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25 Kids Youtube Channels That Will Entertain Your Children With No Worry

25 Kids Youtube Channels That Will Entertain Your Children With No Worry

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No one can live without internet these days even our kids, they became more attached to social platforms of all kinds than us especially kids youtube channels. It considers one of the most attractive social platforms to our kids, they spend any time on it watching different videos form all categories; cartons, comedy, games, toys, and others.

Unfortunately, there is no Censorship on these videos and many of them show inappropriate materials to kids. You can let your kids connect with the world and have fun by watching kids-friendly Youtube channels. It is also back to school time so, if you want to schedule your kids spare time you can make a list of these channels for every day or week

It is better not to force your children for anything, they will do the contrary, introduce these channel for them in an indirect way. Spend some time with them having fun, then turn on some of these channel videos and you will see your kids subscribing for them right away.

Youtube Channels For 3-6 years Old Kids

1. Mother Goose Club


Mother Goose Clube is an entertainment channel for toddlers and babies and also educative in some way. The channel helps your kids to develop their basic skills like speaking, clapping, singing and how to communicate with the group, so if you preparing your kid for kindergarten this the best way to introduce him to the next world.

Their videos are based on singing and dancing educative material easy and fun for kids to understand, the length of the videos vary from 3 minutes to one hour so you can choose the suitable time for kids to stay on the phone.

2. Sesame Street YouTube Channel


One of the kids youtube channels suitable mainly for toddlers, it helps them learn the basic subjects of different topics like science, math, English, letters, and numbers. Sesame Street has been in the kids learning field for more than 40 years, so it is a trustful platform that you can leave your kid watching with no worry.

Videos are divided into two categories of short and collection videos which both of them introduce a wide range of fun topics to their viewers. The video’s length is between 1 to 12 minutes.

3. PBS Kids


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One of the best Youtube channels for kids from 3 to 6 years old, it is sharping their critical thinking skills and learn them lessons about daily life. Curious George and Clifford the Big Red Dog are from their most popular uploaded videos wich boost kids’ imagination and creativity. The running time of the videos between 1 to 3 minutes which will entertain your kids and educate them without spending too much time on the device.

4. Word World PBS


Word World PBS help toddlers in spelling and learning words in the right way with very fun videos, If your kids start learning new words and speaking this is the right place for them. It introduces videos with animated words with ranging time from 1 to 12 minutes.

5. The Muppets Studio

kids youtube channels


Everyone loves The Muppets from toddlers to adults, it is a very fun and entertaining channel without any inappropriate content. The videos include singing and dancing performances from our beloved characters like Miss Piggy, Kermit, and the Frog. You can have fun and spend some time with your children watching some of these short videos that range from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

6. Yo Gabba Gabba!


One of the fun educative kids youtube channels that introduces short videos ranges from 2 to 5 minutes and it helps 3-6 years old kids basic skills from singing and dancing. Parents also like watching these videos as they always include a famous gets either a rock band or a famous celebrity who share some of their knowledge on the screen.

7. The Houston Zoo


A fun way to introduce your kids to the wildlife, The Houston Zoo uploads videos of different animals and creatures eating, leaping and playing in a very fun and kid-friendly way. These videos also introduce information about nature and how to take care of animals.

The videos are very short from 1 to 3 minutes so you can spend some time having fun with these little ones away from ruining the house or making any noise.

8. Busy Beavers


Busy Beavers helps 3-6 years old children learning English in a better and faster way, as their videos learn them basic language skills in a fun way so they don’t get bored. It helps kids all around the world learning English ( especially whose first language isn’t English) with videos based on songs and animation. The average running time from 2 minutes to 1 hour.

9. HooplaKidz


Also, one of the very safe an appropriate kids youtube channels that you can leave them watching for hours, HooplaKids introduces singing and dancing videos helping your kids learning English skills in an interactive way. The video’s length range from 2 to 45 minutes.

10. The Wiggles


Suitable channel for Kindergarteners and preschoolers all over the world through videos based on singing and dancing, it also learns the basic skills of speaking and spelling. The channel is known for its catchy music and songs through very short videos from 1 to 2 minutes long.

Youtube Channels For Kids From 7 To +12 Years Old

11. SimpleKidsCraft


SimpleKidsCraft is based on DIY content which learns your children how to be creative using the minimal materials around them, it also learns them how to make cool stuff from recycled objects so they keep their area clean and environment-friendly. The videos’ ideas and tips are very easy to apply.

It also helps your kids to think outside the box and sharpen their critical thinking beside crafting. The videos are very short and fun as they range from 2 to 5 minutes.

12. SoulPancake


One of the best modern platforms on Youtube for kids it is not only about introducing fun and entertaining videos but also learn kids how to be positive and think independently. It also learns them how to be more confident about themselves and treat people in an appropriate way without hurting anyone feeling. They upload videos range from 2 to 5 minutes more than one time a week.

13. Hiho kids

kids youtube channels


Hihokidsone of the very fun and entertaining kids youtube channels that not only young ones will love but adult too, their videos based on exploring and curiosity in an interactive way. Kids Try and Kids Meets are from their most popular videos, it learns kids how to accept different cultures, thoughts, and people and also helps them to express themselves in a fun way. The video’s length varies from 2 to 7 minutes.

14. All4TubeKids

A fun channel that the whole family can gather and watch their fun videos about funny pranks and comedy skits. You can interact with channel producers by comments sharing your ideas and talents. you can apply some of their content to have a fun time with your kids, the average length of videos from 15 to 40 minutes.

15. SevenAwesomeKids

SevenAwesomeKids introduces videos by seven kids that are hilarious and fun, adults also love watching these talented and funny kids. Their content also helps kids to be creative and enjoy their time in an appropriate way, videos length range from 3 to 7 minutes.

16. Art for Kids Hub


Art for Kids Hub is run by a dad who loves art and he sharing his passion with his children, the whole family introduce you 10 to 23 minutes of fun and creativity. These videos also learn your kids how to use their imagination in an interactive way.

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17. Incredible Science


A youtube channel that satisfies your kids’ curiosity and makes them more involved with science, by introducing them with simple experiments that they can do at home. This channel needs adult supervision in case their little unsafe experiences or you want to apply some of them with your kids. The videos length range from 1 to 15 minutes.

18. It’s Okay to Be Smart


It’s Okay to Be Smart is hosted by Joe Hanson that passionate about science and our universe, his videos based on that in a fun way. It is very suitable for your kids who are interested in science, Joe simplifies the relationship between science and everything in our life. Video length from 2 to 7 minutes.

19. Khan Academy


Khan Academy is a platform for world-class education that grabs the attention of both young and adult, it introduces different topics of science, history, math, culture, and art. It suitable for kids above 10 years old. Their videos range from 2 to 10 minutes.

20. Superwoman


Superwoman is hosted by Lilly Singh who is a comedian and writer, the channel is suitable for kids +8 and it needs adults supervision. Lilly discusses the topics that we face in our everyday life in comedy sketches. Her videos always include celebrities and famous figures which keep both adults and young interested. The video’s length doesn’t exceed 10 minutes.

21. Brave Wilderness


An educative and entertaining channel that runs by an animal expert called Coyote who deals very closely with creatures from all over the world, it needs adult supervision in sometimes as Coyote get bitten in some videos with insects and different organisms.

The good thing is the videos show warning signs if there is an intense content that might affect kids. It offers you a fun and happy time with your kids and the videos doesn’t exceed 30 minutes.

22. Smosh


This Youtube channel is famous for comedic, skits, music and shorts contents that based on latest pop-culture and digital trends. It is suitable for kids 12+ and being referred to as the kids’ version of SNL. Smosh videos don’t exceed 10 minutes.

23. nigahiga


nigahiga one of the best comedy kids youtube channels that run by Ryan Higa who provides videos based on anime, music, internet culture and relationships. His content is very appropriate for 8+ kids, as his skits included jokes based on puns and jump cuts with clever editing and production. The videos mostly over 10 minutes.

24. EvanTubeHD


EvanTubeHD is that kind of Youtube channel that suitable for everyone, their videos are based on almost everything from toys unboxing and reviewing to skits, minecrafts, and vlogs. The good thing about their videos is that they let kids experience all these stuff that is why it suitable for kids of all ages and need no supervision. But you can have fun with your kids watching these videos and they are very short the length doesn’t exceed 30 minutes.

25. Rosanna Pansino


If your kids interested in cooking and food this the right channel for them, the videos are hosted by Rosanna Pansino who produces DIY cooking and baking videos using anime, fantasy, and video game characters and that what makes the channel special and gain popularity all over the world. It suitable for everyone and doesn’t need supervision for sure, the length of the videos doesn’t exceed 30 minutes.

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