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I Finally Figured My Oily Skin Routine for A Fresh Clean Look I have Always Wanted

I Finally Figured My Oily Skin Routine for A Fresh Clean Look I have Always Wanted

Oily Face

I spent five years figuring out how to get an oily skin routine that gives me glowy nature face look for my oily face without loading my face either with a tone of makeup or tone of overpriced products that I can’t get into my monthly income. I invest in lots of options between natural and ordinary skincare products and sometimes going for antibiotics and chemical treating under Dermatologist supervision of course, but the case wasn’t in getting a result the case with keeping these results for longer period of time which was a little bit difficult especially if you search for less timeless money consuming routine. It wasn’t easy and it came with lots of trying and of course spending a significant amount of money.

Another reminder to keep in mind through that journey, you are beautiful no matter how you look but focusing on self-care routine doesn’t only make you beautiful from outside but it lifts your mood and makes you feel positive and happy all the time. These lovely smells coming from whether creams, cleanser, oils or whatever you use to make you relax and calm like you want to sook your whole body in these perfumes. Deal with your oily face routine as a time to indulge yourself not mandatory steps you obligated to.

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Here are my precious 5 oily skin routine steps

Figure the most suitable Cleanser for your Oliy Face

The most difficult and exhausting process in any routine, you can’t just win it from the first one but I consider myself lucky I only found my ONE at the third try. But I can also confess that the second one wasn’t that bad too, it was a fence brand cleanser and it made a huge difference to my skin. The one that I really like was a locally made cleanser that I bought from Egypt made all from natural ingredients mainly green tea extract, honey, licorice extract, aloe vera extract, and glycerin. These kinds of ingredients don’t leave your skin dry or strip from all natural substances your body secrets.

It also makes your skin bright and tinted as they unite face color while cleansing the pores and prevents breakouts because of aloe vera and green tea. People with an oily face always tend to harsh cleanser as they like feeling their face un oily or greasy, but they don’t know that dry skin makes your face look dull, filled with breakouts, and look old, not young or fresh. So make sure to spend some effort and time in figuring your best oily skin cleanser and make sure to stay away from the commercial ones, always buy your cleanser form pharmacy not drugstores and if you consult your dermatologist it will be much better. Focus on reading the labels and ingredients, make sure they are more natural than chemical. Also, pay attention if you have sensitive oily skin like me, so your skin doesn’t get irritated or dry. Cleanser with ingredients like Panthenol are much much better for this type of skin because it is a lighter moisturizer so while cleaning your skin you also get a generous touch of moisturizing to keep your skin bright and tinted.

oily skin routine

Don’t give up on founding the RIGHT moisturizer

Moisturizing your face twice a day is a mandatory step pf oily skin routine you shouldn’t skip, just focus on finding light ones that are water-based, not oily. I always apply moisturizer after cleanser and of course before applying makeup. The key to keep your skin fresh, glowy, and young is moisturizing, not greasy, pale or dull. I also recommend you to stay away from commercial moisturizers and get yours from the pharmacy that are made by medical trusted brands, I learned that from my dermatologist and I figured that French girls also follow that. I have a French friend who told me that they buy most of their beauty care product from the pharmacy, not from drug stores that we used to get anything from. The difficulty is in how to buy your products not in their cost, just find the right place and you will get the right ones to have the results you really want.

Oil cleanser is just MAGICAL

I love frothy cleansers and clean bright skin after using it, but sometimes I switch to oil cleansers when I feel that my skin is exhausted and more nutrition to get the blood flow and feel like healthy and young again. I love coconut oil, seem weird but works like magic for my oily skin routine it makes your face so soft and gives you that young baby skin. I combine it with lavender or tea tree oil, both have an incredible smell and most importantly has no greasy effect. I usually apply oil cleanser at night before bed, I apply a thin layer to remove any makeup or dirt residue then I apply another layer and finish by removing the excess. I sleep with it so my skin gets all the benefits and when I wake up I wash my face with my ordinary cleanser then I apply my moisturizer. I nearly apply it from two to three times a week and if I am going out every day in the sun and dirt I apply it every day.

oily skin routine

Massaging really works!!

Massaging my face wasn’t a thing I ever contributed to my oily skin routine. Messaging increasing the blood circulation making your skin flushed and young not paled and old. I massage my face in every step of my five steps routine. While washing my face, apply creams and oils I message all my face with my fingertips. I also rub it with an ice cube to close my pores after washing my face. You can put your face messager in the freezer and massage your face instead. stimulating blood circulation to induce your skin collage making your face and lips plumped and healthy meaning you won’t get wrinkles or fine lines that easily especially under and around eyes. Make sure to massage your face gently and softly so you won’t get in marks or scratches to your face. I message my face 5 times a day two while washing my face, one with ice/face messager, two while applying creams/oils.

oily skin routine

It’s actually 60% depends on what you’re eating :/

You won’t see results if you’re eating foods that stimulate sebum secretions and make your face oily and greasy especially in hot weather. It’s likable to decrease your dairy intake and fatty foods while going for fruits and vegetables that packed with water, minerals, and vitamins. Fish and white meat are way much better than red types of meat, they are less fatty and more healthy. This doesn’t mean to skip fats completely, instead, you can get your intake from nuts and oils like olive oil. Water is the game-changer in that routine, the more you hydrate your body not only your face you get the right results. People with an oily face always think that eliminating oils by a mask or cleanser is what it all takes, while hydrating and moisturizing your face will decrease oil secretion easier than stripping your skin from a natural substance by chemical formulas. Always watch what goes into your mouth and you will see results quicker, it won’t happen in over the night it’s by practicing and considering as a lifestyle, not for a significant period.

I have been following that oily skin routine for more than four months and I’m over the moon with these results, not just with the way I look but with the way I feel and the comfort and relief I get by taking care of the body God gifted me and treating it right not self-harming it. I just want to declare that it wasn’t an expensive routine at all, I just followed the right steps anyone can do. I also confirm buying products from trusted places like pharmacies to get medical items that have been tested for the right results that suit each one skin because we aren’t the same. Commercial products are nothing but marketing plans to draw our attention but they don’t give us the right results, none the less they cost us money in the long terms but no results are found.

You don’t have to look up celebrities’ routines and social media madness, just take a lesson from an ordinary girl like you who learned it the hard way. I also recommend seeing a trusted dermatologist it won’t cost you that much money, but you will know what to do, where and how to get the right products for oily face type. Whether it’s sensitive or normal with the different shade of our skin colors so you get satisfied with the money you gonna spend. Stay tuned as I am gonna share my best and worst products at the same time next week if you have a sensitive oily face like me. Also, Check our stories on our Facebook page or join our Facebook Community to get closer tips from our editors and founder.

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