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I’m washing Hair Twice a Week and Here What Happened!!

I’m washing Hair Twice a Week and Here What Happened!!

Oily Hair

Oily hair was like my life crisis, it is hard to control and deal with not the mention the amount of money I spend on. If you have oily hair then you must have experienced the itchiness, frizziness, and of course dry ends. If I want to clean hair and get rid of lumpy dandruff then I have to use strong shampoo and that will affect the end of course which at the end makes hair tired and week and I lose the biggest trait for it (shiny hair).

Such type of hair needs continuous care and if you working 6 days a week 9 hours a day things must be hard to spend at least one hour a day to apply a hair routine from washing to applying serum, conditioner, fare, and masks. Washing hair every day isn’t the solution, on contrary the more you wash it the more the scalp’s glands will secret more oils which makes the problem worse. After years of searching and spending tons of money, I was lucky to find the perfect, easiest, and most convenient oily hair routine. Here are some steps I follow to keep healthy fresh hair.

My favorite oily hair routine


Less is always more

Washing my hair a couple of times a week really paid off, I wash my hair once on the weekend and once in the middle of the week, you may find it hard at first especially if you used to wash it regularly and you wonder how to leave your hair affected with that much dirt without cleaning up, well a simple tip that I follow daily COVER IT UP. You can cover your hair with a hat, beret or even a beanie whether in summer or winter, also if you like cooking your own food cover-up because the steam might also affect your hair and the heat as well.

Oily Hair


Washing is what really matters

The way you wash your hair with and the products you use will also affect how much your hair will last clean, the thing that you should care for the most is the shampoo. Always read the labels when you pick one, salicylic acid must be on the top of the ingredients as they keep your scalp clean and get rid of any excess oil, avoid sulfates components that because they go harsh on your hair and scalp making things dry and fizzy, tee tree oil is another great product that you should look for in any products as it has tremendous benefits, the last thing that you should care for in your shampoo is to work against yeast and inflammation.

Before the last couple of years, I was washing my hair wrong through my whole life, the proper way for washing hair is to use diluted shampoo and by that, I mean using half shampoo and half water, that way you make the product seal easily to each part of the hair and also SAVE SOME MONEY.

Flip your head over and start applying the product on your scalp only not hair ends as they already will get some and they also tend to be weak and more fragile. Massage your scalp in a circular motion and leave it for at least five minutes, rinse it very well with lukewarm water and let the last reins be with cold water to close pores and protect dirt from affecting your hair easily.

Avoid your scalp!!

Whether oily hair or ordinary hair, the care routine doesn’t stop at washing you must apply two or more products after that process whatever you use to keep it away from the scalp that is to avoid any kind of inflammation and bacterial formation. Also, keep the brush away, it is a very important tip many people with oily hair forget about, the more you scratch and touch your scalp the more these gland s will secrete oil and the more itchy and uncomfortable the situation so always keep your hands off and things will certainly be much better.


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What is your favorite oily hair routine?

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