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How to Build a Fall Capsule Closet for Work with Only 12 Pieces

How to Build a Fall Capsule Closet for Work with Only 12 Pieces

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Wearing to the office is not an easy job, you always need to look elegant, trendy, fresh and the most important not going too much with the way you look. It might be hard for you to pick the right pieces for a small budget, you have to go with the basics and at the same time picking things that wearable in different ways so you don’t look the same all the time. A capsule closet is your great way to nail all work outfits with the least budget possible.

If you took a tour through the shops, you may get dressed everything is so beautiful and you might want to buy all. Well, it is not an easy job for us too, but we have minimized the list into some amazing pieces that you will be excited to every single day.

Let’s Break Out Our Favourite Work Clothes For This Fall Capsule Closet

Plaid Jackets

You can’t go through this fall without wearing plaid, these patterns went viral to affected each piece of clothes and even shoes. For a capsule wardrobe, you need to go with the basics that you can assemble with anything and even wear for next season, good things never go old you know!

So instead of wearing plaid with trousers or boots, it is better to go with a suit jacket that you can wear with almost anything. You can wear skirts, jeans, shirts, and it matches with any type of shoes whether it is a casual office or formal office.

You can go with any color or any size for patterns and you will look great, this fall it is all about colors and glowy bold looks so don’t hesitate in picking your favorite color whatever it was and if it was pink, lucky you hot pink is one of the most trendy color themes this seasons.

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Trench Coats

Trench coat is a must piece in your capsule closet it never goes old and for fall you have a bunch of varieties to pick from, you can go for satin ones which are very trendy and suitable for any occasion you might have, leather coats are amazing too and they give you that edgy bold look which no woman hate for work, what about you? we don’t think it is a no too. Just stay away from plaid, prints, and striped trench coats, you need something that you can match with any piece of clothes and also something that you can wear in the long-term, not just a season so be smart in your picks.

If you want something cozy and warm, that can suite winter times too definitely go for a faux suede trench coat, it is chic and goes with anything you might wear whether casual, formal or even special occasion.

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Logo Shirts

Work clothes don’t have to look lame or boring and fortunately, this season logo shirts can really fit as a formal piece with skirts. You can pick any shirt with meaningful writings or a nice logo you like no matter the color or the cut, it can be oversize one or ordinary thing whatever you like and whatever suite you.

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White Shirts

You can’t complete a capsule closet without a white shirt no matter the trend or the season you must have one, you can assemble with any piece whether a pair of jeans, skirt no matter the cut of it or a formal trouser.

If you don’t like ordinary white shirts, or you need one with more vibes that can add an extra touch to your clothes go with shirts with ruffles on the sleeves or shirts that have large V cut. You can also go for shirts with a bow tie on the waist or the side of the neck, you can also choose white shirts with ripped sleeves they give you a vital look away from the stereotypical white shirt look.

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Plisse Skirts

Another piece for your work wardrobe that you can assemble very well, it doesn’t need much effort and it goes in an amazing trendy way with anything you wear whether it is a white shirt, top, sweater. It also matches very well with plaid suit jackets that we have just mentioned. You don’t have to stick with a specific cut or color, you choose form rainbow colors, for instance, they are very trendy this season and they give you that glowy, fresh, and radiant look. You can also choose between midi skirts cuts or long skirts cuts.

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Vintage Floral Dresses

If you like floral patterns and you don’t want to let go of wearing them don’t worry you don’t have to, they are still a trendy thing and they come on all kinds of dresses this fall to give you a fun, cute, and fresh look.
Vintage floral dresses are the best choice when it comes to work clothes, they suit your office look very well without being too casual. You can style with boots to have on the point fall look, long boots are the best version to style with dresses if you don’t have one just go with heels.

Straight Jeans

You have to incorporate jeans in your wardrobe they are practical pieces of clothes that you can wear and style in several ways and they match well with any fashion trend. This fall straight jeans are the trend and if you looking for a minimalist look for work, that pair of jeans is the right thing for you. They go very well with any trench coat you like especially silky ones, ankle boots, logo shirt, and you ready to go to rock your office floor with a minimalist trendy look.

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Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are the soul of your fall capsule closet they can be styled easily to give you a powerful, modern, warm, and grown-up look. You might have a couple of them, so you don’t have to buy one forget about the print or wild thing for this fall trend if it is ankle boot then it will work no matter how it looks. If you don’t have one or you still wanna look trendy at work then you can go for a wild, white, cowboy, or structured ankle boots.

Silver Heels

Sparkles had a fair share through 2018 fall trends they ornate each piece of clothes from dresses to coats and skirts, but when it comes to shoe silver has made a great job to help you appear with modern, fun, fresh, and vital look each time you wear them. If you think that silver doesn’t work for an office look then you are wrong, you need to come out of the comfort zone on the way you look to add some vibes and soul to your appearance and enjoy it every day. You can match these heels with a black skirt, pink logo shirt, and a nice plaid jacket and you ready to go girl.


There are many trends for bags this fall, but you need to pick one that goes with most of your wardrobe pieces and at the same time suitable for wearing all time long not just for a pop-up trend then you get to throw it away.
over-sized bags are a great type that you can have in work wardrobe it suits a working girl who has to carry lots of stuff and also give your look a stylish vibe, any color you choose will go in a perfect you know it is the season of colors so take the most advantage of it.


Sunnies is an essential piece of accessories that you need to have this fall, they add a magical touch to your look and upgrade any style you go for. Big, colorful, and structured are the theme for this fall sunglasses put on yours and see the world in your way.


If you don’t like wearing bold earrings or you like big ones but you didn’t have the chance for wearing them, then this is the time for you to include them in your work capsule closet. You can pick any type of bold big earrings you like and it will complete your look in a perfect way.

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