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Own The Fresh Sense with This Feminine Hygiene Routine

Own The Fresh Sense with This Feminine Hygiene Routine

Feminine Hygiene

Being a woman is a beautiful thing you get to experience many more things form enjoying your soul, body, maternity and more things for your own standers. Though it is a little bit hard in some points like your feminine hygiene as many women get confused when it comes to that area they don’t know what to do or what to purchase to keep things nice, clean and fresh. Some women also deal with this specific topic as a taboo which makes the problem increase even more. Feeling smelly or itchy down there doesn’t have to be because of serious reason or so. it may because of your underwear or your unhealthy lifestyle. Food is also a reason for experiencing bad feminine hygiene.

The truth is you don’t have to ruin your budget to get things right down there, you only need to have more confidence in yourself and keep things simple.

Change Your Feminine Hygiene Routine with These Simple Tips

1. Let Your Skin Breathe

Every vagina produces its own scent that you should be comfortable and tolerant with, but what makes things smell more badly is the way we treat our bodies. Letting your vagina and your skin breath out have a huge impact on this area, it prevents the moisture and bacteria formation down there which consider the main cause for smelly odor.

When you let more air comes in it keeps your vagina fresh and clean and the best way to make that is picking the right type of underwear. Cotton and lace are the best fabrics that you can go for with your daily underwear but you shouldn’t go with the whole fabric to the latter, which means you should pick the ones which have that cotton line around your crotch.

Cotton panties let your skin breathe and also prevent sweat in that area which in return prevents any bacterial formation, it is also advisable to not wear underwears all the time, so when you at home avoid wearing them and go for wide cotton pants, shorts, and over-sized clothes.


feminine hygiene

2. Keep The Place Dry

Cotton will make your skin breathe and prevent sweet, but if you a kind of person who likes tight clothes, sweat a lot, or live in hot weather then it won’t work very well for you. It is better to use some kind of natural un-scented deodorant down there on your inner thigh to keep your skin dry and fresh. You can also make your own at home if you can’t afford one. Stay away from scented deodorants down there, go for more clinical options that you can purchase from pharmacy, also it’s better to use a stick or roll-on ones other than sprays. Make sure to read the ingredients of the products, if it contains alcohol then it’s definitely not good for your feminine hygiene down there or any other part of your body. Alcohol causes irritation, inflammation, skin dryness, aging, and many skin problems. So, be careful when choosing your deodorants.

If your vagina produces normal discharges all the time, you can use daily pads or pantie liners they are very thin and small pads that keep you dry and give you the freshness sense.


3. Avoid Soap, Showers, and Wipes with Fragrance

Using any product with fragrance around your vaginal and anal space won’t remove the bad smell, on the contrary, it will develop it, these fragrances are mainly alcoholic and chemical materials when applying them on that area they create infection and develop bacterial formation which makes things harder for you to deal with.

You should use natural soap and showers made of organic ingredients like glycerin and oils, and also avoid inserting them into your vagina to prevent any kind of vaginal infection. If you like to use wipes, you should use ones that don’t have any kind of fragrance and you should wipe from front to the back, not the opposite that is to prevent any kind of vaginal infection and also to avoid bad smell.


Feminine Hygiene

4. Remove Dead Skin

Many women neglect to scrub the dead skin of that area, but it is a really important step that makes things look and smell much better down there. Because of all that movement and work you do all day, that area faces much sweat and rubbing creating layers of dead unhealthy skin. When you leave that skin on and don’t exfoliate it, you stimulate more bacteria to grow causing bad smell and infection.

That is why you should scrub and exfoliate the skin once a week whether with loaves, exfoliating gloves or homemade scrubs. You can make your own scrub with simple ingredients like sugar and olive oil.

5. Change Your Underwear Regularly

When you leave wet clothes on you for a long time you induce the formation of bacteria and maybe vaginal yeast infection so if you practice some kind of sport, work a lot, or stay out for a long period keep a couple of clean cotton or lace underwears in your purse to stay clean and fresh all the time.


6. Keep Your Dirty Hands Away

Don’t touch your vaginal or anal area without cleaning your hands, if you outside or even at home your hands touch and face all kinds of bacteria and dirt, so you should clean them with antibacterial soap or any sterilizer before touching. When you touch your skin with dirty hands, you transfer all these bacteria to the place which will develop bad smell and infection in return.


7. Manner Your Period Hygiene

Because you having a period it doesn’t mean to forget your feminine hygiene so, you need to shower regularly once or twice a day according to your own lifestyle and you must change your pads or tampons for at least every four hours.

Some women leave them until they are filled and then change, but when you leave any type of period products there for a long time, you trigger more bacteria to develop and you may also have an infection that causes serious problems like itchiness and dryness.


Feminine Hygiene

8. Remove Pubic Hair

Another thing that affects your feminine hygiene as it develops bad scent and bacterial formation especially when neglecting for a long period, Whatever the way you go for removing pubic hair it will work just fine whether shaving, waxing, sugar paste or laser.


Want an easy cheap way to remove pubic hair instead of expensive waxing sessions, check this out


Hair Removal


If you going for the first two ones you might face one of the most common problems women deal with, ingrown hair, It is a very annoying problem but you can face with simple tricks like; avoid wearing tight clothes all the time, scrubbing or exfoliating regularly, following the right technique for the way you like, and moisturize the place after removing hair.

Moisturizing and scrubbing are very important steps you should follow after removing hair, when the hair grows back it penetrates your skin layers to come out but if you have a dry surface with layers of dead skin they will prevent hair from coming out causing these black rounded spots which create a bad appearance.


9. Use The Right Type of Birth Control Pills

Very important advice many women don’t notice, if you used the wrong type of birth control pills it will affect back on the way you smell down there. That is because these pills control the estrogen level when your body produces the right amount to make everything balanced that keep things normal in your vagina.

But when you use the wrong type of pills it will make your body produce the wrong amount of estrogen which makes your vagina dry, smelly and itchy. That is why you should discuss the right pills that work for you with the doctor.


10. Mind for What You Fill Your Body with

The food you eat will reverse back on the way you smell and your feminine hygiene as well so you should eat foods that benefit your health and make you smell good at the same time. Incorporating more fruits, vegetables and drink more water in your daily diet will give you more water supply which maintains the balance of body fluids and prevent bad odor.

Also avoid salty or chilly food through the day or hot weather as it will develop bad smell and dehydrate your skin, eating lots of procced meat also consider one of the main reasons for the bad smell so go for organic or natural meaty foods. It is also better to replace soda, coffee or tea with natural juice and lots of water.



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