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10 Men and Female Feminist Art Projects | Take a Look at Their Contemporary Art Projects

10 Men and Female Feminist Art Projects | Take a Look at Their Contemporary Art Projects

feminist art

Art has always been a racist field, women faced many obstacles to be recognized as artists while their works have been attributed to men and it wasn’t allowed to them to be joined to art salons, and schools some of the female feminist artists learned it on their own. Mini Pond has written about that in her book, she had to work as a waitress in the 70s as she struggled to enter the art field, today we gonna share some of the best feminist art that really have something to tell.

At the end of the 19th-century women had been recognized as respected artists, and by the appearance of the feminist movement, many women decided to pass this term to art. Now we see both feminist women and men making a huge difference in art especially the contemporary.

Feminism and calling for women’s rights aren’t restricted only to females, men also have to take part in that for a better life for each of them. Contemporary art is the best example for that, these artists broke all the boundaries to prove for racists and conservative people that art has no limits and it must show and express all categories in life.

Today we shed the light of some men and women feminist art projects with significant marks in contemporary art

Rhys Ernst

Nowadays art isn’t restricted only to exhibitions and museums, that is what artists like Rhys Ernst trying to do. He is an Emmy award winner and some of his works have been selected to Sundance festival. Most of his feminist art has participated in the entertainment field and they investigate the wonders of gender equity and how it is look in our lives today.

The Thing is one of the significant works Ernst made, it is a short film based on his MFA project. It the story of a transgender man and his girlfriend who go on a road trip and then trying to find what missing in their relationship, you can watch the whole film here.

feminist art

Latham Owen Zearfoss

Zearfoss’s queer radical political installations, videos, and artworks all telling that he is a feminist artist and proud of that. Weird Dude Energy is a great contemporary artwork for Latham, it is based on a Tumblr of the same name created by two ladies named Christine Boepple and Kerry McLaughlin.

It is a show about a gang of male artists who showing their muscles without focusing on the aesthetic energy of art, the show discussed sexism and racist that we can find in art on large scale and how artists from different ideologies and categories trying to find their way in, you can know more about the exhibition form that interview here.

King Texas

Another notable contemporary male with his feminist art whose works have been answering the question: What’s the relationship between a feminist politic and vulnerability? through organic experiences and unheard stories. Texas is a photographer based in Brooklyn, his photos focus less on gender and more about politics and its relationship with sexes and bodies.

His project BLACKNESS is vulnerable to this exposure as it shows photos in black and white for all-gendered people. Self-portraits series is another great contemporary art piece that picturizes people of all ages, and ideologies in a great captivating way.

Charlie White

Charlie White is that kind of bitching feminist artist with his bold ideas and thoughts, his projects and work considered a commodification of desire and the teen girl’s body. SOGTFO (Sculpture or Get the Fuck Out) is one of his best artwork, it is an all-female exhibition which discusses racism women face in the society through all platforms.

OMG BFF LOL (MALL) is another fun project of him, it is about a Valley-girl-accented who makes a conversation on the nature of adolescence and consumerism. It makes fun of white girls who speak bad Spanish to Latin people working in fast food retails and how racists they are.

Beth Moysés

Beth is a female feminist artist who is known for organizing parad-like performances with local women, many of them facing racism and social discrimination. Her works focus on pain, death, domestic, and regeneration. Lecho Rojo [Red Bed] is an example of that and one of her most significant works.

It represents women enacting a mysterious ritual, as they wearing white sheets and forming a circle around 30 kilos of red lipstick. Their bodies and sheets stained with the red matter, you can see that her work doesn’t have restricted and conservative thought on women’s shape and look.

Wangechi Mutu

Wangechi Mutu’s contemporary feminist art represents different gender and racial ideas through the female body, she also questions the way women are represented in the western cultures and fight common stereotypic thoughts by introducing animals and machine parts in her art.

Wangechi is a Kenyan feminist artist born in Nairobi, Africa’s Out! is one of her recent projects which focus on and support the lives, rights, and freedom of LGBT+ individuals in Africa.

feminist art

Joana Vasconcelos

Joana is a Lisbon based artist her work is based on decontextualisation, appropriation and subversion of pre-extinct objects and everyday realities. Lavanda or Lavander is one of her most significant feminist artworks in which she represents Marcel Duchamp’s 1917 Fountain, that used only by men as she covered it with crochet patterns; a material traditionally connected with women.


An artistic team based in Madrid formed by Helena Cabello and Ana Carceller, their art is influenced by feminist and queers theorists like Judith Butler besides focusing on gender stereotypes contradictions from a conceptual and political approach.

Suite Rivolta is a project that they created to express the need for taking action in streets to keep the public space as a place of dissent, the name of the project is driven from the radical feminist movement that took place in the 70s and known as Rivolta Femminile. it also represents a structure based on a musical form known as the suite.

Li Xinmo

One of the notable feminist artists in China, her contemporary art focuses on her personal experience in a way that represents sexual discrimination in China and the shape of feminism there. Memory is one of Li greatest art performances, it presents the painful experience of abortion with a woman tearing off her dress into pieces and turning them into dolls.

Anna Jonsson

Anna Jonsson one of the most recognizable feminist artists her feminist art based on sculpture and female social roles, her colored sculptures discuss fundamental topics women face through their lives like maternity, sex, relationships, fashion, and mental health in a fun way with a great sense of humor.

She also produced marvelous arts performance in collaborating with professional artists, I’m Sorry is one of her best as it shows a woman spends 20 minutes asking for forgiveness. Anna said, “it is based on the feeling I have that I always have to apologize when I say I am a feminist.”

feminist art

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