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11 Indian food That Boost Your Fat Burning System

11 Indian food That Boost Your Fat Burning System

Indian food

Many people love Indian food as they full of species, very tasty and also known for its help in burning fat, so why not combining sort of food you like in your diet plane to lose weight and get the shape you like. Many think that you should start from the gym if you want to burn fat, but the truth is it all about what you fill your body with.

Our bodies have been build to be a fat burner, but you need to eat the right food to induce that process. The liver is the leading organ for your metabolism process and gets rid of all these unwanted fat, that why you need to eat foods that boost its function.

The Indian foods full of many vitamins, minerals, fibers and many other elements you need to cut down fats. Adding any of Indian ingredients to any food you eat, give it a tasteful kick that triggers your taste buds and that is what anyone needs in a healthy diet plan; delicious food that makes you continue in a healthy lifestyle.

Add Some Taste to Your Meals with These Fat Burning Indian Foods

1. Ajwain Seeds

Also known as Carom Seeds, they are fruit pods with a unique pungent taste. You can add it to your cereals or make a herbal tea from it, Ajwain Seeds induce the digestion process and decrease bloating giving you a flat stomach. They also help you to burn fats, as they boost your metabolic process. You can also chew a spoon of it before breakfast or after having a late meal that is because it helps your body to produce digestive juices to speed up the digestion process.


Indian food

2. Moong Dal

Moong dal is split yellow Lentils and considered one of the best Indian food for fat burning, it is also a good replacement for carbohydrate foods. You can replace rice and bread with it, the half cup of moong dal beans contain only 106 calories. If rich in vitamins A, B, C and E which helps your body organs to work properly, it also full of minerals and fibers that reduce bloating and give you a good look.

Not the mention of being a great source of protein, you can eat it in several ways either boiling and add to your salad or make a soup from. You can also make a burger out of it, besides using it instead of rice in different recipes. Lentils also boost the immunity system and provide you with energy to go through busy winter days.


3. Dalia

Dalia is one of the most famous Indian foods for breakfast, it is a sort of wheat known as broken or bulgar wheat. It is a high source of protein and fibers, also full of vitamin B and magnesium which keeps you full and reduces your appetite for a long period making you lose weight and burn fat properly. Dalia boosts your digestion process which in return reduces bloating and gives you good shape all day.

You can replace your carbohydrate food with it, by making bread from or boiling and eating instead of rice. You can also have it on breakfast with some milk and honey or any fruit you like, just cook Daila under fifteen minutes.


4. Millets

Millets are some kind of small-seeded grasses that rich in fibers, it lowers cholesterol levels and stimulates bile flow that emulsifies fats and helps you to lose weight very fast. There are many recipes for eating millets you can add them to your salad, make chewy bars with or add to your pumpkin soup.


Indian food

5. Cardamom

Cardamom is a sort of herbs and spices that are known in Indian food for its help in increasing your metabolic rate and burning fats, it also boosts your digestion reducing bloating and give you a blast stomach. You can add to any food you eat especially meats or drinks.


6. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a very popular Indian food that many people love adding to their foods, it is loaded with antioxidants that help your body to get rid of toxins also has anti-inflammatory properties besides increasing the sensitivity to insulin and lowering blood pressure.

That kind of spices known for its efficiency in losing weight as it boosts your metabolic rate and helps your body to break down fat, it also a great energy supplier that helps you continue your day with a high dose of energy. Cinnamon can be added to any food you eat whether drinks patisseries, meats, and vegetables.


6. Curry leaves

Curry leaves another Indian food that helps you lose weight and burn fat fast, they are that kind of food that you must incorporate in your daily life diet. They also lower cholesterol levels in your blood and help your body to get rid of all toxins, all you need is ten leaves a day. Add some to your meals and chope some finely and add to your drinks.


Indian food

7. Tumeric

Turmeric is high in antioxidants that clean your body from toxins to have a healthy body, skin, and hair. It also boosts bile flow which stimulates fat burning also lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure that being connecting to store fat and gain weight. There are many ways for using turmeric, for example, you can add it to rice or any sort of meat.


Indian food

8. Lauki

Also known as Dhoodhi and considered a magical vegetable in Indian food as it is a solution for many problems, it rich in fibers and water which regulate your digestion process to keep it on the right track. Lauki also considered a great cure for insomnia, besides keeping your body hydrated for a long period.

It also rich in Vitamins A and C in addition to minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium besides folate and niacin. All these elements are a great source of fat-burning and losing weight. There are many delicious recipes for Lauki either for meals or drinks, they have a low amount of calories one bowel of it contains 73 calories.


9. Mustard Oil

Mustard oil rich in unsaturated fats unlike other cooking oils it contains linoleic acids, oleic acid, erucic acid, and other fatty acids. It also rich in vitamins and antioxidants, all these elements lower cholesterol levels and burn fats to lose weight and be in good shape. Mustard oil gives a very tasty kick to your foods and there are many ways of using it.


10. Buttermilk

Buttermilk also is known as Chaas, is originally made from the leftover liquid that remains from churning butter. But now it made from beating butter, besides adding some spices to it. It is a great source of lactic acid that stimulates your digestive tract and also helps you lose weight it also rich in vitamins, proteins, and potassium.

100ml of buttermilk contains only 45 calories, you can take as a snack with any fruit you like or make a smoothie with. It also reduces bloating giving you a blasting stomach, just make sure to have half a cup of it at night.


Indian food

11. Sabja

Sabja is basil seeds that high in vitamins A, E, K, B, and fibers. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, sabja reduce your apatite and help your body to burn fats as it rich in fatty acids like omega-3. It also a good source of minerals like copper, calcium, and iron add it to water or any drink you like and you will see them expanding to 30 times its original size. You can also add to a smoothie or fruit salad, their many delicious recipes out there for these delicious seeds.



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