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15 Exercise to Lose Belly Fat Without Equipment

15 Exercise to Lose Belly Fat Without Equipment

exercise to lose belly fat

Belly fat is one of the most annoying figures that affect not only your shape but your health too, it might be an indication for internal fats gathered around your organs so it is better to get rid of as soon as possible. In order to burn all these fat, you need a healthy diet routine besides exercising. Many people don’t like going to the gym to make some exercise to lose belly fat whether for confidence and insecurity problems or they just don’t like all these equipment and machines.

You can still get your shape with some easy exercises that won’t need any equipment at all, you just need to stick to the moves and put a schedule that you can apply and follow to reach your goal. You can separate these exercises at three days a week, in the beginning, to make things easy for you and don’t get depressed.

Make sure you be in a good mood it is not an obligatory thing you do this for your own health and not for anyone else, you can play motivational music or a playlist of songs you love. Don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes and most important the sneakers to move easily without feeling pain in your foot.

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Lose Belly Fats

Follow these 15 exercise to lose belly fat to get your shape

1. X-Burpee

It is a very easy exercise you do it for 10 seconds on and 20 seconds reset for three times, first bend over while stretching your arms and legs the kick out wide to form an X the up and jump to make another horizontal X with your body and move as fast as you can to burn more calories. If you feel tired take some rest jogging around but make sure to start again as soon as possible to get the wanted results.

2. 2 Jack Jumps + 4 High Knees

Very efficient exercise to lose belly fat as it acts on the muscles of your stomach and belly area, it is also simple and fun. Start with opening your legs and don’t bend your back to avoid injuries and pain after ending, jump by opening your legs out and then bend your knees four times. Start with a different leg each time to avoid extra load on it, repeat this exercise three times and you can rest between them for a maximum of 5 seconds.

3. Flurtted Kick Squat

Squat one of the most effective exercises for burning fat and give your body the required shape. You will do it in one sit and repeat three times with resting for 5 seconds between them. Stand still then move your legs forward and backward then bend your knees, do not stretch your neck forward and skew your back a little bit don’t bend it just make it Parallel to your knees. Also, make sure your elbows touch your knees when you do squats and get down as possible as you can.

4. Evan Burpees

exercise to lose belly fat

Evan Burpees another easy exercise takes only 2-3 minutes, do it three times in one sit. Start with jumping down stretching your legs a little bit then jump up two times. This exercise work on different parts of your body including the stomach and belly area, besides the legs and the butt.

5. Split Jumps

An easy exercise to lose belly fat that doesn’t take much effort and get done in less than 2 minutes, you only do three times and in each one move your legs forward and backward till you count 20. You can take a quick rest between for about 2 seconds and start back again. Make sure to jump on the fingertips, not the whole foot and breathe in and out with tightening your stomach to burn these fats down.

6. Butt Kicker

You may think Butt Kicker doesn’t have much effect, but it really works well on burning belly fats as it works on the stomach abs, belly muscles, legs and butt muscles. Move as quickly as you can and keep your movements light, land on your whole feet to not cause any harm to it and tighten your stomach breathing in and out. Remember don’t let your feet touch your butt just jump and bend nicely and lightly.

7. Curtsy Jump Lunge

This exercise works on your belly, stomach, legs, and butt muscles burning all this fat and give you a tight and toned shape. All you need to do is making a nice lunge on each side and end with a jump in the middle. Do it three times and if you get tired to rest for a second in between by walking or jogging in the place. Make sure your hands touching your foot and jump as hard as you can also remember to keep your back flat not bent.

8. Static Squat

exercise to lose belly fat

Static Squat is that kind of exercise to lose belly fat that challenge you and test your durability, it burns a little and will be difficult at the beginning but it gives you an amazingly flat stomach and tight butt. Sink down into your squat as low as you can and flat you back so you can control that load and weight on your heels to be able to move your toes. Don’t load your weight on your knees so you don’t get any injury later on.

Stay that position till you count 20 then get up and jog in your place also count 20, repeat these two steps three times and you can rest in between for one second not more than that to keep burning these belly fat.

9. Mountain Climbers

Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

This workout acts only on the lower part of your belly fat and the results are marvelous just keep doing and you will get a flat belly in a month, bend over on your knees and hands then start kicking your legs like you climb a mountain keep doing that till you count 30. You can move both legs together or alternate between your legs.

Don’t bend your back to not feel pain by the time just make it parallel to the floor, also keep your stomach and belly abs tights to keep a better balance and get the best results.

10. Plank

belly fat exercises

One of the most effective and popular workouts in burning belly fats and get a flat stomach in no time. stretch your whole body and keep it parallel to the floor, load the weight on your elbows and fingertips and stay in that position till you count 10. If it is hard on you, try resting your knees on the ground, don’t lift your head or bend your neck keep them all in the same line.

11. Full power Crunch

exercise to lose belly fat

Lay your back on a sliding object, for example, fixing a pillow on the chair. Do not bend your neck and to get it in the right position stair at a fixing point in front of you. Bend your knees and fix your foot on the ground lifting your hands then start crunching your legs towards your stomach till counting 30. If you can’t do this you can rest your hands on the floor to make things easy. Keep your abs tight with breathing in and out.

12. Crunch Ankle Touch

One of the crunching ñ fat exercises that works very well against belly fat just lay on the ground lifting your legs to 45 degrees, but if you can’t practice in that position try keeping your legs bent while fixing foot on the ground. Start crunching without lifting your lower back of the flour or bending your neck, Keep counting till you reach 30, you can do it from one to three times.

13. Jump Jump Squat

This exercise work on all the fats around the stomach and belly, start with getting down to your squat and stay in that position for less than a second then jump two steps forward and the same backward. Make sure your knees, toes, and neck parallel to each other and Flat your back. Be sure that knees don’t pass toes during the squat to avoid any joints pain. repeat the two steps till you count 30, you can do from one to three times.

14. Crunch Cross Outstretched Leg

exercise to lose belly fat

Crunch workouts known for its strong effect against belly fat it is a little difficult at the first, but once you get used to it you do it quickly and easily. Lay on your back and bend till your hand comes near to your knees. Don’t lift your lower back of the floor and don’t rest arms on the ground while practicing it. Switch between legs and count till 30 for each side.

15. Alternate Leg Extention + Crunch

The last workout for losing belly fat very easy to do just lay on your back and left your legs then start moving them towards your face to squeeze your belly and stomach in order to burn fats. Move each leg two times and after that do one crunch without lifting your lower back of the floor, also don’t bend your head you can stair to your coming knees to keep the right position.

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