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Find Peace Around You!! Enjoy Little Things In Life

Find Peace Around You!! Enjoy Little Things In Life

find peace

Continuing our #CARE. INSIDE. OUT challenge this week to enjoy a better life and better year, we couldn’t pass this challenge without find peace in our daily events. At some point of the day or even the week, you get sick from all the stress and work you go through and you find yourself just want to give up everything an stay in the corner not doing a thing, the truth is we put ourselves in that place when we can be much better stated in our life by only enjoy little things. I never thought a cup of coffee in the morning at my balcony will give me that peace of my mind to start the day with positive vibes. As well as, find some time in my busy life to enjoy a lovely conversation with my mom. They may sound ordinary to you or something you can give up on but they don’t figure the small things which really make you happy and practice them more often.

You wake up, get ready very fast, go work and stuck into traffic, spend at least 8 hours on a desk probably not talking to anyone and just want time to pass, go home eat anything at most unhealthy, go to bed and close scene!! Weekends probably the days you may have fun in and you waste half the day on sleeping, we don’t give ourselves time to think or ENJOY LITTLE THINGS. I gave myself the time to talk, love, see, laugh, listen and enjoy every scene I have. These little things that we pass through every single second in our day will absolutely make life more peaceful and more fun. You may find it dreamy or may be unrealistic, but consider the challenge and try to enjoy the little moments in your life.

Here are the practices helped me to find peace and enjoy little things in life…


Rank the daily top three

A great and easy way to enjoy every single day is by giving each one particular theme or features that you love to do or pass by. I love Sundays not to mention it is the weekend but I get to sleep well, exercise a little longer, have a long self-care routine. Saturdays are also big ones as l get time to cook a lovely hearty dinner, talk a walk, meet with some friends. You can give each day a feature whether with things you like to do or maybe a theme of looks, just try to make things fun as you can.

find peace

Try some things

A reason that we feel our life is lame and boring is that we have that part of the dull personality, life is full of different things and surprises waiting there for us no matter where you living or how much money you got you can still enjoy your environment. For instance, find peace and take a walk at your neighborhood in the morning and feel the breezy air you may think it is a boring thing, but not a thing better than feeling the fresh start of the morning. Why not you enjoy your beauty and closet with some fun and new looks that you have never tried or you can try different foods each day or even meet new people. At least talk to people in your office or school, in the future, you will regret these times and networks that you didn’t even try to approach.

Be grateful

Be grateful for things you have like a job, a nice place you living in, your beauty, the food you can have and most importantly the people in your life. We used to take things for granted by nature and we think it is some kind of acquired right in life, actually, it is but there are millions of people might lake many of thing you one. Some just want a friend to lay on, a shelter or couple spoons of rice. Appreciate what you have and enjoy it until the end, because someday you will look back and wish to have these things again. Friends and family are some of the best gifts in life, but if they are acting as they should. Create your own circle that you really feel yourself and get your support from and never forget to appreciate what you have.

find peace

Always give back

How many of us have tons of friends and huge family members but never fell belonged, only one person that you always grantee his presence so try to give him/her there. As long as you need interest and care the other side needs the same things so don’t be stingy, express your love in any way you can. Volunteering is another thing that you can go to find peace. It will teach you how to love your life and you will see the difficulties and problems many people go through, that is when you will see only you are making life bad!!

find peace

Treat yourself

Rewards always give a push to keep on keeping on, it is like the fuel of life but we wait for people to reward us and this never happen most of the time. Why waiting people do you a favor while you can do it yourself, enjoy little things with every step and success you take in life no matter how small it was don’t rate your accomplishments they all deserve a reward. Reward yourself if you nailed a look, cooking recipe, helping a friend, taking yourself out of tough situations, getting a good job, earn better marks, whatever it was you deserve to happy and enjoy every second of your life.

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