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Living Beyond The Comfort Zone | A Millennial Woman Experience

Living Beyond The Comfort Zone | A Millennial Woman Experience

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Life is a constant battle of learning to move forward while adjusting to the challenges that hinder your growth and that’s FEAR. Every time we’re faced with awkward and unfamiliar circumstances we automatically assume that we’re stuck in a rut and would rather go back to our cozy comfort zone. This is the zone everyone loves to love but anyone who wants to grow and expand their personal horizons takes the leap to leave the zone of no challenges. It isn’t easy to take yourself out of such place especially if you are dealing with some insecurities and body image problems. If you look to your status from another angle other than being comfortable, you will see that you’re missing many adventures and experiences out there while you still hanging in that rut. 

Imagine if you’re only given 100 days to live you wouldn’t spend it doing things you’ve already done. Life is short and unpredictable, that’s what makes it so great. Happiness isn’t hard to attain but by being at peace with yourself, knowing what you want to do in life, and being satisfied with what you have- you’re really living a good life.

Let me give you a personal example of stepping out of the comfort zone…

Work is a prime situation to choose what zone you want to stay in – I started in my comfort zone when I was the new hire on the block in a sea of competitive startup entrepreneurs and immerging millennial talents. Everyone was so good at what they do, it was an instant reaction to be intimidated and wonder “Do I belong with these people?”. I felt small and vulnerable, fortunately, I had a solid goal in mind when I started my new job.

My goal was to learn and be challenged so that I can be the best at what I do each and every day. I wouldn’t be able to do this if I stayed in my old job where everything was the same old drab and dull compared to this challenging environment that I found myself to be in.

I had to start now and go living beyond that comfort zone or I wouldn’t start at all- if you want to be a success you had to play with the rest. This is what I told myself so I wouldn’t shrink back in a corner and not put myself out there at work. I can overthink the worse but you wouldn’t know what to do if you didn’t buckle up and do it even if you make mistakes, that is how we all learn and grow. The only three things that you need to always remember and make a habit out of is the following:

Be Consistent

Give yourself a standard to follow and if you really want to commit yourself to achieve a goal you’re young enough to make mistakes but old enough to know better. You know good quality work takes effort and discipline – Don’t give in to excuses and don’t tolerate it. Sometimes you need to push yourself to the limits and just put yourself out there so you can really take and achieve what you want while getting out of that anxiety and fear circle.

Comfort zone

Refrain from Complaining

What good will complain do? Nobody likes to hear it and nobody benefits from doing it, so just stop yourself from whining about things you can’t control and instead start doing something about it. Speak with actions then you have the right to follow it up with words. It’s okay to let go of what you feeling and experience in your life but besides that, you still need to be more practical and figure your shit together.

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Don’t compare yourself to others

Remember this, when you compare yourself to others you’re putting yourself below that person and in doing so you’re doing yourself a great injustice. Not just to yourself but to the person that you’re choosing to idolize, you’re putting someone on a pedestal that has their own problems and insecurities. Everyone passed through his own road of success which will completely different from yours while you still can benefit from others’ experiences this doesn’t mean to compare yourself with. This will heart your soul and drive you to way too different path where you copying others’ actions and dreams NOT yours.

Comfort zones are great as a starting ground to composing yourself and it’s like a safe haven for people when they need a place to retreat and go back to when they feel tired and beaten. However, no one ever got anywhere by not venturing out of their homes and exploring what the world has to offer. Don’t be intimidated with new experiences try to dare out and embrace your fears and life to reach what you really seek.

“Every experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing of some kind. The goal is to find it.” -Buddha-

How you managed to live beyond your comfort zone?

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