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Want a Good Morning Ditch Bad Habits with Fat Burning Foods for Breakfast

Want a Good Morning Ditch Bad Habits with Fat Burning Foods for Breakfast

Fat burning foods for breakfast is the most important meal of the day it boosts your body’s metabolism to work in the right way helping you lose weight and have a good looking shape, it also helps you to burn belly fats in an easy and effective way.

Not just eating breakfast gonna give you the shape you dream of, you need to incorporate healthy and tasty foods in your daily lifestyle. Food that full of high resistant starch is the key to burning fats as it helps your body use these macromolecules for energy.

People have different tastes so you shouldn’t go for things that you don’t like, it won’t help you to stick to a healthy diet. That is why we have mentioned below many types of breakfast that cope with different tastes and make it easy for you to follow a healthy diet and lose weight fast.

Protein for Fat Burning Foods on Breakfast

Protein is a very important element that should be included in every meal you eat, it helps you gain muscles and burns fats. It is better to consume organic meats and foods as they free from any genetic or industrial interfering, they might be more expensive, but your health the field that you should invest in.

Animal Protein



Eggs are great fat burning foods packed with six grams of high-quality protein which sustains physical and mental energy in your body through the day. Many people tend to not eat the yolk as it full of fats, but this is not true as it full of choline; a substance promotes normal cell activity and the transportation of food through the body, it also boosts liver function which considers the key factor of fat burning.

It is advisable not to eat boiled eggs on an empty stomach as it may cause bloating you can eat it any other way like, for example, scrambled, omelet or poached.


fat burning foods



Fish is the best source of meat you can eat on breakfast as it is full of omega-3 which sort of healthy fat that lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation, it is also rich in vitamin B which is needed for energy production to lose fat and practice without fatigue. Also, a great source of potassium that prevents excess fluid retention which gives you unwanted shape. Selenium another element found in salmon that improve thyroid function and helps you burn fat properly, it also a great source of antioxidant that gives you healthy glowing skin.

Having salmon for breakfast reduces your appetite and boosts your metabolism to burn fat and lose weight. It also reduces belly fat and increases insulin sensitivity. Stay away from canned and farmed salmon as it harmful for your health and makes you gain more weight instead of burning fat.

Salmon goes very well with avocado and leafy vegetables, you can prepare a delicious sandwich to take on your way or healthy refreshing salad with some lemon juice and vinegar.



Chicken Breast

Another sort of meat that helps you lose weight and build your muscles, it has a low amount of fat and sodium with zero carbohydrates. A good source of selenium, vitamin B6, niacin, and phosphorous. It is better to remove the skin while eating chicken breast, as it full of unhealthy fat and adds extra weight to your body.

You should buy organic Chicken breast that not modified genetically or being raised on anti-bacterial and hormonal pills. The way you cook your chicken with what also matters, that is why roasting or boiling is the best way of cooking it. Eating chicken breast on breakfast keeps you full for hours and gives you the energy to continue your day.


fat burning foods


Ground Turkey

A tasty sort of protein full of niacin; which a B-complex vitamin boosts healthy blood circulation, controls cholesterol levels and facilities glucose metabolism all of this help you lose weight and burn fat properly. It is also considered a great source of selenium and vitamin B6 which protects you against heart diseases

You can eat ground turkey in many different delicious ways, you can cook it with vegetables you like or you can make burgers of it. You can also have it with scrambled eggs. It makes you feeling full for a long period also helps you to continue your day with positive energy. Check some recipes here.


fat burning foods


Candian Bacon

You will be surprised by this as fat burning foods. If you are a bacon lover and want to burn extra fat then you should go for Canadian bacon, it is the best type for you as it is free from nitrate and nitrite which causes cancer and other serious problems. Manufacturers use sodium nitrite and nitrate to keep their products fresh and prevent harmful bacteria.

These substances react with amino acids in the meat forming nitrosamines; chemicals known as the main reason for cancer. Other than that they gain your weight as they full of salt which retains water in your body. Always pick a product that goes with your needs and doesn’t harm your health.


Vegan Protein



Beans are a great source of vegan protein and there is a wide variety of them that meet everyone’s tastes such as heirloom, black beans, white beans, and pintos. It is also believed that they prevent heart disease and fight cancer as they contain cancer-fighting substances like isoflavones and phytosterols.

Beans help you lose weight because of they rich in fibers that fill your stomach and reduce your apatite. They also considered a great supply of energy, you can have a black bean sandwich before heading to work or gym.

There are many several ways for cooking beans, you can make a burger out of them, mash them and season with lemon and some salt, add to your salad.


fat burning foods



Sort of seeds that full of protein and considers a very good fat burning food source with more than eight grams per cup, it also a great source of amino acids that our body needs to build new cells. Quinoa helps you lose weight because they give you the feeling of fullness for a long period, helping your body metabolism work the right way and burn fat. You can add it to your salad, soup or to your favorite fruits with some coconut milk and honey.


fat burning foods



Nuts considered a great source of healthy fats as they full of omega-3 which some kind of healthy fatty acids, they also full of proteins that give you energy and a sense of fullness. There are many varieties of them in the market you can pick one for each meal or a day like almonds, hazelnut or cashews.

You can eat them raw or roast to have as a snake, you can also make a healthy bar of them, ground to make a lovely cake or use them to have a creamy spread butter. If you want to burn fat and lose weight stay away from nuts with sugar, salt or hydrogenated oils.




Another great source of fat-burning food and protein with 7.3 grams per cup beside being high in fibers, chickpeas are delicious and there are several ways to cook them. You can make hummus out of them by grounding them adding some extra virgin oil and seasoning with some salt and eat with pita bread. You can also make falafel from or eat as a healthy snack by toasting or frying them, the last way is adding to your salad with a lovely dressing.



Green peas

Another fat burning foods packed with a high amount of protein, one cup of it contains 7.9 grams of protein nearly the same as a cup of milk. Green peas might cause bloating especially if you eat it on an empty stomach, so it is better to consume it in a small amount for breakfast and mix with other foods.

You can make a delicious pesto by adding a cup of green peas to a pinch of pine nuts, mint leaves, two tablespoons of olive oil and a splash of parmesan cheese. You can add it to toasted bread, a slice of aubergine or pasta.


fat burning foods

Vegetables and Fruits for Breakfast

The food you eat must contain all the elements, for example, minerals and vitamins which you can find at vegetables and fruits at a high level.

Fruits for a Fresh Morning



Apples are full of fibers that help you get rid of bloating giving you a flat stomach and vanish belly fat, also reduce your appetite and supply you with energy. It has been found that apples lower cholesterol levels and boost the immunity system. Before leaving your home put an apple into your bag, you can also eat it for breakfast with oatmeal, and milk or roast with any kind of nuts.


fat burning foods



One of the best fat burning foods not only helps you burn fat and lose weight, but it also gives you glowing and healthy skin as it is a great source for vitamins A and C. Grapefruit is a weight-loss food as it decreases lipid levels and blood pressure which both of them connected to obesity and fat formation. It also promotes your digestion as it full of water and fibers.




Bananas are packed with vitamins and minerals like Potassium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Manganese, and Copper. They are also considered a good source of fibers and proteins, that is why they help you lose weight and improve your digestive health. You can add slices of banana to a peanut butter sandwich or make delicious pancakes from it.




Almost everyone loves barries they not only delicious little balls, but they also help you burn fat and get the shape you like as they full of fibers and vitamins like A and k which reduce your apatite and boost your metabolic process.

They are also considered great anti-oxidant boosting your immunity system, you can add berries to your oatmeal or make a healthy refreshing smoothie from.


fat burning foods

More Vegetables for a Healthy Day


Bell Peppers

Peppers are great fat burning foods that can be added to anything giving it a better taste besides the amazing colors they have from green to yellow and red. They rich in vitamin C which gives you glowing skin also considered a great source for antioxidants that boost your immune system.

Capsaicin also found in peppers which are known for reducing cholesterol levels and control diabetes. Peppers also contain high levels of vitamins E and B6 besides fibers that keep you full for a long time you can add peppers to salad, eggs or stuffing with any filling you like and roast in the oven.


fat burning foods



Broccoli is delicious vegan food for breakfast as they full of fibers that maintain a healthy digestive tract and prevent constipation. you can boil it and add to a sandwich, bake with eggs or make a smoothie of.


fat burning foods



Another delicious vegetable that adds a lovely taste to your eggs or salad, is rich in fibers and considered a vegan source for omega-3 and folate. All these elements help you lose weight and supply you with energy to continue your day with a positive dose.




You can’t skip your breakfast without avocados, it is rich in many essential elements for fat burning. The most important are oleic fatty acids which reduce abdominal fats, it contains 20 vitamins and minerals besides healthy fat and fibers. You can make a refreshing smoothie of it adding one avocado to some milk, ice, and honey or eat it any other way you like.



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  • I just went through your entire blog and I found it quite interesting. And yes you are right that fat burning food is the best to enjoy your healthy life when it’s done properly and safely. These are a really essential and helpful information for burning fat. Thanks.

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