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5 Steps to Nail The Christmas Shopping List

5 Steps to Nail The Christmas Shopping List

Christmas shopping list

The usual is that whenever an event or any celebration comes, we prepare for a long shopping tour, with which we buy all the purposes for that celebration. And by the beginning of December, we all started thinking about shopping in preparation for the Christmas celebrations. I don’t hide from you that when I think about it, I feel that I am lost among many things. And every time I help my mother with this shopping tour, as soon as we come home we remember things that had to be bought but we forgot them! Really, it is very annoying. So, I decided to make a killer Christmas shopping list that can save me all the hustle and help me enjoy each aspect of the holiday instead of hating it.

We all know how busy and annoying the malls during the holiday season, that’s why if you don’t really know what you what and what you need to buy you will end up spending half of the time before Christmas time in malls and stores queues waiting for your turn at this endless casher period. I found an effective way for us to make a successful shopping tour for Christmas celebrations without feeling we are always forgetting stuff and keep going back to the malls’ battels. I decided to collect it for you in simple steps, so if you are preparing for the Christmas celebrations, use them …

Set a perfect Christmas shopping list with these magical steps

1- Bring a set of different colored leaves.

This is a very practical way I use pretty much each time I have lots of things going in my day and everyday life. It helps you to clear the hustle and organize your needs. So you don’t spend nor time or money while getting up with your hard work. Get a stack of colorful sticky notes, I am sure you have one in your desk. Next, separate your Christmas shopping list into categories or genres. From food to decore, clothing, and whatever comes in your mind. Define each category with a specific color for example; pink for food, red for decoration, and so on.



2- Hold each sheet alone and write what you need for

Let’s say you started with food, write down which items that should be available and you need to have from snacks to meats, vegetables, sweets, and so on. For example, if you invite your friends or family to your home on this day and you are planning to prepare food for them, decide what’s you need?!. Don’t write without thinking, write only what you are gonna use. Because by the end of Christmas we find ourselves spent a huge amount of money on food that ends in the garbage and no one even uses it

Here you have to think about what kind of food to cook, and what you should buy for it. The same applies to the drinks menu, as well as the list of decorations and others.


Christmas shopping list


3- After writing each list…

Take a tour of your home. You may find some of these items already available at your fridge or food cabinet. So you will save yourself the hours you gonna spend on the road because of the bustling jam and the annoying crowds filling each store or market you gonna reach. You also will spend a huge amount of money in that sabotaging season.


Christmas shopping list


4- After completing this…

Once you set your mind on what you gonna buy and what you need. Make up the Christmas shopping list completely in preparation for your shopping tour. Try to write it in an organized way so you can buy them easily without even thinking twice.


5- Divide the shopping tour by days

That’s a lifesaver tip you should follow through holiday season. you shouldn’t buy all of your stuff in one day, you will be tried and you might miss up buying things that you didn’t even want or need. Like you separated your purchase into categories, sperate your shopping days as well. For example; devote one day for food, another for drinks, another for decoration, another for gifts and so on.



6. Don’t wait for the last minute

One last thing, don’t wait for the last minute, give your self enough time so you can enjoy the holiday season without panicking. Christmas shopping is another joy itself so don’t waste it because you’re in a hurry and you just want to get things done. Let people you love incorporate in such activities as your partner, friends or even any member of your family.

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