20 Cute Easy Hairstyles for Girls | Get Your Kids Ready for a Fun School Time

Easy Hairstyles for girls

It is back to school time and your kids around all days whether at school, with their friends or attending different events and occasions with you, moms always want their girls to be special and what is better than a lovely hairstyle draw all the attention. If you running between tons of tasks in the morning from getting ready for the work, dressing up, preparing breakfast or even babysitting your niece or your friend’s daughter you will need quick and effective looks to make your girl stand out with nearly no effort. You can go for easy hairstyles for girls from ponytails in the ordinary days to waterfall and french braid bun for other special days, some of these may be difficult at first but once you get used to them you will get done with under 10 minutes or so.

Take a look at these lovely easy hairstyles for girls and have some fun with your children

1. Crisscross Braid Pigtails

Split hair into two parts then take a small amount of hair in the first part and braid them, repeat this step on the other part. Make an X with these two braids and tie each one with the rest of the hair on each part to make two ponytails like in the picture below.

Easy Hairstyles for girls

2. Twist Wrap Ponytail

It is a very easy and special hairstyle you can make for a casual or special day, first make a normal bony tail then take a small section of the hair and start braiding it to a thin long braid. Take another small section and do the same thing, the next step will be splitting the ponytail into two parts and twist them the like the video. finally, fold the two braids with the twisted ponytail to get that cute shape.

3. French Braid

Another easy hairstyles for girls suitable for playing or heading to the beach firstly split the hair into two parts at the crown area. Lift the smaller part and start braiding it and after you make the base of about 2-3 cm start adding a little bit of hair on each side and hold them very tight. it is very easy and won’t take more than 5 minutes.

4. Fishtail Pigtails Hairstyles

Hairstyle suitable for an ordinary school day or playing around the neighborhood, split the hair into two sections then start braiding each side. To give the braid the fishtail look take a small section of hair from the right and left then pull them tight to the inside and the fishtail will start forming.

5. Topsy Tails into Fishtail

Easy hairstyles for girls should be cute specially if you going for a party or an event with your kids, all you need to do is parting the hair into three sections from the top of the head and over each side, you prefer whether right or left. Part each section in two halves and twist them at the beginning then tie with a hair binder. The last step will be braiding the ponytail to get the fishtail like, remember from the outside into the inside and make sure you tighten it to not look messy.

Easy Hairstyles for girls

6. Triple Braided Pocahontas Braids

Hairstyles for girls aren’t about tools, it is about making use of your abilities to give your girl a nice look without feeling desperate or getting annoyed that you can’t give hair a certain look. If you good at ordinary braiding this is a very easy and cute hairstyle to do.

Split hair in two then take three small parts from each section and start braiding them from the top of the head like in the photo. Gather these small braids together and start braiding them with the rest hair, repeat these steps on the other have to get that lovely look.

7. Criss Cross Braid

Just like the previous one but instead of doing three small braids at the top, you make only one braid at each section then cross them to have the X shape. Finally braiding each one with the rest of the hair like in the photo down below.

8. Side Dutch Fishtail Braid

One of the very easy hairstyles for girls on our list if you heading to a wedding or so, it takes a little time but very easy to make, you can watch the video to get all the details and do it in the right way.

9. Letter X Braid

In this hairstyle, you part the hair in two and braid each part from the top of the head into ordinary braid till the ears, then cross them into letter X and tie at the end with hair bendier to get that look in the image.

hairstyles for girls

10. Double Dutch Braid

This hairstyle gained its popularity worldwide recently as Kim Kardashian adopted in more than one look. It takes some time but the result is so satisfying, look up that video to get all the details.

hairstyles for girls

11. Ordinary Bun

An easy hairstyle won’t take more than 2 minutes, you grab all the hair into the center of the head then tie it with a hair bendier that have the same color of your girl’s hair. Finally, wrap the ponytail hair around the tie in a circle then use hairspray to get rid of any flawless and the unwanted look of small hair.

Easy Hairstyles for girls

12. Twisted Bang

Twisted bang is a lovely one of the best and easiest girls hairstyles for curly hair and very suitable for wedding parties and special occasions, lift all the hair down and up to the top then take a small section and braid it from the front to the center and gather with the rest hair and tie the bun.

13. French Braid With a Bun

This hairstyle looks so adorable in family parties or if you want to make your girl stand out in school, you start with a french braid at the front down to the middle of your girl’s head. The braid is about 5 cm long and after finishing gather rest of the hair and pull down to the front then tie with a small bendier, lift the ponytail and take a bigger binder and start wrapping the hair around it then secure the bun with clips.

hairstyles for girls

14. Lattice Pattern Bun

Another easy hairstyles for girls suitable for curly hair and very easy to make, start with the front hair and make lattice patterns by separating hair into small sections then tie with a bendier and twist the hair to get the look in the image below. After separating gather all the hair and left down to the front then tie with a hair bendier have the same color of the hair and wrap around it to get the shape of that rounded cute bun. you can use hairspray and clips to secure the patterns and the bun.

Easy Hairstyles for girls

15. Double-Twisted Hair-Wrapped Ponytail

Very easy to make for an ordinary day or spending time with friends and family, all you need to do is parting the hair in the middle into two like the photo then twist each part inside and gather them together with a small binder. Take a small section of the ponytail and rape around to hide the ie and secure it at the end with small clips.

hairstyles for girls

16. Half-up Bow

Very simple rather elegant and cute, it is suitable for an important occasion or ordinary school day. If you know how to tie shoes then you will make this hair still perfectly, take a small section of hair from both sides of the head and pull around and back loosely so you don’t get a node and destroy both the hair and the look. Tie it like you tie shoes and secure with small pins.

17. Side Slide-up Braid

If your girl likes her hair flowing with no ties this a very easy and cute hairstyle, it also suitable for school and important occasions. All you need to do is grabbing a section of hair from any side you like and start braiding it to any shape you like whether French, Dutch or ordinary braid. Once you end braiding hand the braid between ears with pins, it will give hair structure and will keep the look.

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18. Bubble Braid

Not all easy hairstyles for girls work for all hairs, you must know your girl hair type to pick the right look for her. If your girl has thin short hair this style works very well and looks so cute, you start with an ordinary lifted ponytail and start separating it along with different shapes or colors of hair benders. In this look, you can play with binders to give the hairstyle fun or formal to suit the occasion.

Easy Hairstyles for girls

18. Twisted Pigtail Buns

Another look for babies and young girls with thin hair, it is very cute and easy to make. Part the hair into two in the middle then gather the hair on each side and start twisting it till the start or the end of the ears whatever you like, after ending make a little bun with the rest of the hair. You can tie each bun with a colored ribbon to give the hair a cute look.

19. Waterfall

Very beautiful school hairstyle and goes well for an everyday school look or special event, it is difficult to get it perfect at the first time due to its complicated technique but once you make it right you won’t get enough from. Take a look at that video to know the technique and give your girl a nice look through the summer days.

20. Reverse Chinese Ladder Braid

Reverse Chinese Ladder Braid is one of the perfect back to school hairstyles for girls or if you are going for lunch or dinner with new friends, it has a difficult technique but once you get the hardness of it you will do it like a pro. Check the video to get all the wanted tips.



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  • I like that you say you can use hair clips to secure hair how you want it. I have to do my daughter’s hair in the morning now that my wife goes to work before me. I will keep this in mind and look for some cute clips for sale to get her.

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