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Take a Look Back To Summer 2018 Bridal Gowns | Wedding Dresses Styles to Attain Your Look

Take a Look Back To Summer 2018 Bridal Gowns | Wedding Dresses Styles to Attain Your Look

Bridal gowns

The wedding is the most important event in women’s lives, they want everything to be perfect from the rehearsal dinner to wedding favors, wedding after party and of course the bridal gowns. The gown must look up to your expectations so you can feel happy and comfortable with. In 2018 designers made wedding dresses beautiful, comfortable and say more about you.

They vary from bohemian fun look to elegant and luxurious gowns, designers didn’t also forget beach weddings which need something suit that breezy hot weather with a little twist to boost your look.

Know How You Want to Be in Your Big Day with These Marvelous Bridal Gowns

Bridal Suits

2018 is definitely the time to show your strength and power, bridal suits are the right style for this and they considered the trending style for this summer. You can choose the right style for you, it might be bold or cute. You can also boost the look with a nice hairstyle and hair color that totally work for summertime.


Bridal Gowns

Bridal Gowns

Pouf Gowns

The focus on the sleeves has been going since 2017 and this summer they left a huge impact on wedding dresses. Pouf varies from moderate to huge mixed with either off-shoulder or long sleeves. If you have beautiful shiny shoulders then what is better to show them off that summer through the most beautiful day in your life.


wedding gowns

Ruffel and Flounce Gowns

If you like bridal gowns with volume and still wanting to cope with the trend of the year then you have to go for ruffles or flounces. They give your dress a very clean and simple look, they also look very feminine and suit the hot summer weather.

Ruffles come in different cuts and they might be combined with lace or floral vibes, simple and tiaras hairstyles match very well with these types of dresses.


bridal gowns

Wrap Waists Gowns

Wrap waist dresses never get old, they give the dress fresh and very feminine look. This year wrap waist dresses appeared in many fashion shows and they appeared in lace and silky dresses.


gown for wedding

bridal gowns

Laces Gowns

We have mentioned lace more than one time till now and the truth is lace gowns are another big trend this year. You can find them matched with any piece of clothes if you took a tour in the world’s best cloth brands stores.

Laces add a magical touch to your dress, they make you fill like a real princess with its simple and cute look. Laces come in different shapes which all inspired by flowers and nature.



Arm Pearls Gowns

Arm pearls gowns give you that elegant look and they suitable for the hot weather. They might be plain like Meghan Markle’s wedding dress or mixed with pearls, beautiful bracelets or come in on arm only, they also look very beautiful with short and silky dresses.



bridal dresses

Slit Sleeves Gowns

Slit sleeves add a very stylish and modern look to your gown, many celebrities adopted them in their look this summer. They are mixed with lace, chiffon and silk dresses so don’t hesitate in showing these beautiful arms.


Slouchy Gowns

If you like the bohemian look then you should go for slouchy dresses, they are very comfortable and cope with the 2018 fashion trend. It also very suitable in case you don’t want to lose a pound or two for these tight wedding dresses, you will be beautiful and happy without any stress or restrict diet to watch out for your weight.


Grecian Gowns

Grecian gowns are a typical look for your wedding days, they are elegant and give you a very feminine simple look. These dresses wrap your body shape with silky and chiffon fabrics to have that ancient Greek goddess appearance.



bridal gowns


Off-shoulder Gowns

Off-shoulders have been dominating the fashion runways for years and none want them to go anywhere, they give your bridal gown fresh and natural classic look.


bridal gowns

Colored Gowns

White isn’t the main feature for wedding dresses anymore, designers have been mixing it with other colors to give the bridal dress extra vibes. This year gold, pink and shimmery colors are the trend so if you like colors don’t hesitate in choosing a colorful dress that expresses your passion and personality.


wedding gowns

bridal gowns


If you plan a wedding on the beach, you should go for minidresses. They are very beautiful and give you a fresh glowy look, besides being comfortable to move easily and have fun. In different fashion shows, they were made of lace and chiffon mixed with floral shapes and off-shoulder sleeves.


Cathedral Capes Gowns

Heavenly bodies were the main theme of 2018 Met Gala and it has reflected on the bridal gowns as well. Many celebrities adopted cathedral cape dresses among them the charming Rosie Huntington Whiteley. If you want to stand out and make a statement with some of your wedding looks, you might go for a cape gown which will totally give you extra vibes.


bride dressing gown

Shimmery Fringe Gowns

Shimmery fringe gowns work very well for rehearsal dinner or wedding after-party look. They are comfortable and very fun, you can choose them in pale rose or silver for cute simple appearance.


bridal gowns


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