Home Remedies For Dry Skin You Can’t Live Without

home remedies for dry skin

Our skin type is a gift we can’t complain about. While some are dealing with greasy and oily types others are facing dryness and cracked skin. Even those with normal skin dealing with other cons as well. so while we should be grateful for what we own we also need to figure the right way of dealing with it. Dry skin needs extra caring and gentle actions to avoid any sort of irritation or flaking that is common with it. When there are tons of products out there to moisturize yours, you still need to give it more love with some home remedies for dry skin to enjoy that silky smooth feeling. For me, homemade ways of treating dry skin were the best to pat off in long term. Products that we pay can be reliable on the goo but they aren’t much of a benefit to avoid dryness or dehydration connected to your skin type.

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moisturizer for dry skin

Wear your skin the best way possible with these home remedies for dry skin

First, Avoid those bad habits

Each skin type comes with a booklet we most likely don’t know anything about, which led to long series of actions take us to the worst state we’re facing, and then we start searching for solutions. Unfortunately, we deal with our skin in complete ignorance which led to some permanent side effects and I personly had faced some. Below are some wrong actions you need to avoid when dealing with your dry skin;

Avoid extremely hot showers

Although it sounds relaxing and satisfying and not do the same for dry skin as it tends to make your skin dryer and dehydrated. It might also cause itchiness and redness to your skin surface. That’s because you exposing your skin to extremely different environments from the hot shower water to the normal whether you’re in and this goes much worse during cold times of the year.

Stay away from chemicals

Things like alcohol can cause irritation and damage to your skin and these are chemicals you can find easily in lots of skin products like creams, lotions, and cleanser. Other chemicals that cause harsh damage to dry skin ad we keep on using them are soaps and body showers. They filled with colors, perfumes, and other products that led to itchiness and flakiness.

Don’t over-exfoliate

When we develop flaky dry skin we think that rubbing our skin with any kind of rough exfoliator will give us that smooth skin, but it makes things even worse and might lead to scars or other kinds of infection as your skin more prone to that. You only need a gentle scrub once a week!

Wear proper to the weather

As you should wear sunscreens on your face to avoid wrinkles and stay young, you should wear it as well for the whole body to avoid any kind of sunburn that might lead to extremely irritated, red, and dry skin. Wearing your gloves through cold dry winter times is another mandatory action we always skip which leads to super dry hands

Natural remedies for dry skin

Honey and milk

Both make one of the best home remedies for dry skin that you can rely on. Honey is a natural soothing for dry inflamed skin while milk helps in moisturizing your skin deeply. It’s more like a luxurious mask for your whole body that you can soak yourself in once a week during your self-care routine.

  • You only need to mix honey and milk in a ratio of 2:1 according to the amount you need. It’s preferable to use organic raw honey and milk as well to get the best results.

Coconut oil and coffee

Another natural combination that can do wonders for your skin. not only it will take off the dead layer it will give you glowy, fresh, and tender soft skin. It’s a gentle scrub that doesn’t harm the surface of your skin or causing any kind of irritation. Coffee helps in improving blood circulation makes your skin healthy and young. Coconut oil will give you the final moisture you need which will last for a longer period than the regular lotions and moisturizer. Rub the mixture gently on your body through circular motions leave for a couple of minutes then rinse with lukewarm water.

  • Mix about a quarter cup of coffee with two tablespoons of coconut oil and 3 tablespoons of sugar. You the consistency to be a bit rough so once you but on your skin, it will resolve by rubbing.

dry skin remedies

Almond oil and olive oil

Oiling your body once a while is an essential step to nourish your skin and give the vitamins and minerals it needs. Almond oil is rich in fatty acids that will keep your skin moist and hydrated, it also considers a great source for vitamin E which required to keep healthy and young. For olive oil, it’s packed with antioxidants, vitamin E, fatty acids, vitamin A, and vitamin D which all required to keep your dry skin hydrated and away from dryness or itchiness. It’s one of those home remedies for dry skin that preferred to be used at night to avoid any pigmentation when interacting with the sun. Oil your skin before going to bed and rinse in the next morning with lukewarm water.

  • You need equal parts of both oils, mix well till they combine very well then massage your whole body with. You can add any kind of your favorite essential oil if you don’t like the pungent smell of olive oil.

Fenugreek and coconut oil

Another coconut oil mixture that will addict. You may heat fenugreek as a drink due to the bad smell it causes, but for this natural dry skin remedy, you won’t get anything but hydrated moist skin you can live for, it also rich in vitamin C and considers a great natural ingredient for anti-aging Coconut oil will be the king of smell and who hate the tropical vibes of it! Soak the fenugreek in water for a day then stir and turn into a paste through a blender finally, add coconut oil to it and you will be ready.

  • You will need have a cup of fenugreek paste and three tablespoons of coconut oil. Make sure that the paste is a bit rough and not too runny.

home remedies for dry skin

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