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10 Affordable and Easy DIY Costumes for Women This Halloween Inspired by Comic Books

10 Affordable and Easy DIY Costumes for Women This Halloween Inspired by Comic Books

If you a comic book lover or want to appear with unique and fun costumes this Halloween their is nothing better to have inspiration from than your beloved superheroes, you don’t need to spend a budget on your costume. Just wander through your wardrobe and you will get a couple of pieces to enjoy your Halloween allures whether it’s black booties or leather pants. Between the sexy look of Ivy Vixen, the classic modest guise of Agent Peggy Carter and the power of Wonder Woman get ready for some colors and bold looks to have a remarkable night that you will never forget.

Get Crazy and Have Fun with These Comic Halloween Customs

Supergirl Halloween costumes

Supergirl Halloween costume is very easy to make for yourself if you can’t afford to buy one you can go with a red skirt, light blue shirt and a badge for the remarkable and known character, you can make a cape with an old scarf you have, you just need to cut it right or you can go without one.

You might have red long boots in your closet, if you don’t have one borrow one from a friend or find one at some outlet shops, the gold belt is also very easy to find and it won’t afford you much.


Halloween Costumes

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Rubingirl is another fun and easy costume you can have for this Halloween, you can go with colored tights that you can find anywhere and for the dress, any short red dress will work. You can find the Rubin badge at any craft shop, you may also have a black or yellow scarf that you can turn into a cape with a nice golden bond.

When it comes to the black boots nearly every girl has one, the mask glasses is very easy to make at home by black cardboard, glue, and bond. You can find the green gloves too at any craft shop or you can dye an old pair you have into green, you may find an old belt at some place in your closet, or you can buy one that won’t cost you much.


Wonder Women

Wonder Women is one of the most successful and powerful female comic characters and its film had a huge success this year if you want some tough and powerful look for Halloween 2018 you can go for this. It is very easy to have and you can customize to your own needs or what you have.

You can go with a dark blue mini skirt that has an edgy cut or if you have a long skirt you can customize and modify, for the top go with a dark red top.

You can customize and old boots to that look by some glue and golden glitter, apply the glue on the two pairs of your boots then spread the golden glitter all around it to have that lovely look. You can make the tiara with cardboard, watercolors, glue and a bond or you can wear any golden headpiece you have. You can also customize an old pair of gloves into gauntlets with watercolors and a sense of art.

Finally, the armband is also very easy to make with any piece of fabric and fabric’s colors. If you want a complete look with weapons you can use a rope that you certainly have, or you can make a sword with cardboard, colors, and glue to add more fun and power vibes to the look.


Halloween costumes

Black Widow Halloween costumes

Black widow costume gives you a dark, powerful and gothic look. You can assemble most of the pieces from your wardrobe or with a low budget to have a new and fun appearance this Halloween. For this, you need black leggings which you certainly have and if you want to boost the look more you can go for leather one at low cost, blacktop, black boots, and black belt.

As black widow known for her sexy black tight jumpsuit, you need to have an imitative look that is why you need to put the belt around the line that sperate the leggings from the top to have nice and to the point look.



Another gothic look for this Halloween that you can manage simply you need a black dress and it is better to be leather one, yellow belt, glasses mask, bat badge, black boots, and black cape. Most of these clothes you can find easily at home and for the mask and the cape you need to look for the creativity inside you and have some fun figuring it with your friends.


Catwoman Halloween costumes

A very sexy Halloween costume that gives a cute and powerful look at the same time, It is very similar to black widow custom but the difference in the eye mask, headpiece, and gloves. The first two pieces you can do easily by yourself and for the leather gloves you must-have ones in your closet or you could by one and it won’t cost you a fortune.


Halloween costumes

Harly Queen

There is no such easier Halloween costume than harly queen one, you don’t need much work and most of the pieces you already have in your closet. You need a black fishnet or you can pass that, red, blue or even black hot shorts, black belt that you can also don’t stick to, white shirt and shiny leather blue or red jacket.

You can replace shorts with leggings if you don’t want to go way too far with your look and for the shoes, you have many varieties to pick from whether red or black heels, same for boots and finally converse.

The trick of working this look is the makeup and you have much time to practice for if you decided that is the one. For hair colors, you can go for crazy hair color spray and let the fun begins.


Halloween costumes

Harley Jester

If you like sewing then this might be the right costume for you, the fabric won’t cost you much and you can use an old pair of ankle boots to match the reversed colors. The same for the gloves and eye mask you can make both very easily with cardboard, glue, and colors.


Ivy vixen

Ivy vixen 2018 Halloween costume gives you a clean and simple look, you also have many varieties to choose from whether jumpsuits, mini dresses, corset or long slit dresses. You just need to stick to the green color besides giving whatever you choose extra vibes with green flowers or glitter that you can find at any crafts shop.

For the shoes you can choose between golden or green heels and any style will go just perfect to the look, for the hair color you can go for blond or reddish-brown to have new glam and look not only through Halloween but through the rest of the year, both considered trendy hair colors this fall. You can also add a green headpiece to boost your look through a more cute and clean allure. If you like wearing gloves, you can pick any style just stick to green color shades, you can also wear tights if you like.


Agent Peggy Carter one of the fav Halloween costumes

One of the easiest Halloween costumes that you can have if you don’t want to make much effort for your look, it is simple and you only need a nice haircut to boost the look. A red hat isn’t hard to get and you might have one somewhere at home and for the dress, you need a classic dark blue dress or you can go with a skirt and blazer if you like, a classic pair of shoes and you are ready to go.


Halloween costumes

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