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How to Reach Your Goals Before Next Year Start

How to Reach Your Goals Before Next Year Start

reach your goals

How to reach your goals? A question we ask ourselves each year. When I was looking back through the last couple of years, what I have accomplished and how my plan went through, I figured that when I started the biggest change I have in my work life, I was so late and I already started way after I have planned. That is why I ended up not finishing all the targets and what I aimed for. I just kept every thought and plan in my mind and I decided to start at the beginning of the year, but when the time comes I found myself stumbling between should I do that, what are the steps, where I should start, did I make the wrong decision, should I give up or should I slow down.

I figured things out and encountered the situations pretty well and I was very grateful for what I achieved but I wasn’t very satisfied and felt a little guilty that I didn’t make it all happen. Below are some steps that I have outlined, you can walk through this month to start the most productive and happier year with your own dreams and thought.

Your guide on how to reach your goals this year

1. Write down, record or even make an infographic about what achieved

Write how you reach your goals throughout the whole year whether, at your work life or personal life, I find the achievements through personal are even more valuable and deserve to be noticed by us. It is the foundation of your life if you make a progress whether going healthier, taking care of yourself, having better relationships or understanding yourself more, you should honor that and be proud of what you accomplished from which you can take yourself into a new level in your life to make a better version of who you are.

You should notice how much you have developed as a working person, how many targets you have finished, how many skills you developed and how many you gained, where you stand in your career or project and how far you went till the moment, what do you think about your current work situation; do you love it, hate it, want to work on it or just want to dump everything. Don’t be afraid to write the answers because sometimes we get intimidated about the situation we are in, so put thinking aside and just let thing drift us where it goes but we find ourselves drowning and there is no way to get out of the situation, so don’t hide your head in the sand be honest with yourself…it is the game-changer in all your life aspects.

reach your goals

2. Dream big and don’t put limits to yourself

Don’t put yourself down or give up a dream because you need to justify it to someone…it is your life, you know what you want, what will make you happy, what will satisfy and rock your world for the best. The only one that you need to justify your dreams to is yourself, whenever you get a dream or want to achieve your goal write it down in your note or even a speed sheet if you don’t have one! Answer yourself why you want that dream, how it will change your life; to the best or the worst, how far you want to go with it, is it one stage or will need more work and several steps, is it connected to where you are now or what you have or it is a totally different road that you willing to discover.

Once you discover your dream or goal for the next year sit down and try to think more clearly, make your research and put a step by step plan for your future path, this is an organized process will make you feel more secure and comfortable about what you want, it will avoid you anxiety about if you may make the right decision or you just goofing it around, standing on a solid base where you can launch everything from is the best way to start your season of change.

3. Memorize your plan

So you don’t ever swerve from the way, this is a technique that I have been doing all that year and it actually paid off. I saw a video on how the unconscious part of the mind do much of the work in our life than the actual thinking we make in our everyday life, repeating things to yourself over and over will make them stick to your unconscious mind that way you will be working to achieve your goals without trying that much hard to keep yourself on the right track.

To reach your goals make sure every morning before you even get off the bed, repeat the plan you wrote, what you want next, why you want, and how much it will put you in a better place. Do this for that whole month before the year even begins, it is a fun way to make you more determined and excited about your next chapter. Try to put a sticky note of this plan and next year’s goal in the most places you spend time at home, maybe on the bathroom mirror, the fridge, the back of your lap, the glass of your favorite window where you watch the beautiful winter clear sky.

Experiencing new things and trying a new way of living and going forward in your life will always make you open and excited about what to come on your next years, grab your favorite marker and the best sticky notes colors and start decorating your house for the next year with your dreams and thoughts.

reach your goals

4. Manage your finance

Because it is what really matters, you can’t achieve a goal or go throw a whole new experience or level in your life without figuring out your financial state and how you handling this part of your life. Knowing the way you spend your money will change a lot in your life, try as hard as you can to figure where and when you spending your money. Do you happy with the financial state you in or you feeling in a bad place, answering that question will give you a reason either to figure a way to be in a better situation whether by working harder, change career or take steps that you didn’t have the dare for or it will give you a reason to keep going in the right path and how powerful and strong person you are.

You should know how much money you spend on the essential and luxurious parts of your life, are you playing it smart or you just being a little unconscious with your state whether you are falling in debt or giving up important things like your health just too look in a way you might not afford. There is no shame that you can’t get a certain kind of life while other people you know can, on the contrary, this will give you the push to keep working or to rethink about your life and the way you see it, the need for having something doesn’t mean that you really want maybe if you think about it for a while, you will find the whole idea is not a thing but nonsense.

Knowing how much money you make, how much you spend, and how much you save will help you to make the right decision on how to reach your goals for the next year. If you want to start your own project, travel the world, buy a car or whatever you plan for you should know the financial state you can’t take a true working decision or Settle on some dream without putting that in mind otherwise you may not work things out very well.

Not having the right amount of money for starting a certain dream doesn’t mean to give it up, you should work things out and find ways to make things happen. Taking this step just helps you to avoid all the hassles and worries in the next year to start a new chapter more organized and aware of what goes into your life.

5. Take the first step

And don’t wait for THE TIME, it is another way that I am loving to start my new dreams with and I find it very effective. The first is always the hardest to take, you find yourself falling between hesitation and anxiety and you take much time to make it happen to reach your goals. But, why to bother with all the nervousness and scare while you can make things much easier. Start with your first move awhile before the time, before the end of December make some research on your first steps and figure what it takes to be done.

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Do you need a certain amount of money, do you need to enlarge your network of people, do you need more research on the project you work, whether you have sitten for your first move make sure to make it all ready because the first step is always the hardest, so instead of putting yourself in the corner while you should be happy and relaxed to make things right, take the most benefit of the end of the year for a better new beginning.

5. Sift your network of people

When you plan to reach your goals sometimes the people surrounding us are the most tainted thing in our lives, you should think of the people around you and figure out how they affect your life, are they not a thing but a continuous source for negative energy and anxious thoughts driving you to be a more bad or unvalued version of yourself or they really are giving you support and push you to be in better places.

It may be cliché, but having one friend appreciate your presence and be supportive in a healthy and well-balanced friendship is the best thing you can have in life. Stay away from the damaged relationships and know how to love yourself, rotten love is the last thing you want to have in your life whether now or in your next year. You can love someone that making you feel bad about yourself, you only should be with a person that truly ADDS to your life (and you should too if you want a healthy relationship) don’t just fall in love because you WANT to be in love.

reach your goals

Managing things ahead and figuring things out is always better than hitting yourself to the wall in the middle of the peak, it makes you comfortable and more secure about the situation.

What are the plans and steps you take for next year’s dreams?

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