Comfy Outfits to Run Your Way Through Weekend

Comfy Outfits

It that time of the week when you through on your comfy outfits whether a wide cropped pants over a tee or an easy-breezy white shirt dress to avoid the heat of the day when your run between unfinished home tasks from shopping for the week food storage, buying that cross bag on the last day of sale, finishing up your laundry or even take a straw downtown to enjoy the sun and relax a bit.

The rule of comfy and easy may be all about sweatpants, sweatshirts, and leggings you can wear sweatpants and still look chic not just have come out of the gym. But if you get sick of wearing that type of clothes for your weekend and want something comfy, easy, and still look put together play with the BASICS (It is my kinda rule to pull off any style without spending both time or money) — I searched into my wardrobe and came up with many styles to run through all day long.

Run Through Weekend with These Comfy Outfits

Denim Short + Baj Tee + Khaki Jacket + Cross Bag + Slipper + Sunnies

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Black Overall + Stripe Tee + Sandals + Sunnies + Brown Hat

Comfy Outfits

Black Tee + Mom Fit Jeans + Black Belt + White Sneakers

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Comfy Outfits

Comfy Outfits

Bej Sweater + Ripped-Knee Jeans + Bej Loafers + Cross Bag + Sunnies

Comfy Outfits

Black Cami + Brown Sweater + Ripped Jeans + Leopard Flat + Black Handbag

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Black Pants + Black Tee + Black Handbag+ Black Loafers

Black Kint Dress + Denim Jacket + Sneakers + Handbag + Sunnies

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Comfy Outfits

Stripe Kint Dress + Denim Jacket + Nude Suede Lace Up Sandals

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Brown Sweater + Wrapped Around Black Midi Skirt + Mules + Handbag + Sunnies

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Comfy Outfits

Comfy Outfits

Stripe Tee + Black Cropped Pants + White Sneakers + Black Handbag + Sunnies

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Comfy Outfits

Comfy Outfits

White Long Shirt Dress + Sunnies + Black Loafers + Black Handbag

White Jeans + Gray Sweater + White Sneaker + Black Handbag

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Bermuda Shorts + Logo Shirt + Slipper + Brown Handbag + Sunnies

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Comfy Outfits

Ruby Army Jacket + White Tee + Black Leather Pants + Sneakers + Cross Bag + Sunnies

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White Jumpsuit + Slipper + Sunnies

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Comfy Outfits

Tee + High-waist Jeans + Mules + Berit + Black Handbag

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Comfy Outfits

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