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How to Tie Head Scarf- Here are 5 Styles to Upgrade Your Summer Look

How to Tie Head Scarf- Here are 5 Styles to Upgrade Your Summer Look

Head Scarves

When the summer heat hits, we aren’t in that mood for styling our hair with different styling tools. I like to keep everything natural in the vacation season whether for my skin to the cute natural makeup looks to my hair. It is always hard to tamp the frizzy hair in such weather but I can benefit from that natural curl out of the water and heat while spending all the day beside the pool or the beach to shift the look into a perfect bohemian vibes so I don’t look like I just woke up of the bed with that all over my face hair. The best way I can rely on for that natural hairstyle to get the perfect summer glam by using a headscarf. You may wonder how to tie head scarf well, don’t worry there are tons of styles you can tie up your hair with.

Whether you are want to protect your hair against damaging sun heat or you just want to glam by the beach and give some vibes to your look, these head scarves are your way to nail that. This also doesn’t mean that you can’t get a stylish, sleek, fashionable look for a night out with your significant other or just a cool way to hit your office. What really matters is enjoying it and pick the right type of scarf so you don’t harm your hair.

How to pick the right head scarf

Fabric is what really matters when you choose a scarf, it doesn’t matter how it looks or what size it is. Silk and cotton scarves are the best types you can really on, they don’t harm your hair as they won’t create that electric charges. Besides they won’t let your hair sweat much and moreover these types of fabric won’t drain all the natural secretion out of your scalp and hair. But to be honest, I love silk scarves more than cotton ones. They are much butter for hair than the others especially if it’s 100% silk, maybe expensive but you can invest in a high-quality scarf to use whenever you want and it won’t harm your hair plus it will give you a more extensive guise. It doesn’t matter how many scarves you get, I remember getting that channel scarf and I have been using for nearly three years now and still look stylish AF.

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Check out how to tie head scarf with these easy ways


Make it a headband

It’s a chic and great way to style your hair this summer according to which vibes you are catching now. You can turn it into a chic classic look or modern allure according to your destination. Printed scarf always fun away to give upgrade your hair look.


head scarf


Tie a knot around your ponytail

Another summery way to tie your head scarf this year, whether you like to make it a low knot or higher one this will give more volume and length. Go for summer colors like gold and orange to bond with the suntan.


head scarf





Try also a bun knot

This is a fun way to fight the summer heat and get rid of your long hair through these sweet days. No matter what suite your face goes for it whether a low bun or just a nest over the head.




Use as braid accessories

Make your head scarf a part of your braid to give it some volume. Pick a vibrant color to enjoy the summer vibes and don’t bother lacing or curling your hair.


head scarf


head scarf


Italian headwrap

Nothing easier than tieing your square scarf at the end of your neck’s nape. No one will notice that you haven’t wash your hair or you even didn’t brush it. It is your classic chic way to enjoy summer vacation. It’s actually suitable for any season or any day you’re not in the mood for styling your hair, just make sure to elevate it with accessories from big to cute ones.


head scarf




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