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How to Be Mindful With Your Anxiety Disorder

How to Be Mindful With Your Anxiety Disorder


As long as I can remember anxiety disorder was a big part of my everyday life and as a young girl, I didn’t have much awareness about how I felt, it was severe that I was scared and anxious about each step I take and every action I go for. Imagine yourself anxious about waking up early, doing your assignments, make any public appearances, or even spending sunset time alone.

I was some kind of paranoid and experiencing all that as a millennial girl wasn’t an easy thing to pass. Growing up and have more goals and dream for the future made me take a moment and think do I really want to live my life in that place, everyone around me has their own capabilities that live up to their life goals, each one I knew used what all they got form knowledge to life experience and people they know to get what they want.

My way to deal with anxiety disorder…

Having a professional help wasn’t something that I can have, besides I am not with taking medications. If you have the opportunity to go for a psychiatric you should try that, but I am still against medication, most of the anxiety or depression medication causes serious side effects in the long term, you can check that here. Depression wasn’t far from me too with being paranoid, worried all the time, anxious and nervous.

I started to have suicidal thoughts all the time, I fall into a dark place, I couldn’t figure what to do to get out of that trim, but having the desire in reaching a better place and live what you dream with can really change the whole situation so don’t let go of those dreams.

I knew that I have to make a leap on, I have to be more daring not just as a person especially as a millennial girl, I figured what I want, where am I, and where I am willing to be. I remembered myself with it each morning, it was some kind of a tatum to me, it gave marvelous energy and a reason to keep going in my life and of course embracing my anxiety disorder at work.

Forget about practicing yoga or graving on something (just for now). It is all about mentality, deal with it inside your brain, not body, and be mindful. I started to focus more on my future and work while embracing my anxiety. Handing yourself to any mental disorder won’t just affect your work or personal experience, it will destroy your brain and nerve cells so no wonder that you can’t think clearly while keep letting it in and remind yourself with over and over. I followed some basic steps to handle that work anxiety……

1. Add mindfulness into your lifestyle

Denying the problem or avoiding doesn’t come with any help and in the long-term or maybe short – who knows!! You will find yourself falling apart and giving it all up, get your note and write down what you feel, what makes you anxious or scared, what makes you safe, who is the most supportive one around you, what you want in the future, when you want it to happen, what you hate now in your life, answer these questions and start building a plane for your mental health and your bright future. Each time scared hits your or seal into your soul, read what you planned for, read your dreams, and hold on to them because you deserve that!

Remembering yourself that you have anxiety affects your health, personal life, work productivity, and keeps you away from having what you should own. It is one of the most difficult mental illnesses to handle, but this doesn’t mean to deny the problem or what you going through in your life, deal with it as a gift, something to empower you, and remind you of how powerful and a great person you are. Take it as a big rock in the road of your dreams and instead of standing staring at, figure your own road through to reach the other side with the least damages and the most comfortable way.

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2. Fearing means step forward

I am great at planning, putting a terrific schedule, and giving potent and true advice to people. But when it comes to me, working on something may sound like I am heading into a war with fear, nervousness, and sometimes unbearable panic attacks. I took a moment and started thinking about why I am really feeling that or letting it control my life and my destiny, but there wasn’t any actual or real reason for fearing or being nervous. Avoiding these kinds of feelings isn’t a thing that you should go for, in the end, you fighting your own soul. Embracing this and understanding what you going through is the best solution, each time you feel that way remember it is your time to take a step forward and be a powerful better version of your own. Whenever I had those feelings while working or coming up with an idea that I must execute, I just pushed myself to work and once I started all that fuss went away.

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3. Remember how much you achieved

Remind yourself of the achievements you accomplished through your work or personal life aside dealing with anxiety, you will be amazed and happy with how far you went or done. It will remind you of how much you went through and come over, how strong and beautiful soul you are. Knowing your capabilities and strength will give you more confidence to take yourself further and you will realize that it isn’t hard to have what you want.

Again it is your own tatum to keep on keeping on, reach what you dream about, and use all your power and energy to become the person you have always wanted be.

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4Be where you feel yourself

People with anxiety disorder have a very sensitive soul, each word they say or each situation they go through affects them deeply so don’t be around people you aren’t comfortable with and don’t go to places just to fit in, be yourself and act the way you feel comfortable with. You shouldn’t be ashamed or embraced with what you feel or dealing with anxiety, it is something to be proud of, you get through a lot because of that and still a beautiful soul.

I only surround myself with people I love who care for me and I care for them, I get lots of impressions of how an arrogant, stuffy, introvert, and dull person I am but as long as I am comfortable with my decisions I am not even listening. I can even get such impressions from family and pressure for going those events that full with nothing but self-harm (for everyone actually) but I only where I feel good.

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It may sound just words to you, you may think that it won’t ever work, it is a real problem that I am underestimating. But everything in this life won’t come in a glimpse you have to keep practicing and working your ass off as hard as you can, just enjoy the journey and KNOW that you will arrive, it is a matter of time, no matter how long or short it is, make sure to benefit from as much as possible owning something doesn’t always mean that you went to another level as a person.

What are the ways you followed to embrace your anxiety?

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  • This resonates with me SO much. I’ve written a lot of similar posts and think it is so important to continue to share these techniques. Obviously anxiety is individualized, but sometimes words alone have the potential to uplift someone’s mood. Keep doing what you’re doing 💕

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