How to Shave Pubic Hair

How to shave pubic hair

How to shave pubic hair! Your bikini lines are the most sensitive skin part in your, that’s why there is no wonder that it needs extensive care. Whether you want to shave, trim, dye or just leave the pubic hair it’s only up to you and you shouldn’t think about what’s right or wrong on that because there’s no such thing. When we get to the area down there, the options are always hard because there is no something difficult for me than shaving down there in the best way possible to give it the nicest care I could ever do. If you like to wax or just use sugar paste. It’s all fine because the process won’t differ that much. You still need to follow certain procedures to make things smooth clean down there. But as shaved hair take much faster time to grow and cause bad side effects such as cuts and ingrown hair you need to be more cautious and take the process seriously without rushing.

Let us guide you through the best process on how to shave pubic hair

Remove dead skin

When your hair grows back it will be covered with many layers of skin, so when you put your razor on you only cut part of the hair while the roots are still in place. The process repeated itself and the hair grows back, but unfortunately, it will be blocked with the layers of dead skin which cause dark spots that we see after shaving and make the bikini area look very bad and not appealing at all. That’s because the skin layers prevent the new hair from penetrating the surface, so it curls in causing these dark circles. Exfoliation will remove all these dead layers which also open blocked pores and get these curled hairs back to the surface so you can remove easily. Make sure to use gentle exfoliators like honey and sugar, because of the incredible anti-bacterial properties of honey and the coarse grains that will shrink dead layers of skin. If you prefer an exfoliating product make sure it’ isn’t scented and doesn’t contain any kind of components that might irritate you.

Shave Right before you get out of shower

All we want is to get the area ready for shaving down there and we want to give it all the time to be hydrated, soft, and of course open the pores. That’s why I always wait till I finish my shower, exfoliating my skin, dry brushing, and soak into warm water to open my all closed pores so it can absorb anything I add to right away. When you shave in the early beginning of your shower, you won’t give your hair the right time needed to get soften so you can shave easily and most importantly you won’t get irritated.

Use the right shaving cream

You can find million shaving techniques out there every girl have their own way of doing it because we don’t use the same products and we don’t have the same type of skin or hair. But one thing that I can always agree on and I don’t think or imagine anyone can go without good shaving cream. I can’t imagine dry shaving, that’s cruelty! You can use any kind of product such as oils, lotions or even conditioners. I like using baby oils because they are very calm and gentle on my skin so it won’t ever irritate me. But, I like to use shaving creams sometimes out of change and if I like to go a little luxurious or to soften my hair if I am in a hurry and I can’t deal with the hustle of oils. When comes to such a sensitive area like this, you should stay away from any scented products.

Don’t ever use an old razor

The bikini area needs to be treated gently, so imagine you dealing without caring going all back and forth shaving down there with an old rusty razor to remove the hair. First, you won’t get the job done correctly and you will miss unfinished work out there. Then you will get black dark spots due to rash or irritation that will need more time and money to fix. So why not bothering with that if you can solve the problem with getting a fresh one to get things done easily and quickly. The more you go up with razors numbers, the more you will save time which we all aim for.

How to shave pubic hair

You forget trimming

A tip that most girls forget when shaving the bikini area is trimming the hair down there. When you shave long hair, you miss important spots you need to see great results in. You also may face irritation if you get sensitive skin as you will get more than one time to one particular spot which again will make your skin prone to dark areas that the majority face while shaving. That’s why in order to get the right results of shaving all you need to do is just going with simple steps like trimming. For this, you need sharp grooming scissors to get the job done pretty easily. Be careful so you don’t hurt yourself, also don’t let your hair grow that long. Not only it will bother you while trimming, but it may also cause unpleasant smell and bacterial formation which the last thing we want in that area.

The right way of shaving

There are tons of videos on how to shave pubic hair and the proper way to do it. Some say to shave in the direction of hair growth, others say to shave back and forth or shave against the hair growth direction. I love the latter technique, although I tried both and I preferred to using light pressure and take piece by piece then go back and forth. The last touches would be going in the opposite direction of hair for all the area to get things smooth and clean. But I would recommend to try both ways and figure out what works best for you. Our hair thickness widely varies so what works for me might not work for you.

You can’t miss moisturizing

Moisturizing has become a crucial skincare step you need to follow after any process you do for your body. And especially for sensitive areas like bikini area. I would prefer light water-based moisturizer for this particular area because we never want to clog pores after shaving down there. A trick that I like to do for deep moisturizing is applying baby oil on damp skin in order to lock water and moist within skin then applying the lotion of choice and it’s better to apply ones that have no strong smell. I would like to use a medical moisturizer that commercial ones because I have pretty sensitive skin, so I would adjust to get yours from a pharmacy, not supermarkets.

How to shave pubic hair

Wear only cotton!

We have discussed how to upgrade your feminine hygiene before, and choosing the right type of underwear was one of the important tips any girl should follow to keep the vaginal area in a breathable state and avoid any kind of stinky smell or infection. Stay away from lace or any other fabric than cotton especially right after shaving to avoid rubbing against your freshly shaved skin which might lead to redness and dark skin later.

When in hurry apply some hot water

We are all busy on a daily basis and sometimes we don’t have that much time to take shower, exfoliate, and all these long time steps. So all you need when in hurry to apply some hot water, leave for a minute, and apply moisturizing shaving cream and get the job done. But, make sure you follow the other basic steps of how to shave pubic hair at least weekly to get things clean and looking nice.

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