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How to Avoid Damaged Hair Through Warm Weather “Vacation”?

How to Avoid Damaged Hair Through Warm Weather “Vacation”?

What if you could promote shiny, healthy, volumized hair with the least budget possible?! Wanted, I know and we would love to share the recipe with you. Spring break is waving to you and you may have already started planning for Summer vacation, but did you put a caution on how to stay away from damaged hair from the high heat and burning sun so you don’t mind for the repairing when coming back! Sweat, dandruff, hair loss, burnt hair all we hate through summer and warm weather but still want to enjoy that sexy tan look and fresh seawater. We are here to round up our best ways to promote the healthy hair you always wanted even through your vacation.

The right products for the damaged hair

Damaged hair isn’t an option through a happy vacation and you shouldn’t bazar after unforgettable memories that is why you should treat your hair properly. Through summer we all have our share from frizziness and if you a straight hair (damn!) you got no luck, pick the proper hair care products for the warm weather to protect your hair from high heat and stay away from the freezy unwanted look through your best days. Including a serum into that routine is a must, it gives you a shiny moisturized hair and protects it from sunburns.

Curly hair is lucky you don’t draw that much attention with the frizzy hair, but you still want a healthy, fresh, and shiny look to keep shinning through your spring break vacation. Using products with Coconut and jojoba oil enrich your scalp and keep the frizzy bites away.

Damaged Hair

Go heat-free

All hair styling tools that provide heat make your hair look worse and widely affected by the warm weather. Just go for the challenge and you will addict permanently, it gives you that natural bohemian look which goes exactly with the vacation vibes and you still protecting your hair beauty (it is a win-win whop) beside you feel lighter and freer without dragging these tools wherever you go!

Damaged Hair

Cover up

The first thing you pack is a hat, but you barely keeping over your head! Chose a beautiful hat that you won’t put down and stick over your head. It won’t only protect your skin and eyes from this harmful UV, but also avoid you the hustle and anxiety of hair repairing after a relaxing time you need to sustain for the longest period possible. Sun hats made with straws and plant fibers are the best ones to go for, it flows air to your hair without keeping it wet so it still dry and protected.

If you matter more for the style or you don’t feel comfortable with hats go for a scarf, it is easy to style with different ways and tricks and it adds that extra classy fresh look to your allure.

Shampoo the right way

Damaged hair doesn’t only cause by high heat it also caused by the bad way you treat yours with, well face sweat and dirty hair in such weather and the solution in the way you shampoo your hair. You can’t wash your hair twice or three times a week you need a daily cleansing that’s why you need to search for a lighter and gentle type matching with your hair type so you don’t make things worse. The right product will clean your hair out of impurities and dirt without drawing the natural oils your scalp needs to keep moisturized and induce hair growth.

Pick the right hairstyle

Always go for easy hairstyles that keep air flowing so your hair doesn’t compress heat or make it wet, stay away from buns and complicated braids, also avoid leaving your hair the natural way it will attract dirt and any tiny frizziness will appear clearly epically if you are straight. Go for simple braids or play around with your colorful and fun scrunchies, scarfs are also a way to tie a cute, simple, French look ponytail.

Stay away from sprays

Hair sprays that most of us use to contain the frizzy hair and give us a better look will cause damaged hair in the long run, especially if you are in warm weather where your hair is already weak. These products don’t protect your hair it fries it and causes serious damage from hair loss to spilled ends.

Protect your hair against water

Spending a day or two on the beach or in a fancy resort must be in your spring bucket list and you won’t resist taking a dip and enjoying the cold water, but you can compact hair damage by two steps; Covering and Oiling. Both chlorine and salt strip natural oils and moisturizers out if your hair and in order to enjoy your time cover your hair with a swimming cap and forget about the full sexy look (maybe!) or apply a coating of coconut oil over your hair to keep your hair moisturized and create that balance between the salty water and your scalp natural secretions.

Conditioners your color savor

We all wait for that warm vibes to create a different glam with vibrant colors that match with these shiny sunbeams, to protect your colors form the burning sun and sustain a perfect look don’t give up conditioning. Use a lighter conditioner that matches your shampoo type and protect the dye from fading or turning into a freaky fady look.

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