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That’s Why Lady Gaga Has All The Credit In My Depression Treatment

That’s Why Lady Gaga Has All The Credit In My Depression Treatment

Depression has always been a ghost hunting me through all stages of my life. I suffered from it slightly during y teenage years, during that time I really didn’t know that I was going through. It hunted me right after college and I tried to figure what’s happening to me, why I’m losing my feelings towards everything, why I can’t be happy, why I can’t focus on my future and seeking what I want. During that second time, I got huge support from my best friend on my depression treatment and he was the reason that I get back to life. This was one of the harshest times through my life, I used to harm myself and it became a habit to release out some stress, the pain and the feeling I got from harming myself was very pleasing. Lady Gaga also suffered from huge depression for a significant period and she used to do cutting as well.

Throughout the last four months, I nearly quit everything in my life. I stopped working here on my blog, my relationship with my partner got really bad, I lost faith in myself and I couldn’t proceed any of my dreams. All I saw with darkness, I spend the last 10 years getting depression and recovering from it. And the period of recovering felled with the anxiety of getting it back. I did work hard for my mental health, I used to read a lot about it and hear all kinds of experiences and tactics to deal with my mind and avoid depression. You may wonder why I didn’t seek professional help, well I couldn’t afford that through that time. It was until I came along with Lady Gaga talks with Oprah and it did change the whole game for me.

All love and appreciation for Gaga to share that depression treatment with us 🙂

It’s all about radical acceptance you

As I said, once I recovered from depression all I was doing in my recovery time was keeping running and afraid to face it again and I end up with it whether for a couple of days or a significant amount of time. I always was nervous, mad and sad about the pain and heart-pain I get as I am depressed. And complaining to myself and hating myself for feeling that wasn’t helping me anyhow, instead, it just made things worse and let my depression last even longer. The reason i am really grateful to Lady Gaga for sharing this part of depression treatment is that I finally can figure out why I kept falling in that nest of depression. We don’t accept our pain, we don’t accept our failure we always try to fight. Don’t get me wrong, we should fight through our lives to get what we want, but we shouldn’t fight ourselves no matter what we facing.

When you fail to seek a dream, finishing a work plan or when we feel a huge mental pain. All we feel is anger, we just want it to end like that in less than a second. But, if we knew that that pain won’t stop and the failure already happened while accepting ourselves and embrace what we going through instead, things will go much easier without any stress.

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Now, I am doing radical acceptance in all parts of my life and it did make me much more relaxed if I can say so. My mental health is better, as well as, my work-life. The other day, I had a big problem with a client and it was somehow my fault, as I said I quit work and everything the last four months. The other version of me would blam herself and forget about work and figuring a solution, but the knew me accepted that it was my fault and I can breakdown sometimes and fuck things up. I just need to come up with a solution and fix what I can.

Let me simply put that, be relaxed and don’t be hard on yourself. Instead of focusing on what already happened and get made about it. Embrace the past, and be more positive at the present.

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Opposite action does really work

This is another depression treatment you can proceed when you face dark times. It’s more than a safe action to practice so you don’t go into depression. We all go through a bad mood and sometimes when we can’t even go to pee. When you give up for that feeling and let your brain deceive you open a gate for many more confusing feelings and endless battle with yourself that you could avoid in one move. GET UP! That’s all you need, go pee, take a path, enjoy a walk with someone you love, go work outside instead of home. Just do the opposite of what your mind forcing you to do.

Don’t surrender for blaming yourself, anger, nervousness. Be more open and try to seek that momental discomfort. Once you get up of your bed or couch you will be much better, not worse. In the time of depression, I used to look like a character from the walking dead. I lost much time for nothing, unfortunately. I was giving up my asthma medicine (Serious, I know!), my skin was so exhausted and looked so old, my hair was dry and start falling and I still trying to fix it till now, most importantly my relationship with the one I love had a very bad period (Thanks Sam Aly for taking care of me!)

The Art of Starting Over and How to Create New Road Out of Chaos

Take care of yourself, baby, because if you don’t love and matter for it, you will lose it and people around you as well. Try to seek discomfort, I know I said this before. But I can repeat it all the time because it created a huge difference in my life and I hope anyone who faces depression or hard time try this and get some results as I did. Every person deserves to feel good not just look good.

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Finally, always write down what’s in your head

I’m a blogger, so writing is the best thing I can do. I have tons of ideas running in my head all the time whether they connected to work, my life, and what really has the largest portion is ideas about my feeling and what I’m going through. Sometimes I feel like I’m gonna break down or have a nervous breakdown because of all of the ideas about my life, my plans, my problems, my feeling, how to fix that all following in my own head.

I faced that just a couple days ago, and all l did that time is taking up my note and start writing everything in my head. It doesn’t matter if it makes sense or they really lead to a result, just putting them on a paper will remove much of that unbearable load. The next thing I do is writing what annoys me at that moment then I take them one by one and I figure why I’m annoyed and try to put some solution about how to fix that.

Depression treatment wasn’t ever an easy thing, but you shouldn’t surrender to it because it’s hard. Give this advice a try and if you can get professional help do that for sure, just make sure not to leave yourself like that. Talk to people you trust and ask them for help, don’t face it alone.


If you think you have no one to talk to, we are here and we will be honored to help you. Just join our group where women can help each other in a kind and safe area.

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