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How to Work Life Balance Through The Holidays

How to Work Life Balance Through The Holidays

Work life balance

Remember these lovely times where you enjoy the cold weather, the unbelievable food that makes you unable to put the plate down, the great gathering with family and friends, and surely anxiety and stress. The holiday season is a lovely time, but behind that joy, there are floods of stress, nervousness, and anxiety. Unfortunately, you can’t put everything aside and enjoy the season you still got other commitments from preparing for final exams to work, catching up with the end goal which may put you in a rut and you find yourself falling in a deep hole of burnout and tons of targets to follow up. This is when work life balance comes.

If you feeling the miss burying you down and everything bustling around you, take a moment and breath then start putting things together. It is not too late to pull yourself up and start planning and managing those last days of 2018, it might give you more confidence in yourself to start the new year with a whole new spirit of love, a bright future, and a great life to come.

Below we will mention some steps to Catch up and work life balance through these bustle days…

Plan, Plan, Plan

The first thing that you should start work life balance is planning the whole thing and figuring the situation you are in, get your note and your favorite lucky pencil and write down what you have accomplished and what you still working whether in work or the gifts and parties you are planning to. If you have a target that you want to hit in work or you still trapped in preparing for your exams plan things out for what time you got, but keep in mind that you might push yourself you can consider it as a challenge that you must go through to take another step in your life


Figure The Essentials

Each of us has tons of targets to go after, but in between, you find some more important than the others. Whether you want to study and prepare for certain courses or working on some projects for work or an internship define what will have a positive and lifetime impact on your future and put things into the right order. If you planned for attending more than a Christmas party pick only one or two, you can go for either family gathering and a more glamorous one or ditch the family one for a cozy and warm gathering with your friends or your partner. It is okay to not go home for Christmas, you still got more days to come to enjoy time with them, especially if you are expecting one of those stressful and showing up family gatherings.

Work Life Balance


Make Every Second Count

Catching up with a target in a short time while avoiding stress and anxiety might be hard to plan, but if you plan each second for the right act you will get things much easier. 5 hours of night sleep is perfect for fresh and more productive day and making use of those early morning hours is a gem for working on a project or get your course done. Divide your day into sections, if you go work at 8 make your time from 4 to 8 for searching, planning, studying, and do creative work after work take a lovely warm bath make yourself a hot healthy dinner or buy something count and get continue your work or hit your party with the best look you own.

Work Life Balance


Enjoy Your Time

Doing things with passion will avoid you stress and anxiety besides making your effort and time count, so keep in your mind the reason you are doing this and you will find yourself on the right track. Enjoy the holidays while working your ass hard like listening to your favorite Christmas song, enjoying your turkey sandwich or a snake of cookie and a huge cup of latte with marshmallow on top…What gonna stop you!!

Don’t lock yourself in, go party and enjoy the vibes while not going too far from what you want and plan.


Speak Up

Don’t be shy or fool yourself once you figure out the situation and set your plan, tell people around you who really care for your life and what you want, that avoid you problems and helps you to keep the productivity so no one can bother you get the situation wrong.

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Be Realistic

Work life balance out and catching up with your target through the holidays and that crowded time doesn’t mean to lie on yourself and set unrealistic plan that you won’t be able to follow up, by doing that you might end up disappointed about yourself feeling depressed and ungrateful for how hard you worked. Adjust your plan for the time you have and learn how to compromise, having a piece of the cake is better than not tasting at all. Put a realistic expectation for what you will get after following this plan, and again don’t put yourself in a place where you can’t take a breath.

Work Life Balance


How you work your life balance through the holidays?

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