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Bloating After Eating – 7 Ways to Feel More Relived

Bloating After Eating – 7 Ways to Feel More Relived

bloating after eating

Enjoying a meal with foods you love is probably one of the most rewarding moments of the day, you set the table or just go with a bowl on your couch enjoying that meal with your cute puppy, roommate or your significant other. Unfortunately this satisfying might not last that long (Not because you have to wash all the dirty dishes!) because of the most annoying side effects or discomfort one can experience after a good delish meal, it’s bloating after eating. If you experience bloating regularly it might be because of medical conditions or it’s most likely due to following some bad habits that you cooperate through your eating routine. Following a healthy diet or eating the best healthy foods created won’t play much of a big part connected to that issue. From my bad experience with bloating ad going through many solutions these are the best practices that helped me to come over this discomfort.

Bloating after eating habits you need to follow

Stay awake after meals

There is nothing more appealing than taking a nap after lunch especially if you woke up at 6 or 5 am and you just can’t complete your day without this heavenly sleeping hour. Although you might be in desperate need of that sleeping time, you won’t be much satisfied when you woke up with a bloated belly and feeling of guilt that you did that action. Another action we do is eating right before going to bed even if it was a ting amount of food it might cause you bloating especially if you get it more often. When you sleep right after eating, the food didn’t have that much time to move around and it stays in your stomach which led to a bioprocess called fermentation leading to the formation of gas which led to bloating. If you are desperate to sleep after dinner and long day working and running around finishing things try to do at least 15 minutes of cardio exercise so you can help in hurrying the digestion process by increasing blood circulation through your body.

Enjoy your meal

You have your whole day to watch your favorite series or playing your favorite movie, but you only have one time to enjoy your meal of the day so make it count. One of the most affecting habits on bloating after eating is watching something while having a meal or eating in a hurry to catch up on some work or any place you’re hiding to. Eating that quickly will cause many actions that lead to a bloated stomach you will suffer the rest of the day. When you don’t focus on the food you’re eating you won’t be focusing on eating properly which means giving time for chewing, the first and most important part of the digestion process. When you don’t take time in cutting and grinding the food enter your body, you making it hard for your body to proceed digestion meaning the meal will set in your stomach for a while which led to bloating. Eating without taking your time might lead to swallowing a huge amount of air with your food which leads to gas formation and make you feel bloated as well.

Take your time enjoying your meal at least if you’re at home, it won’t take you that much time to chew the food you’re eating and tasting it. Set a nice table, turn on some relaxing music, and don’t forget to light a calming candle especially after a long exhausting day. Try to be mindful about this time and consider more of a ritual within your day to have some quality time with your body.

bloating after eating

Avoid liquids through your meal

Another cause for bloating after eating is drinking lots of liquids while having a meal. There’re three types of people those who can’t eat with water, others who love the taste of food combined with sweet juice or even soda, and lastly the wine lover who loves to get classy. Although it considers part of the meal and most of the people are doing even if you’re having a meal outside you will get a drink aside it. It’s hard to skip that habit one for being delicious and second because you are mostly grown up with that as apart of your eating ritual especially if you a water person. But the unpleasant feeling you get after each meal which affects badly on your favorite jeans or just completing the rest of the day in high energy and spirit will drive you to cut it out. That liquid you can’t live without tends to dilute the acidity of your stomach environment which affects on digestion leading to bloating.

This doesn’t mean to skip drinking lots of water

Avoiding water or any other liquid through your meal doesn’t mean to not get properly hydrated throughout the day. Dehydration will affect the blood circulation through your body, causing not efficient digestion and the movement of food through your bowel. All this led to a much serious problem, constipation, which cause much discomfort accompanied by bloating of course. Make sure to keep a bottle of water with you wherever you go through the day. A very easy habit I developed connected to drinking water, is sipping water every 10 minutes so I don’t forget or face dehydration.

bloating after eating

Do some movements

Setting still in your place throughout the whole day will affect you, not just gaining weight in unwanted areas and your metabolism rate but your gut health as well. If you’re an office person like or you work requires much of setting, you might be dealing with bloating man times through the day, your movement doesn’t have to be exercising although we have a very exciting routine here. You can do some activities within your place like cleaning your home, do some stretches, walk your dog out or dancing on your favorite playlist.

Be mindful about the food you consume

You might be following all these other habits but you still facing bloating after eating, and you might face that due to some food intolerance you’re dealing with. Most of the time we facing problems through our body due to eating the wrong types of foods such as a dairy. Chessy dishes and milky desserts might cause bloating to many people as well as wheat products or even legumes. Each time I eat any sort of beans or peans I find my stomach slightly bloated so I try to avoid them as possible. Milk as well causes me that problem whether raw or combined with any other food even cake so I try to consume replacements as coconut or almond milk. Focus on your body when taking certain foods and see how it works within you, it might be causing a serious issue that you’re dealing with daily. Experience other approaches to eating routines to figure out the best for you.

bloating after eating

Stress can bloat you out

We’re all dealing through a lot in our lives so stress can happen easily and we most of the time don’t seek any help to relieve that, instead, we only harvest the side effects of it, and bloating is one of which. If you’re dealing with sleeping issues that stress you out check our sleeping routine here. Another thing that can affect our life is relationships and of course sex issues that we tend to ignore. Work goals and self-growth can put a huge load on you that you can’t weigh in. If you get bloating through hard times and bad days it’s probably due to overload on you, so give yourself some time to breathe out and get relaxed with a nice warm bath or spit it out to your closest person.

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