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The Right Way for Dying Your Eyebrows at Home If You Bored With Its Look

The Right Way for Dying Your Eyebrows at Home If You Bored With Its Look

dying eyebrows at home

Eyebrows are the main feature of your face, if you can’t figure the right shape of eyebrows that make your beauty stand out then you must recheck that, and believe me it will take you time to figure that. I love doing mine and play with its shape but in certain limits that doesn’t make me completely bold (If you remember the 2000s thing!) or have a weird looking brows. I have thin hair and not much of it to be true so I don’t need to bother with the whole process of removing hair. I do threading and i do it once every three or two months. And when it comes to shaping it with brows pencil I like making them natural and I love them a bit on the red side and I can’t do that with only pencil and gel so I love to dye with a bite of lighter brown which kind of my hair color. One more thing that makes me addicted to dying my eyebrows at home is because I am not that secure about wearing them the way they naturally are even at home so I like to give it some color so I don’t have to use products all the time. You don’t need to go to a salon or wait for a professional to get your eyebrows dyed you can simply do that at your bath under 20 minutes and with the least tools possible.

First, you need to shape your eyebrows…

You can’t dye your eyebrows at home without removing all the unwanted hairs that don’t give you that clean freshly shaped look because we don’t want a dyed skin later on we only need the hair!. So make sure to remove the hair the way you like whether it’s threading, waxing, or even with that pencil (I’m not a big fan of actually).

Finishing Touch Flawless Brows Eyebrow Hair Remover

If you have never done your browse before don’t be afraid because even if you got it wrong you can fix it with a brow pencil and they of course will grow out again. Just make sure to brush them out before starting, believe me, it’s a very important tip that will make you get a perfect brows shape.

dying eyebrow at home

Let’s get with dying eyebrows at home

After finishing with shaping and removing out of control hair, you’re ready to play with some colors. I would say stay around all browns shades from dark to light. As I said, I like it more on the bright brown shade. You have two options either bleaching or using normal hair dye. I dye my hair at home so when I’m doing that I use a little bit of hair dye on my brows.

No matter the products you’re using, make sure to mix it as directed on the box. For bleaching you normally have a powder and creamy like substance, you mix equal parts of that and then apply to your browser for 15 minutes. If you’re using box hair dye (I prefer the Pallets hair dyes) I would say to leave it from 25 to 30 minutes because it takes more time to develop. The first time I did it with a hair dye, I let it sit for only 15 minutes and it didn’t give me the result I was aiming for. Make sure to only apply the product on your hair because you don’t want to get any kind of skin irritation. After the time ends, remove the product with a wet towel and make sure your eyebrows are clean.

Schwarzkopf Color Ultime Hair Color Cream,6.1 Smoky Brown

It’s a fun way to enjoy some self maintenance time especially if you’re in a bad mood and not feeling like you can do anything. Even in those broke days when you need to get some beauty done but you don’t have money for that, dying your eyebrows at home can make a difference. These little things can really change your mood from completely down to a cheered up soul more excited and eager to do things.

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