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How to Dress for Christmas Dinner!

How to Dress for Christmas Dinner!

Christmas Dinner

Since my childhood, a few things have remained constant over the years, my acne and my “enthusiasm” for Christmas. All year long I look forward to it, as I get to spend quality time with my loved ones and get loads of presents. I have a very big family and plenty of friends, which means my Christmases are very busy. I have many Christmas dinner parties to attend, which means I have to shop for at least a hundred dresses! Shopping for Christmas dresses is kind of tricky and costly too. Along with Christmas decorations, presents and clothes, the Christmas budget can pretty quickly escalate. To ground my budget I try to make use of my saving coupons to the max. These discounts have made my Christmas shopping pretty easy, especially by shopping at ClothingRIC.com.

Over the years I have attended countless Christmas parties, yet they all are not the same. Thus you cannot follow the same clothing outline for every party. There have been a few instances, where my dress was not appropriate for the ongoing party. Those embarrassing instances taught me a very valuable lesson of a lifetime. To learn “How to dress for Christmas parties!” I read dozens of fashion magazines and had a conversation with style experts. Finally, I learned to apply the formula for Christmas holiday dress combinations. After types of dresses, we can now focus on another part of Christmas wardrobe “shoes”. The perfect dress requires a perfect pair of shoes as well. There are tons of options to select from but make sure the shoes do not match your dress only, but to your venue as well.

If you have faced the same dilemma do not worry! Follow these tips and tricks, before you go for Christmas shopping this year. Avoid getting the label of “Christmas misfit”.

Christmas Dresses For Conservative (Formal) Parties

As we have already learned that there are many types of Christmas parties; one of them is the conservative Christmas party. The dresses for these parties require a certain level of panache and class. Although you are there to enjoy and mingle with your co-workers at the same time, you have to maintain your professional façade as well. Long-sleeved jumpsuits, calf-length body-cons, solid-colored cocktails dresses, knee-length pleated skirts with silk blouses with kitten heels are foolproof holiday outfits for these conservative parties. You can also top it off these outfits with your sweaters and formal jackets to give a more put-together look.

The silver dress is the office party Christmas dinner outfit, it’s appropriate with a hint of sparkle pair them with sleek black stilettos and voila! you are ready to turn heads. You cannot get dressed without wearing lipstick. After you are done hunting holiday party dresses and shoes, it is time to splurge some makeup on too.  Mauve lips and cat eyes would look amazing with this attire.

Good old jumpsuits can be worn everywhere and anywhere. Particularly this black jumpsuit with a belt at waist screams “Christmas”, yet it is office-suitable too. If you are not a fan of high heels, then you should opt for kitten heels. You can wear kitten heels in almost any color with different embellishments and decorations that contributes to Christmas-y looks.

This metallic golden skirt combo with a black full-sleeved blouse is not only chic and modest but it is comfortable too with booties if you don’t like heel torturing all night long. The makeup is an essential part of getting dressed for any eve when it comes to dressing for Christmas dinner. You can not go without a splash of colors and a dash of glitter. Makeup brands launch their exclusive collections on Christmas eve, which are full of glitters and glosses to get you in the mood for Christmas.

Christmas Dinner


Dresses for semi-casual Christmas parties

These are the parties you have with your family and friends. You cannot parade in jeans and tee’s on this special eve neither you can wear back-less, mid-thigh dresses. For these kinds of parties, you should opt for semi-casual dresses which are neither flashy nor old school.

This pink halter dress is the most stunning dress you can wear for a family dinner. This is chic yet family-friendly and you can make it more sparkly for Christmas by adding some jewelry with a sleek and gorgeous Christmas hairstyle. Strappy silver heels are the perfect Christmas shoes; the dazzling shoes will go with plenty of dresses and will look ravishing each time.

Christmas Dinner

This black knee-length dress is great for semi-casual gatherings because it is demure yet trendy. You can wear it to more formal events as well, by twining it with a sharp blazer. The classic black platform heels are another “must-have” for the Christmas wardrobe. These are sleek yet stylish. You can wear these on fancy dresses as well as on conservative suits.

Christmas dinner

Can polka dots ever grow old? The answer is simply “no”. Polka dots have been in fashion for decades and there is a reason for it; they are trendy, spontaneous, and swanky for a perfect dress for Christmas dinner. Another plus point you can also wear this dress after Christmas too.


Sparkly dresses for sparkly holiday parties

Last but not least, the holiday bling parties are the most favorite Christmas parties among all other parties. These fun-packed parties have a plethora of friends and include lots of Instagram pictures. If you want to dress you’re very best and put on display Christmas glisten you can pick the most sparkly dresses off the racks.

The glittery-spaghetti-strapped dress is the ultimate “wow dress” which will make you the star of the evening.  Pair them with high heels and dance the night away. The red matte lipstick is the ultimate Christmas shade for 2018, other than red there are peachy and pinky nudes and sheer glittery glosses. These shades are available in many brands, such as Maybelline, MAC, HUDA beauty and color pop.

The velvet wrap dress with plunging neckline is the “go-to 2018 Christmas dress” as it is simple yet festive. You can go with soft pinky eyes with this dress, which you can achieve from New Nude By Huda Beauty.

Christmas Dinner

Sequins bring out the Christmas spirit at its very best. This dress is exclusively made to party. Believe me, your friends will rave about this dress for years! Smoky eyes are in trend again and you can find many eyeshadow pallets to give yourself a smoky eye this Christmas.

Sometimes you caught up and found yourself in a bad on the budget situation, That is when you can benefit from some promotional codes to shine up through that night.

What are the looks that you will dress for Christmas dinner? 

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