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This Is Why I Don’t Watch Rom-Com Movies Anymore

This Is Why I Don’t Watch Rom-Com Movies Anymore

Rom-com Movies

After a hard weak or long day at work, what is better to do at your home better than holding a bowl of food while laying on the couch and watching some rom-com movies on Netflix or any other platform. As much satisfying as it sounds to be with this punch of serotonin circulating in our bodies, I get that annoying after effect each time I watch this kind of movies. lacking for love or being single made me craving for these types each time I want to just put myself in a love mantra and feel like I am really living the moment, let’s be honest aren’t we all. Watching romantic comedy movies is like the typical activity for a girls night with a bunch of junk food, drinks, and of course chatting while getting the memories of any previous relationship.

As long as these types of movies sound much amusing and fun to be around, they didn’t sound that much fun tome each time end one. I always get that anxious sad feeling, it’s like feeling guilt after you watch porn or so. Even if I wasn’t single, by the time I started to compare actions and how much I wanted my relationship to be like what they have in the movies which aren’t a real thing for sure. Who has the time to be all around each other and traveling all the time, how can someone be like 100% perfect like actually not a single flaw!

This how rom-com movies affected me

They Put me in a bad mood

We’re not all the same, and you may see this overstated, but I like to seek a healthy lifestyle all the time and the mental part is what I like to approach all the time. That’s why I focus on each practice and habit that could affect my mood and how I feel, I try to embrace flaws as possible and stay away from the toxic habits which others may see OKAY or just ordinary part of their everyday life while if they took a closer look this might be the reason for a bad thing they have been living with. This is how I approached the effect of rom-com movies on my mental and emotional health as well, when you feel like you lacking for something crucial in your life like a love relationship (Who can live without love) – you may replace with any other practice whether going for toxic relationship with the right people which I never think in as an option or put yourself in a loving mood while watching other people doing that, it may give you some sort of satisfaction and you start having feeling and prediction while you watch so you immerse your whole emotions in something isn’t really real only self-draining.

When the movie ends while they’reliving happily ever after kissing each other, you get back to the real world while the truth hits you in the face ‘SINGLE’ you start to go in a loop of bad mood again worse than the state you started the movie with and you either search for other draining options to feel good, less bad or you just stick to it until you fall asleep. Such type of practices are somehow addictive, you want to get the momental feeling but when it’s gone you’re so much worse and this what exactly I felt. I decided that I am in no need for that, whenever I feel alone I can go for a walk with a friend or throw myself in my mom’s arms. What also can really do work is writing to explore how you feel and how you can embrace it to make yourself feel better. It doesn’t matter if you a writer or not just put any word you think in on the paper and see what is inside you, don’t suppress your emotions or avoid them and most importantly don’t live a fake state.


Rom-Com Movies

You can also have loved by giving it, like volunteering in any local work at your place whether it’s religious or social you can feel love by expressing it others who are in actual need for all kind of support. Creating your own space of the real world is way much better than living in an unrealistic bubble only created for a commercial target!

Take some time reading this on how to create a realistic relationship

Realistic Relationships

They affect any future relationship

We all get affected with what we see no matter it’s a real thing or not, it just seals into us unless we took a moment and see what are we really copying. There’s a movie scene that I won’t ever forget in a movie called Never Let Me Go – god I love that movie. Keira Knightley hugged Andrew Garfield when Carey Mulligan saw them and asked Keria why she hugged him, and Kira answered her that she had seen that in a movie If you haven’t seen the movie before they were locked in a place where they never saw anyone and doing such behavior was a new thing to them. I am not saying that we should live in a cave or so. But wishing for a relationship like in those rom-com movies isn’t a thing that could really happen in real life, we all working hard and we won’t proceed with our dreams so we need to do comprise embrace our relations and be caring and understanding, we aren’t going to do romance 24/7 and we may not have those extravagant fantasy moment all around.


Rom-Com Movies


Don’t compare your relationships with what you see in the movies, they’re not a reference even people who’re in them don’t really care about that. Try to create your own love story and do the love actions and romance that will make you both happy, don’t act just live!

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