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30 Hair Dye That goes Well with 2018 Fall Glam or Late summer Vibes

30 Hair Dye That goes Well with 2018 Fall Glam or Late summer Vibes

Hair dye

Colors always add vibes to your look, so what about getting them to your hair. This summer, colors trends have gone wild and you can change your look to your own mood and what image you want to give out there. Whether it’s a bold guise, cute allure or a summery color that mixes with sunbeams while you lay on the beach sipping your favorite cocktail. All you need is picking the right one for you and enjoy positive vibes throughout the whole season. Hair dye might be expensive if done by a professional but sometimes you can give yourself a look with the least budget possible and you can still look F***ing stunning. But it is better to invest in a product that will give you a great look and protect your hair too.

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Summer Hairstyles


How to Choose the Right Hair Dye for You

In order to choose the right hair color, you need to know your skin tone which can be done by following these easy steps:

  •  Remove all makeup on your face so you can determine your undertone in the right way.


  •  Go to a place with natural light like in the front of the window then pick up four colors; green, blue, red and orange. See which colors match your skin, if blue or green then you have a cool undertone. If red or orange then you have a warm undertone.


  •  Another way to determine your undertone, by checking your wrist veins. People whose veins look green or purple have cool skin tones while people with greenish veins have warm skin tones.


  • people with warm skin tones need to pick cool colors and you will find words cool or ash on the product you choose. If you have a warm undertone then lucky you, as nearly all colors will look beautiful on you but it is always better to go with cooler ones.

Ingredients That You Should Avoid in Your Hair Dye

Hair dyes containing lots of chemicals cause hair burn and damage while some of them are carcinogenic. That’s why you need to be careful about choosing the right dye whether you gonna dye by yourself or in the salon always read the ingredients and instructions. Here here are the ingredients that you need to avoid in any dye you purchase:


Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate has been attributed as the cause of cancer in many debates, it also might cause irritation to your skin and scalp. That is because SLS breaks the surface tension of your scalp and hair which lead to separating molecules, this process helps your hair to catch the color very quickly and easily.



Ammonia causes serious damage to your hair as it raises the PH of hair to a very high level that makes it loses protein and becomes very dehydrated.


PPD (p-Phenylenediamine)

PPD is a chemical substance derivative from Ammonia, it used mainly in dark hair dyes to help the hair catch the color very easily. These ingredients cause serious allergy and the more you use products contain it the more severe allergy you get.



Parabens are used in many personal care products, although they cause serious harm to health, skin, and hair. That is because they can mimic the same formula of estrogen so they may cause breast cancer. Parabens also absorbed into the skin and endocrine system, and many researches proved that parabens have been detected in both blood and urine which cause serious health problems in the long term.


Resorcinol (Dihydroxy Benzene)

Resorcinol helps the dye adhere to your hair in a fast and better way, but it causes damage to your health. It has been linked with causing cancer as it contains benzene in its chemical formula, it also cause allergy and you get more sensitive to if you used it profusely.

MEA, Persulfates, Propylene Glycol and metals such as Nickel also considered harmful ingredients and you need to avoid them in any hair dye.

Catch Up with Fall and Late Summer Vibes with These 30 Hair Dye


Strawberry Blonde

This hair color looks very beautiful on people with warm skin tone, especially if you are a redhead it won’t take any effort all it needs is some blond highlights.



Copper Strawberry

If you feeling paled or washed out, copper strawberry is the hair dye that gives you a glowy and fresh look for all times.


hair dye



Blorange takes its charming vibes from summer sunbeams, it is very warm and gives you that glowy look. If you feel washed out or not in the mood you can choose it for new fall allure, just try this hair color and let the magic begins.


Hair dye



Only mentioning the name remembered you with the cool and breezy air while spending time on the beach drinking a refreshing cocktail, but that pink color will refresh your look if you going to a late holiday and draw all the attention.



Rose Gold

Rose gold makes you feel like you just stepped out from a fairy tale it is very cute and gives you that warm transformation for your late summer vacation.


Hair dye


Baby Blush

If you like simple looks, baby blush one of those hair colors that give you beautiful transform for your late summer look. It will add more warmth and vitality to your blond hair, you can also do at home with crazy color spray.




What is better than Pearlescent for summer, it is inspired by one of the prettiest and shiny ocean’s jewels. It works very well for people with different blond shades and gives you a cool fresh look and it also works well for a fall look.



Buttery Pearl

Buttery Pearl works well for people with cold skin tones, it is a combination of white and butter to give you a warmer look.



True Gold

Another hair dye works very well for women with blond hair color who doesn’t want to go bold with their look, but still warm for summertime. It gives you a very clean cute look, you can boost it with lovely bright clothes for this fall too.


Hair dye



Platinum is one of hair color trends this year and many celebrities have adopted it this summer. It gives you a warmer look and works very well for people with a cold undertone.


Hair dye


Bone Blonde

This hair dye works very well for strong women, it gives them power rather than the warmth of summer. It also suits people with a cold undertone.



Honey Blonde

One of the most wanted summer hair dyes it is very simple and natural and you can do at home. You just need to pick the right dye and go for if you have a warm skin tone.



California Blonde

These blond highlights on the roots which fade to the down into lighter degrees, give you the typical transformation for a great late vacation on some of the tropical breezy islands or an amazing new look for the beginning of fall.


Hair dye


Sun-Kissed Honey

Honey always boosts our beauty and when it comes to hair dye it says more, sun-kissed honey matches very well with fall vibes to make you shine between that huge crowd.




Caramel one of the colors that never got old, it is very stylish and suitable for your summer and fall look too. Bring the gang together and have some fun with coloring at home.


Hair dye


Golden Brown

If you’re laking out of money and still want to have a fresh look for summer, try this natural color which you can do on your own at home. All you need is picking a dye that won’t harm your hair and start with it, it won’t take more than an hour.




If you have a dark hair and face a problem with dying whether you fear it or it doesn’t affect your hair check this color. It adds some magical vibes to your hair and gives you a fresh and new look.




Chocolate fits fall hair colors very well it is basic and never goes old besides being suitable for all year times, you can do at home or in the salon and it won’t cost you a fortune. The gorgeous Meghan Markle has adopted the color this summer, but she added some highlights to give it extra vibes.



Reddish Brown

Reddish-brown is a very warm hair dye that goes well for people with warm skin tones, you can do by yourself without the help of a colorist as it is very easy and your hair catch it at once.


Hair dye



Summer is all about being crazy and lavender has gained much popularity this year, so what about adding some colors to spice things up a little bit. It is very bold, cute and rather warm for an amazing late vacation.




Shine like a gem with this amazing hair color, it is very fresh and gives you that glowy fun look. You can do it as highlights or go for the whole thing, do whatever you feel comfortable and happy with.


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