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Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas to Renew Your Apartment Look

Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas to Renew Your Apartment Look

DIY Home Decor

Easy and simple home decor ideas always give an extra feature to your life whether expressing your personality, improve your mood or impress and inspire other people. Decorations are like the soul of the house and no one wants to live in a meaningless depressive environment, you always need something that inspires and makes you more creative.

Your home decor doesn’t need to be priced or expensive, on the contrary, you can do it by yourself using materials you already have. You just need to let it go and do fun stuff that expresses your soul and your taste, your home should express you not other people so you don’t need to follow a trend or a specific style.

Here Are Some DIY Home Decor Ideas to Inspire You

Customize Your Lightness With These Simple Items


Candles are one of the most lovely and essential home decor items everyone should have, it is very easy to make and doesn’t cost much money. first, you need something to pack the candles in, you can use classes you have or masons jars that you can also have some of. The things you need will be paraffin wax, candlewick, rose petals and any essential oil you like. You can Dispense both petals and oil if you don’t like, you can also add color to the paraffin wax to make different shapes and looks.

Next will be mixing all the ingredients and back them in the container you like, you can make a lower layer as petals and the upper layer for wax and don’t forget to add the fuse before it solidifies.


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Water Candles

Lighting always adds great mood to the place, water candles are one of those easy cheap home decor items you can customize water candles the way you like adding flowers, pearls, crystals, sand or food colors. For this, you need a glass any shape any size you have or like, oil, plastic sheet, scissors, and candle wicks. Get your glass and put some pearls in it for example then pour water till the 3/4 of the cup, you can add blue color to the water to give it a lovely calming sense.

Then pour oil over water until it forms a thick rounded layer, get the plastic sheet and cut a rounded circle with the scissors. Make sure the circle is smaller than the circumference of the glass, next make a hole in the middle of it to fit the candlewick. Glue the wick with the circle and cut the excess then lay on the oily layer, wait until the wick absorbs enough oil then lit it on and let the magic begin.




Another important decorative item you should have in your home, you can decorate your bedroom or your kids’ room with and you can customize for the two in the way you like. You might have an old one somewhere in the house, but it on the table clean it will then paint with colors you like and cover around the lamp place with a strong fabric.



Yarn Lamp

Very beautiful decorative item, you only need yarn any color you like, glue, ropes of light and a ballon. Fill out the ballon to the shape you like the start raping the glued yarn around it till it fully covered, let it dry for about 24 hours. After drying sperate the balloon from the lanterns with the back of a pencil then blow it up.

You will find it unshaped, but don’t worry get a balloon inside the hole and fill it with air then blow it again. pass a rope of light inside each one you make and hang them in any place you like to add a sense of relaxation and peace to it.

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Cloud Light

For this DIY home decor, you need five paper lanterns, glue gun, glue sticks, clear string, curtain lights and a ton of batting. Start with expanding your paper lantern then distribute glue with the gun to cover it with the batting, continue till you cover the five paper lanterns.

The next step will be hanging the cloud and you need for this a wooden or metallic dowel, tie both ends of the dowel with the clear string and hang to the ceiling with two screw hooks. then start hanging the covered latterns using the clear string till you get your cloud. The final step will be passing the curtains light through the cloud to get that cool lovely effect.



Glow Jar

One of the cutest home decor ideas you can add to your bedroom to add some magic to it, It is really easy to make and you can have fun with your kids doing it. You need an empty jar any size you like, white glitter, fine glitter, chunky glitter any shape you like, three small glow sticks any color and a large glow stick also any color you prefer.

Start by activating the glow sticks by breaking and shaking them, then cut the tip of them and pour the glowy liquid matter into the jar all over the edges. Next, add the magic with these three different colored glitters and put the led on then shake it up to have the magic after cutting off the light.


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Decorative coasters

Fabric Coasters

Costers add more life to your home decor as they express your taste, you can play with them to express your style from fancy to hippie. Fabric coster can express all tastes all you need to do is pick the right fabric, for example, if you like fancy stuff pick one with simple bright patterns.

For this, you need a sheet of cardboard, scissors, fabric glue, fabric, pencil. Draw the shape you like on the cardboard then cut it carefully with the scissors, grab a piece of fabric and make sure to be bigger than the cut shape. Spread some glue on the cardboard and start covering it with fabric, let it dry for a couple of hours and start decorating.


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Beer Caps Coasters

These are Very fun and easy to make, you only need beer caps and hot glue. Glue the caps with each other to form the shape you like, let them dry and start using immediately. You can paint them with different colors to add more vigor and fun to it.



Thermocol Balls Coasters

For this one, you need a cardboard sheet, fabric glue, scissors, pencil, and colored thermocol balls. draw the shape you like on the sheet then cut it with scissors, apply fabric glue all over the piece then add these colored balls to cover the whole coasters. Let it dry in the sun for a couple of hours and decorate your garden or terrace table with to add more life to it.

Jute Thread Coasters

This a very hippie look coasters that won’t take more than 10 minutes, start with cutting the cardboard into the shape you like then apply glue all over it. Take the jute thread and roll over the card in a circular motion to get that final lovely look, let dry in the sun then add to your kitchen or living table.

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Pallet Coasters

These are long-lasting coasters with little cheap supplies and for this, you will need 12 popsicle steaks, marker, ruler, glue gun, paint or food colors, and a brush. Start with cutting the edges of the steaks and make sure they all are the same length using a marker and a ruler then paint them with a little brush or just dye with some food colors. Let them dry then follow the video to make sure you follow the right patterns.



Stored Rope Baskets

Rope baskets one of the easiest home decor ideas that add extra vibe to your apartment, you can store in it things you always forget like keys or you can store dirty clothes in. you can also use as a centerpiece or put your towels and toilet papers in, you will need a box any shape, glue gun, jute rope, and pillowcase. Follow the instructions in the down below the video to get a perfect decor basket and customize to your own taste and needs.



Decorative pillows

These decorative pillows are easy to make and you can customize them for the place you like to put in, the next will show you how to make these beautiful home decor items.

Tabel Decor Items

Tables considered the center of your apartment or garden, so it is always better to boost its look whether you have guests or not. These are some easy table decor to do on your own.

Dyed Napkins

Napkins are a very important item you should have in your home and you can use it as one of the best room decor ideas. You need for this, plain napkins that you can buy online or from any hardware store, you also will need اwater colors and a small brush.

Frist soak these napkins in water then remove any excess amount on it, lay on a flat surface and before that, you need to prepare your colors. You should pick colors according to your home style, if it is modern you can go with pastel colors and if vintage or hippie you can use woody and natural colors.

Dip the brush in the color and spread on one end of the napkin and as you go up dilute the color with couple tablespoons of water to have that lovely color in the photo. Let them dry then iron it to look nice and clean.


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Another item that can boost your home decor look and it won’t cost you more than 20$. You need a Plastic placement fabric any color or shape you like, then cut them evenly into rectangular with any size that you find suitable for your table.




Centerpieces add very beautiful vibes to your home decor and you don’t need to pay a fortune to get one. You can do at home with materials you have, watch the video to get some inspiration for a lovely natural look.

Home Decor Ideas with Racks

Racks give a very stylish look to your home rather than organizing it, you can pack your shoes, wine, bags or book in.

Shoe Rack

Is there a home without a Sheo rack? I don’t think so, if you don’t have one then you must get or do on your own without paying a piny. You can do your own shoe rack from wooden planks that you might have in your basement or garden, you only will need help from a friend and it is a bit fun. Check all the required items and the steps here.

Wine Rack

The wine rack is easier than the other one and it doesn’t take that much time, you can spend a couple hour doing and the results will please you. Figure out the whole process here.


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