it is very good and you can customize to your own taste.



  •  Practice any kind of exercise you like it may be riding a bicycle, practicing yoga, running, hiking, jogging around or even stretches. Moving body helps you to get rid of daily life pressure, have some time to yourself and be good as it either helping in resting your mind or figuring out a solution for a problem you have.

Setting down all the time without doing anything force your mind to think about bad things most of the time, or turning to unhealthy habits that don’t have any benefits at all. You can set a specific time for practicing anything you like whenever you want whether in the morning or late at night.



  •  Find out a hobby you like and practice it when you feel nervous or don’t have the desire to do anything. If you have tones of things you need to accomplish, but you don’t push yourself to it wouldn’t help at all.

So, it is better to do something you really like for about half an hour and go back to your work again and you will be fresher and ready to invade the world. If you think that you don’t have any kind of hobby or something that you feel passionate about, you can dance.

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Dancing is a very good way to draw all negative energy out of your body, it also makes you feel happy and full of energy. You can also write down what bothers, it might be a little thing like the weather is hot or the lightning.

It also might be a serious problem that needs help, writing down what make you feel bad also figuring out the cause of it and the possible solutions will help you avoid bad or change the mood.


be good

These are the Fastest Ways to Change Mood and Be Good Immediately

1. Watch Something Forthy or Shallow

When you in a bad mood the most important thing to avoid is thinking so, you should avoid it and also avoid doing anything just put all the important work aside and have some time for you only.

Watching something forthy doesn’t contain any meaning or express for something that will help your mind to relax. Our mind is like device when they work for a long time they need to be shut down so they don’t get damaged, when you force your mind to work or thinking, although the much pressure on it you will not go anywhere by that you will only be mad and want to quiet the whole world.



2. Eat Food You Like ‘Healthy Food of Course’

Healthy food can help you be good and skip a bad mood too, it is delicious and you can eat more of it when you not feeling good while unhealthy or junk food will give you more fat, bad look, and you will feel bad about yourself after eating it so what do you think is better.

If you are in the mood for a cheeseburger you can still have one, but with healthy ingredients; replace bread with brown bread or whole wheat bread, consume unprocessed meat, have low-fat cheese like mozzarella, add more vegetables and of course use less salt as it makes your body retain water, you can replace salt with cayenne pepper.


be good


3. Go For a Walk

Walking will help you to relax, clear your mind and see some beauty of the world we live in. If you are the type of person who analyzes and thinks about anything or relate it to you, you can avoid crowded places. Go for walk in a lovely garden, by the beach or a harbor if you live near any and feel the nature around you.




4. Have a Girly Time and Take Care about Your Beauty

Skip the bad mood and boost your beauty in the same, start with filling your bathtub with warm water and bath bombs beside some rose petals you can also add a couple of tablespoons of bath soak and relax there as long as you want, don’t forget a glass of your favorite wine or a plate of your favorite food, you can also read a fun book you like.

After applying some body scrubs, face masks and of course don’t skip your pedicure. when you finish wearing something you like, apply some of your perfume, put a lovely lipstick and VoLa you ready to conquer anything.


be good


5. Head to The Kitchen

Whether you like cooking or not, it absolutely will help you be good and change mood it doesn’t matter if what you made ended up in your stomach or your trash, what matter is relaxing your mind and get rid of all the pressure you have.


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