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Be Your Own Obsession | From Now on It Is Only About Love Myself

Be Your Own Obsession | From Now on It Is Only About Love Myself

My self-love

For all those who love, for all those who fear.
When death is much alive before I stop my tear.
No, I won’t lose hope, even if it would never be real.
Guess love is a cutting curse, A curse I don’t wanna heal.
Babe, don’t worry I am ok, the one I love is quite near.
I see him every day in the mirror, smiling at me from ear to ear.
I am in love with…me, My dear.

Love is a curse.

Yep, you heard me right. It is a curse. It’s a double-edged weapon, with a sharper edge than the other. It’s so sweet that makes your teeth ache. It’s so lovely that makes you cry. It’s so unique that you may never find it.

It’s a curse and I am doomed with it.

In a way we all spend our lives in love, from the moment we become conscious and aware of the world around us we hear the word LOVE but we don’t hear love myself. Everywhere there’s love, we are always IN LOVE with something, we get too attached to it and then we become obsessed with it in a deep ugly pathetic way.

Yep, love is a curse. Remember that toy, you really wanted to get, or that dress you would die for or even that friend you wanted to get to know more.

love myself

That boy, your first love.

Here’s how it all starts. You didn’t know that he even exists, never saw him nor been interested in him but out of nowhere, he comes. As if fate is laughing hard at you. You watch him from afar, as if your eyes are glued to him, you start to make a weird stalker routine, memorizing every little detail about him, day and night.

Congratulations gurl, you are obsessed.

Don’t worry, it’s not that bad. In fact, you have been doing it your whole life, loving something so bad that losing it, got you in tears but this time it’s not Just a thing It’s A Person.

A living breathing human being who may or may not love you back, someone who makes you forget your self-love someone in most cases doesn’t know you even exist. (SORRY, I told you fate is laughing at you)

But how?

How can you love someone so much? How you do it and the main question is Why? Why can’t you stop loving someone who doesn’t even know you exist. How can you keep faith in a long lost war? You know why? Cause you don’t love him!

You can’t love someone if you never learned to love yourself in the first place

I have once read ” You will never be able to find yourself if you are lost in someone else” So, Do you even love your self? Have you ever found what you really live for? Found yourself? I bet it’s a No. Why are you so obsessed with only others? Why can’t you be obsessed with yourself? Why can’t you spend the time looking at him, looking in the mirror? Why can’t you spend the time thinking about him, thinking about yourself? Why can’t you spend the time daydreaming about him, daydreaming about your future?

Why can’t you love yourself the same way you love him?

Be him Your own obsession and Learn the ” My SELF-LOVE.”

Maybe this way you will make the sharper edge of love.

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